13 07 28 Emergency Aplication re Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police BS614159.pdf

 13 07 28 MJK Statement of Truth.pdf

13 07 29 MJK Statement.pdf

Bristol Solicitor Instructions

13 07 30 MJK Instructions.pdf 


Let us not forget the lucrative child snatching industry, no doubt yet another of Blair's wicked schemes to bleed the unsuspecting taxpayer of their right for a peaceful existance

Visit, today, to Melissa Laird in Holloway prison fighting extradition, without snatched son...... will your child be next?


 Maria, Moi et Sabine

WITHIN HOURS I am back in gaol and Melissa bundled out of the Country and deported to US


Maurice invited to compete in Schneider Trophy above Alderney but only if G-KURK WW2 Piper Cub is ready?

Now I need some quick piece of transport...ah my CBR 600..ideal!