• This is just typical of how I have been treated for more than 20 years in South Wales!


These 5th April 2000 police are to be cross examined every day next week starting Wed 3rd April in Cardiff Civil Justice Centre at 10.30am.

Police officers at the scene as well as at Roath and Rumney police stations with Osborne giving false evidence at the 2002

PC 1215 Robert Osborne

PC 3689 Gareth Price

PC Mick Carter

PC Steve Coles


And this scandalous incident is facing cross examination in the following week, rumour has it

A sample documents in sequence of the jibberish uttered by those ultimately responsible, HM immune to prosecution, for what goes on in Cardiff courts EVERY DAY

It was an absolute pleasure and I was proud to be before His Honour Judge Peter Jacobs, each time, the only judge, incidentally, in about 20 years of my life in that putrifying environment who actually awarded me bus fares etc from the CPS, never handed over, as opposed to the Griffiths Williams and Hickenbottoms of this world, a couple of scum bags if ever I knew one. 

It was a sad day for Cardiif when this judge left the circuit for England directly after this hearing!!

Just plough your way through these three documents, please, as an example of what really goes on in our courts at tax payers' daily expence and never checked by any one!

(A random pick from five, no less, lever aarch files of some thirty odd court appearances as police are desperate to have me struck off and without a driving licence)

01 10 04 Judge Peter Jacobs Judgment.pdf

01 03 19 Judge Peter Jacobs Ruling.pdf

02 04 15 Cardiff Crown Court Ruling_0001.pdf

And don't miss this random 'pick' off my then new website that caught the eye of Lyle and NancyCambell of Phoenix , Arizona, 'aviator and aviatrix extrordinaire' who went on to sponsor my flight to australia by WW2 Piper Cub!

01 06 02 D Colin Davies series of redacted off 001 web site.docx

South Wales Police, out of shear spite, reported this 'failure to supply a specimen of breath' to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons because, since 1993, the police had lost around eighty criminal allegations against me out of ninety but in this case,using their influence on the judges to ban my web site for fear this video other proof of bullying would be broadcast world wide, doubled their wickedness by repeatedly ignoring His honour Judge Vosper qc's orders to disclose custody records.

This video was only released once I was convicted and banned with out evidence, of course, being called.

Come to the Wednesday hearing and watch Price, Osborne et al account for themselves lying again?

the Privy Council ruled the RCVS  £60,000 bill, for my losing the appeal in Downing Street, was 'cumulative' for the motoring convictions sited to have my name removed from the veterinary register for life.

Horsey Lightly, solicitors, were paid off only this week to expedite/avoid what was to be an ugly divorce hearing all this week indicating fraudulent valuations by both Cowbridge and Llanwit Major estate agents


Your Client: Kirsty Kirk

Our Client: Maurice John Kirk

We thank you for your letter dated 18 March 2013 the contents of which we note and for which we are obliged.

It may or may not be of relevance to the outcome of the ancillary relief proceedings, but if our security on Mr Kirk’s property at 49 Tynewydd Road, Barry alone or in combination with whatever beneficial interest he may have in The Marlpits, is insufficient to meet Mr Kirk’s liability to this firm in full, it is our intention to issue a petition in bankruptcy against Mr Kirk.

We are aware that 49 Tynewydd Road is being marketed for sale, but we do not know the value of the prior charge secured against the property.


Yours faithfully

Horsey Lightly


 Despite thousands of pounds paid up front, from prison (machine gun), this extra was added for 'an abuse of process'

Judgment dated 1/2/11                                       

Principal sum : 25,612.54

Interest at the judgment rate

From 1/7/10 to 26/3/13 = 999

days @ 5.61 5,604.39

Order dated 17/8/11

Under paragraph 4 : 214.00

Under paragraph 8 : 2,200.00

Interest at the judgment rate

From 5/10/11 to 26/3/13 =

538 days @ .53 285.14


Total: 33,916.07

Interest continues to accrue at the rate of £6.14 per day.

Despite the Privy Council's ruling of 2004 Their Lordships were minded , in 2011, to state Horsey Lightly, solicitors,  seven pages of draft 'grounds', for my around 5th annual application for  re enstatement, was 'an abuse of process'

shear lawyer greed?

It all stinks, doesn't it?


