Divorce proceedings commenced the minute the South Wales Police launched 'Operation Chalice', being twenty or so police, some armed, surrounding our home while we were peacefully sipping tea in the front garden, as an armed police helicopter hovered overhead. Once the hand cuffs clicked on and having failed in getting me 'lawfully' shot Barbara Wilding sent in 'Operation Orchid ', another expert team but this time to snatch our then ten year old daughter with the aid of Vale of Glamorgan Social Services.

First Day of Hearing Tuesday 26th March 2013

IPCC not fit to purpose 



Bristol's Dialect  Radio 93.2 FM 12th March 13 Interview, on my 68th birthday, and in its many others on this web site, interviewed me over the predicted complete Welsh Press sensorship of  all this, the culmination of some 20 years of bullying. The first few incidents  are high lighted in the three month South Wales Police trial continuing, on 2nd April 13, in Cardiff's Civil Justice Centre. 


Down load this one and  last year's interviews by clicking the red button at the bottom: http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/66944

As if South Wales Police have not already done enough to our family now the lawyers for local estate agents, some who may have gone to school with my ex wife, are now with a court case of their own! Then we have, also with an interest in our family home and enough to have a hugely inflated charge on the property, is  a John Devlin of Horsey and Lightly, solicitors, London. He was, it appears, primed to take advantage of my incarceration, during 2009, facing a mandatory10 year prison sentance for trading in 'machine guns', to inflate his legal fees ten fold.

John knew nothing of MAPPA legislation, when I spoke on the prison telephone, in around October 2009, nor did I expect him to know but that did not stop him causing me huge thousands in legal bills. Meanwhile  down at Barbara Wilding's Bridgend police head quaters a Caswell clinic psychiatrist was being promised immunity to prosecution if he had me sectioned to a psychiatric prison without even examining his proposed patient!

Yes , of course he would, the doctor told the MAPPA level 3 clandestine meeting unlawfully devoid of alll other 'agents'.

Yes, of course Maurice will now have very sharp long finger nails, after nearly eight months in Cardiff prison and  ready, if given half the chance, to scratch the surface paint off , right before the jury's eye, to expose the new owner's silver, painted on a year earlier when Maurice had sold the DH2 aircraft to the the Lincolnshire  museum.

Yes, of course the trial judge, Paul Thomas QC, has masonic orders not to let Maurice or his gun experts any where near 'Court Exhibit One', the newly painted, by the police lab next door, to an 'all black' WW1 decommissioned Lewis machine gun!  

No, of course the originally painted silver 'gun' still has the paint underneath but has to appear 'all black' to fit Maurice's web site video before it was sold! [see You Tube Maurice Kirk].

The Matrimonial Home   

Fraudulently valued at around  half it's open market value while just across the fields there is another house at three times the price ov erlooked by other properties, without the land, the stream


and the land is valued  at almost  half market value




[See aerial photo and sale details in 13th blog below]

Only £450,000 for a four bed house set in 18 acres, well stocked trout lake, snipe and pheasant shooting, excellent blackberry hedges bordering a well maintained 3 runway  airfield equipped with the latest VASI (Class BD), night lights and ILS (Class FTOC).

 International flights by 24hr ppo only [CONTACT Mr Murphy or Gibbs care of South Wales Police].


Owing to offers, the unique hangarage, patents pending, are now subject to sale prior to auction date

 ST Donats Airfield AUCTION at Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan (see aerial photo and 13th Blog below) has been pre ‘valued’ for apparent fraudulent purposes and divorce proceedings, currently going on in The Cardiff Civil Justice Centre.Our airfield, it appears, has been wrongly valued by several hundreds of thousands of pounds, no doubt with the usual incentives and is a matter which will shortly be placed in the hands of a competent police force.Publication of all currently available estate agents’ documents will be published shortly, on this web site, in order to emphasize as to what clearly regularly goes on behind the closed doors of both Cowbridge and Llantwit Major High Streets. It is but one example of apparent wide spread ‘white collar crime’, detected in many forms in commerce and may not just be going on in the Vale but throughout The Principality.

