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  24th July 2013   Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police  BS614159

Claimant’s Application


1.       Further to the court’s indication of  offering assistance for the Claimant in obtaining access to his own flat, in order to retrieve his relevant legal papers, video records, post and personal medical records for the next trial, Kirk v NHS (Wales) Defendant’s psychiatrist, he must now retract his originally decline the court’s offer.

2.       The Claimant’s then instinctive impression, that it was for a Welsh criminal court, not a civil court, to intervene, was entirely misguided.

3.       The Claimant applies to the Cardiff County Court to order the Defendant to cease, forthwith, the continuing acts of harassment against the Claimant, all contrary to Section 2 of The Prevention of Harassment Act 1997.

4.        The Claimant now only enters South Wales to expedite outstanding litigation against the Defendant and agents thereof and with the hope to see his past wife and daughter.

5.       It has became apparent upon enquiry, to day, that neither the Defendant nor HM Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) will cease in their joint course of conduct of harassing the Claimant to prejudice the Claimant’s closing submissions while openly protecting the unlawful occupation of the shop below his flat.

6.       Mark Davenport’s conduct includes switching off the Claimant’s electricity, changing the lock of the Claimant’s front door and garage gate, has reported the Claimant, by witness statement, to the Defendant for committing fraud and common assault while he continues to employ labour, on the ‘dole’, to allow lorry loads of builder’s waste and other hazardous materials to be dangerously fly tipped onto this Claimant’s land. 

7.       The Defendant’s resistance, now, to allow its 2000 custody video record to be an exhibit, following the Llantwit Major’s brutal arrest in the town square, is fanciful. The Claimant left his exhibit with the court and just because it was not ‘played’ to Sgt Khilberg is, the Claimant humbly submits, quite irrelevant as it still remained a Claimant prosecution exhibit of this sergeant again caught lying and this time to another custody sergeant, re “F******skunk”.

8.       The fact that Claimant’s legal papers are now missing from his flat and arising from several break-ins to his motor vehicles compounds the reason why there should be an immediate intervention from an outside police force if the Claimant’s own MP cannot influence this inherent culture of deceit committed by too many, around here, in positions of privilege.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

13 07 26 Kirk v South Wales Police Defendant's Response to Claimant's Application of 24.7.2013.pdf

During the 23rd July hearing and  while the Defendant's QC was rabbiting on and on with quite fanciful and irrelevant arguments in 'air law', trying frantically to quash the very idea his client just out to 'GET KIRK', His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC quietly directed him to their client's 21st July 1999 letter to the Civil Aviation Authority when asking just where is the air to video (recording the lettering on my t shirt....I'd Rather be Flying G-KIRK' ?

The court was told that the police had sent the video to the CAA with the view of my being prosecuted, with it, for daring to not just sit in the back seat of a cub but in one that then  had 'broken the bonds of earth' and left the ground!

To produce the video proof of just how dangerously close the police helicopter was prepared to go, just to 'GET KIRK', I had to ply the air traffic controller, 'JC' to his mates, Jonathan Clayton with many shots from a bottle of whisky until he was so 'rat arsed' he sang like a canary. His Honour's following remark was something like, "and I suppose the pilot of the police helicopter, Captain Jim Moseley, also disappeared into the mist and clouds?" 


So, last Tuesday's  hearing brought to my attention of page 97 Vol 2 of Action 2 so I thought I had better read it. (Never did manage to read all the files because of the heightened police harassment during the three month trail (including an unofficial D notice being served on the press)  


I suppose I should of read all the docs before the three month trial started but life is short at 68

What an indictment, this police letter to the 'Campaign Against Aviation', in itself!

An indication and stark reminder of the evil mentality of South Wales Police

God Help you lot I leave behind, because I am nearly out of here....... 

 93 08 04 Western Mail Vet in Jail.pdf





'Get Kirk'?

 93 08 04 Western Mail Vet in Jail.pdf




Today we have petition to hand in a Downing Street re  UK Snatched Kids Industry for lawyers and only for lawyers.


11 09 22 MUSA SNATCH KIDS BACK ORDER (part).docx 



 Back at my flat police arrest me as I am not allowed to enter and get my legal papers despite court order to the contrary 

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Just back from France with a few of the 'more sensitive' files for the seven police and NHS (Wales) damages claims.