Now, Readers, interest yourselves with the Cardiff Crown Prosecution Service, always 'hand in glove' with the police when it is supposed to be impartial---------another very Welsh trait based on inherent deceit.

This is another example, NHS(Wales) this time, yet another example of South Wales' wide spread nafarious conduct always protected by gangs of tax payer paid lawyers answerable to no one.

 Head of Dept,                                                                                     

Crown Prosecution Service                                             28th March 2013

Cardiff CF10                                                                  FIRST LETTER



Dear Mr Dickson,


Falsified Forensic MAPPA Level 3 Medical Records

Re: Request CPS Review ‘all’ conditions so a Restraining Order does not set me up to fail?

Thank you for your letter 20 March 2013. My 22 January 2013 letter is to vary “all” conditions. I understand that the CPS previously proposed the following sorts of conditions in 2011 and so it follows we vary the past CPS draft proposals to seek a proportionate response:- 

  1. I can agree not to contact Dr Tegwyn Williams. [I have instructed private detectives to locate Drs Williams and Hillier’s home in order that there may not be a repeat of my last summer’s vindictive imprisonment following his false ‘victim’ statements].
  2. I agree not to disseminate any untrue information with regards to Dr Williams.
  3. That the Order end on………Date?
 As Dr T Williams is not at Caswell Clinic and has not been there for a very long time it would seem wrong to deny me my rights and liberty of access to my NHS clinic.


It is also normal NHS procedure, after being an inpatient (sectioned or otherwise), that if he is confused, unhappy or seeks reassurance regarding what has occurred and/or is written, that the patient is to return to the same clinic to discuss issues with the same ‘group’ of clinicians.

 Under the Data Protection Act the same clinicians are to update the records to make all that they have ever written to be fair, true and accurate. Clinicians not at Caswell in 2009 cannot address data. It must be the team at Caswell. There were over twenty writers in the three months of my team assessment or forced unnecessary and unlawful incarceration.

Dr Williams and his lawyers are accused of abuse of power and workplace bullying where the Caswell team wish to build a relationship with me. If I name a good genuine clinician, who will help me, will Dr Tegwyn Williams and his lawyers then bully that clinician not to help?

I cannot now name any helpful good clinicians for fear of them receiving a repeat bullying.

You mention that Morgan Cole, solicitors, say that there is no facility to conduct tests for brain damage at Caswell Clinic when Dr Tegwyn Williams seems to say there is, in that Caswell Clinic is the host to commission and deal with investigation of specific issues of brain damage effecting behaviour relevant to MAPPA level 3 forensic psychiatry.


Why, then, did Dr Williams ask the Crown Court to section me first to Caswell Clinic and then to Ashworth Prison if not to determine the presence or absence of brain damage?

Why does Dr Williams avoid clarifying whether I have significant irreversible brain damage?

His last summer’s false ‘victim’ statement, police countersigned, means the CPS recognises Dr T Williams is not without blame when dropping all charges. So is the CPS now proposing to vary my Restraining Order to that of a more proportionate one or do I appeal to Europe?

Yours sincerely



Maurice Kirk BVSc



28th March 13

FAO CPS Cardiff

 Second letter Why will neither South Wales Police nor Cardiff CPS produce Doctor Tegwyn Williams' victim statement for the IPCC/CCRC and my MP and that of his wife's, also dated July 2012, falsly complaining of being harassed at their home?

I enclose further video evidence of blatant conspiracy to pervert the course of justice this time by Police Sergeant Kilberg lying on oath before His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, a few weeks ago, just as he did in 2002, before the Royal College of Veterinary surgeons to have my name removed from the veterinary register.

Enclosed is a 90s Barry police station custody video of Kilberg lying to the custody sergeant that I was in breach of a public order offence despite the custody sergeant specifically asking for that clarification.

His Honour Judge Seys Llewellin QC or the police QC, during the three months civil action currently in session in the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, asked for clarification on exactly the same point with the South Wales Police sergeant qualifying the issue by stating the custody sergeant made the mistake when writing down the facts.

The truth of the matter was his partner, PC Gareth Holmes was right there, seen on video and refusing to support the deliberate lie either by recording it in his pocket note book or in his subsequent MG 11 witness statement.

Just when is this expensive NHS/ police South Wales scandal going to come to an end and the true culprits brought to trial or do my friends and myself do it ourselves?

