Closing Submissions for 23rd July13 final hearing of 20 year running case, Kirk v South Wales Police before we all move onto five more damages claims similarly blocked for years.

The machine gun and rogue psychiatrist cases may be first

 The latter tried to get me incarcerated in  Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital for life.

 FINAL PAGINATED VERSION 13 07 16 Claimants Closing Submissions KIRK v SOUTH WALES POLICE BS 614159.pdf






11 09 22 MUSA SNATCH KIDS BACK ORDER (part).docx

 re 25th July 'hand in' of SNATCHED CHILDREN PETITION  to Number 10 Downing Street.


 ACCOUNT OF INCIDENT     13 07 14 Claimant Position Statement.pdf

  AND JUST WHY? 13 07 15 five page interim submision BS 614159.docx

 Extracts from three ladies e-mails


He said he was just being delayed to make life difficult before submitting his final summary. 

Chicaneries and shenanigans – before denials, lies and crimes to cover up crimes...

He had given them my phone number in the afternoon, and they called at 12.40 in the night!!!


Just as Maurice had one page to complete his response for Civil action it appears that SWP are at it again. I have no idea what has provoked them but he is being 'processed' at Cardiff Bay Police HQ as I write as I have phoned the custody suite (via three operators) A Sergeant Morgan informed me that he would tell M that I had phoned.

Dear Maurice.docx


The South Wales Police painted my old decommissioned WW1 Lewis machine gun a different colour, deliberately, in order to try and fool the Cardiff jury for their planned mandatory ten year imprisonment to stop this 20 year running damages claim once and for all.

 When that failed they resorted to playing their 'gulag card' by blackmailing their very own NHS Caswell Clinic prison psychiatrist to satisfy no less than eleven Cardiff judges, so far, that I have a paranoid delusional disorder with significant and irreversible brain damage all possibly because of a tumour.

When that only achieved, for their victim, an three extra months in jail there only remains the ultimate deterrent other than having him shot.

 A Section 42 is again in the grubby hands of the Cardiff Cabal ready for HM to deal to prevent the very real risk of further embarrassment  within the Principality's judiciary.





Inside The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons  building while being Struck Off the veterinary register