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Guernsey Squat for Maurice, his wife, Janet and young kids, Caspar and Belinda


HM Refuses British Subject the Right to live in his Own House

1984 and Maurice and his young family are made to creep, each night, into this 8 ft by 10 ft damp ramshackled potting shed to sleep because HM refused him the right to live in his own veterinary surgery premises or in the overhead flat. Police were seen, in the police club, opposite, every night, their helmets silloetted on their curtains, at 3 in the morning, on 24 hour watch, with the hope of prosecuting Maurice and his young family in the criminal court. Enough was enough so Maurice bought a 60 ton, 60 ft by 18 ft, old tunny boat in Brittany and ran her, on the highest tide of the year, to the minute, up the Croque beach in St Sampsons harbour, bought 200 yds of electric cable, to trail in the water and lived, for 2 years, on the fisherman's free electric.   [A month after his arrival fishermen were told to move their vessels to allow his new home to be pulled out of Guernsey, by HM, on the next highest tide. 3 pick axe handles and 3 ft of sea water in the fish hold soon put pay to that idea!........After beating HM in the Royal Courts, to live in his own  house, [no costs allowed, deja vu?], he sold the vessel, the legendary Breton, 'Petite Marie Claude', for more nearly three times the price he bought her for. Maurice is back in the Bailiwick, today, to expose the abuse of HM, rampant now in the UK courts.  


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  • Posted : 12-04-2010
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