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Puits aux Papillions

49 Tynewydd Road St Doha

Barry CF62 8AZ 22230 Merdrignac

UK 07907937953 Brittany







Dear readers,

 Back to this Wednesday's trial........

As usual it is all about 'disclosure of evidence' so if the police can withhold names of witnesses, custody records and police personal note books  etc then they usually have you 'buttoned up' and 'up a creek without a paddle' in  any subsequent criminal or civil proceeedings.

A case in point is next Wednesday's hearing, where the police witheld the overhead  Newport Road, Cardiff, video until I was convicted.

I visited, by court order, to serve yet another copy of it on Dolmans, solicitors, acting for the Defendant , the Chief Constable of South Wales Police only to receive the following: 

Deliberate Failed disclosure including denying even court cases took place



Dear Mr Kirk,

I refer to the videos which you purported to send to Melanie Standley on Monday 25 March 2013.

I have been unable to open the ZIP files which you have sent and have asked my IT team to investigate the same. My IT team advise me that you have used the Windows Movie Maker program to seek to transfer the files to us. However, what you have sent us is not of sufficient size to include any movie footage. Whilst we cannot open the files, the file type which you have sent are: .wlmp

I am advised that these are project data files created by movie maker and not the actual footage and that this explains why the files which you have sent to us are so small.

As such, we are unable to view the footage which you had purported to send.

I would be grateful if you would attempt to re-send the files, but this time, to myself at this address.

I have copied this email into Rosie Pahl in case the court has the same issue.

Yours sincerely, 


Adrian Oliver.

25 Mar (4 days ago)


Dear Mr Kirk,

Attendance at our offices

I refer to your and anticipated attendance at our offices at approximately 4:55 pm on Friday, 22 March 2013. I record that you entered the reception area of our offices despite having previously been advised that your license to attend our premises had been revoked and that you would be trespassing if you entered our premises.

This decision was not taken lightly, but was based upon our previous reasonable requests for your dealing with matters by e-mail and correspondence and the fact that it had been necessary to ask for police officers to attend our offices due to your refusal to vacate the premises on a prior occasion. In addition, you have made several unwarranted indications of your intention to effect a citizen's arrest upon me personally. I have no wish for my staff to become embroiled in any issues relating to your expressed intention. I am also aware that you have distributed leaflets relating to myself which are inappropriate and inflammatory.

I would be grateful if you would abide by the indication which has been provided to you. If you continue to seek to enter our premises, then it will again be necessary for us to involve the police.

Your purported reason for attendance at our offices

You indicated to the person who dealt with you that you are seeking to attend regarding VHS cassettes and a DVD and that you are seeking to draw attention to discrepancies between the same.

The person who dealt with you indicated that he would not be able to assist in this regard, but you indicated that he would be returning to our offices at 4:00 pm on Monday, 25 March 2013.

Your need to comply with a court direction

A direction was made by the court on 13 March 2013 that you were required to produce by 4 pm on Friday 22.3.2013 the videos which you have in your possession by email and that those which you did not have in digital form, were either to be supplied to the court in digital form, or if not practicable, to be lodged with the Court by that date, for the particular attention of Mrs Rosie Pahl.

It is clear from this direction that the intention was that you should lodge any relevant tapes or digital copies with the court, rather than this practice. In particular, we are alert to the fact that you have suggested to the court that this practice cannot be relied upon to produce appropriate copies.

The court has made it clear that the court is to take control of any documents which you produce. You are therefore reminded of your obligation to provide any relevant material to the court as directed by the court.

It is noted that on Sunday 24 March 2013 you directed an e-mail to Melanie Standley of this practice (who is absent from the office this week) providing a link to a “you tube” site. It is noted that you also referred to videos having been stolen from your vehicle.

Please acknowledge receipt of this e-mail.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian P. Oliver

Senior Partner

Dolmans Solicitors


Yesterday, 28th March, I returned before 4pm and attempt to serve videos, they already have, in a different format but was blocked at the door with no one accepting the videos causing me to haildown a police officer to witness it for the trial judge on wednesday.

With revolving door barred and this police officer, in attendance, giving me  friendly advise, I left with the damning evidence of Sgt Kilberg's lies that had my name removed from the veterinary register.



GUERNSEY, Channel Islands, where Maurice 'cut his teeth' on the current Welsh subject of HM Partnership's daily corruption at the ignorant tax payers' expense.....a video so apt....