Is it a just a coincidence that the LION factory for the manufacture of both roadside and police station breath test machines, for detecting the amount of alcohol  there is in a drivers blood stream, is situated just down the road from Barry Police Station?

Come to court this morning and be reminded of the evidence that was given over the past three months, from amongst the ninety nine witnesses of those that were allowed, of three positive road side tests to a zero reading within the hour and only this week, following yet another unlawful arrest on the road side, I registered  zero on the Cardiff Bay Police Station's Lion Intoxilizer.

My letter to my Member of Parliament;

13 07 24 Alun Cairns Esq Complaint re Breath Tests.docx.pdf

13 07 24 2nd Letter toAlun Cairns Esq.pdf


History of South Wales Police Gang Mentality on previous blogs


Thames Valley Police accused of 'bullying' Katie Bowman

Dominic Grieve, the Attorney General, has got involved in the case


South Wales Police and their continuing conduct

Unusual, indefinite and extreme

 a.     What does unusual mean ? It is a polite way to introduce the abuse of power. In other words in the absence of good faith - malice. In this case targeted malice.

b. .      Is it usual for so many incidents from 1992 to 2002 and once they achieve their target to strike me off for being in conflict with authority they stop? No more prosecutions

c.     Was I in conflict with authority to win most of my cases? Was I just a madman causing problems for authority to go to win most of my cases? Or was there an abuse of the power of authority to target me more than is usual reasonable or proportionate attempts to prosecute?

d.   How does the unusual occur? One way can be as the case taken up by the current Attorney General Dominic of  Kate Bowman.. – Police abuse their power and act maliciously by false and mischievous intelligence reports that are intended and designed to cause harm

e.        Where did the intelligence reports come form to first trigger all this? Guernsey 

f.      Does Guernsey matter to this case? It does when SW Police ignore my endless complaints to senior officers that I am being targeted, and targeted  disproportionately. As in the Katie Bowman case who is helped by the Attorney General a conservative constituency MP mischievous use of intelligence reports that amounts to Targeted malice. They knew of a problem and did nothing about it 

Indefinite and extreme

a. What does extreme mean in this situation ?  It means that from 1992 to the present day my being bullied by their abuse of power, - 20 years of “Get Kirk” - the targeted malice means as at present, today, Police will not allow me to go to my home but lay magistrates will.

I dare this court to resolve just that. 

b.  It means that I could not drive through the Vale of Glamorgan with my wife (a Government adviser) without the risk of being incarcerated for no reasonable cause

c.    It means they sought to deny me my livelihood which I understand – and I ask his Honour to note – that my understand is that denying livelihood is one of the more or most serious wrongs or abuses of power.


d.      It means I was not safe to go out without fear of being targeted for arrest of prosecution.


f.        Then we have a few examples of mischief targeted

                                      I.      The witness in Indonesia/scrap yard and Inspector Rice 


                                   II.      Mr Ebbs/Alexander  and again, Inspector Rice


                                 III.      The lady who saw me beaten up by a policeman in llantwit Major Town Square


                                IV.      My receptionist who witnessed police say “Get Kirk” and refusals to investigate veterinary surgery burglaries

                   V      My Somerset insurance agent telling on how police were even ringing head office in order to block my getting motoring insurance

                   VI   The elusive Inspector Steven Parry and the fanciful stories of a bottle of high alcohol 'mouth wash'  etc etc

 g.       All this will continue unless the Court intervenes  



  1.   The Claimant asks the Court to note that the continued absence of good faith by senior police and officers of SW Police is evidence of bad faith. The Claimants submits that it is not believable that the Officers did not know the Claimant’s identity or that they could not find him on other occasion. But could find him and identify him when they targeted that he be arrested.


    2. That there were prosecutions and interference to cause harm, and when they succeeded to strike off the Claimant, all the prosecutions and interferences stopped until each time this case was listed for trial. Then the gang mentality came back with a vengeance.   

    3. The Claimant also submits that the prolonged absence of good faith of so many incidents could only have occurred because of there was targeted malice ......     

    4. The Claimant believes that the Defendants are liable for misfeasance.