I am told, by others, the practice is rife and I have observed, for myself, during my 21 years of living and working in South Wales and especially when commissioned to do aerial photographs for such individuals, of routine nefarious practices, in such a ‘cozy relationship’ between estate agents and their property developers to the sure detriment of their so called ‘client’.

'Code Nepoleon' and  and a high street 'notaire', for both parties, with their inquisitional techniques for simply getting at the truth, are long over due for UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man's law courts because avarice prevails. 


HRT, Brinsons & Fairfax and others , it has been suggested, may need to consider their position and take leghal advice

13 03 22 Appeal Permission given.pdf 


 Other examples due to a 'Royal Charter', originally designed protect the chosen, will be published from time to time.

 Please send in your own experiences and info, for possible publication to: mauirce@kirkflyingvet.com or telephone 07907937953. 

 [A new web site, naming names, is currently being designed, for Wales and shotly to be launched, on the same successful structure as www.sacl.org.uk]



AND Now for something completely different or is it?




Manchester M33 0BW

 21st March 2013

 Dear Sir, 

South Wales Police & Recent ‘Harassment’ Supreme Court Ruling

 Re your 26th February 13 letter I really must protest.

Last year the IPCC refused to personally investigate the way the South Wales Police re painted a WW1 Lewis machine gun purely to try and fool the jury. The police failed, yet again but I was acquitted when facing a mandatory 10 year prison sentence in a psychiatric prison.

Now your letter of 26th Feb 13 states the same police in Cardiff ‘cannot find me’re my complaints to your so called independent organisation!!! I regularly visit and report written complaints to police and I, no doubt, am still on MAPPA level 3 24/7 covert surveillance to prejudice my current civil actions---‘money no object’

My Second point ‘needing clarification’?

My complaint is not easy to hand but I hope it is the continuing complaint re Dr Tegwyn Williams chief forensic psychiatrist for the South Wales Police who asked HHJ Bidder QC, in 2009, that I be incarcerated in Ashworth High Security prison, for life, due to ‘his only’ MAPPA diagnosed, that I have possible brain cancer but I have 'significant irreversible brain damage' and far too dangerous to be let loose amongst the community.

The second point I hope was the fact that this same police doctor signed a July 12 victim witness statement, countersigned by the police, obtaining my imprisonment until October 12 when released, all charges dropped, the CPS realising it would fail. Dr Williams had written I had been around to his house and had ‘harassed him and his wife, Dr Janis Hillier, also saying police were called to the scene!!

I am currently under a dubious restraining order, now questionable due a recent high Court ruling, which would of had me very quickly convicted had a word of what the police and Dr TW Williams had written been true. I went round to the police again, yesterday and made them admit nothing whatever has been done to my request for investigation into yet another falsehood originating from an NHS Wales 'sick' doctor.

I am currently trying to find a team of lawyers in England to continue my complaints with five other different publically funded departments but when the IPCC simply continue to hand a substantive complaint, each time, back to the dirty culprits, to investigate themselves, then why do we all bother? 

Yours truly,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc


13 03 20 CPS RO.pdf

Cider press purchase with barrals and bottles

Another  example  Uk's daily Royal Charter fraud just to protect  the 'chosen'. 

First, it was a 'Victims Unite; meeting at the House of Commons, to discuss with members from both the House of Lords and Commons, just what can be done about the current state of UK law courts.

Then Genevieve and myself had just enough time, before the afternoon session, for me to hobble across Parliament Square to the HM Privy Council court, with my trusty 'scribe' to write a 'readable'; application and lodge it against the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons for refusing to even convene a court to consider, contrary to law, whether I may practice veterinary surgery.

Just seven pages of it, drafted by Horsey Lightly, solicitors, around the corner, now deemed 'an Abuse of Process' by Their Lordships, are holding me to bankruptcy proceedings if I do not pay their extortionate near £40,000 legal bill!

It stinks, doent it?

But, as with the RCVS, lawyers no longer have a regulatory body.


Well, did she, with World War 111 nearly lost, without even a shot being fired?

Where estate agent and Royal Charter 'white collar' fraud blossoms.......