The day may start with the police attempting to block still further disclosure of essential evidence of 20 years of extreme bullying and inactivity when I was in trouble. The following video clip, from their own over head Newport Road, Cardiffm camera, filmed at the time of the so described 'high speed car chase' from Cardiff Crown Court, catches the beginnings of Maurice being 'roughed up' also in Roath police station with top half of custody video blanked off so not to be able to identify the police officers present.

The three month trial, covering only about a third of some one hundred or so police incidents of bullying or deliberate 'inactivity', by not answering to Mauirce's urgent calls for help, following assaults on his person, burglaries, arson and thefts of his numerous vehicles.

Overhead police video was withheld from Maurice until court hearings and end appeals were exhausted .....all part of their general standard

following a deliberate act of arson to destroy my Piper Cub aircraft and Guernsey Police High Court Papers destined for Royal Courts of Justice

video taken from outside South Wales Police', Central Cardiff Police Station

Outside Royal Courts of Justice following futile Judicial Review applications proving what an utter mess our court system is in but, as long as it still generates money, lots of money for the chosen and not even taxed, then who cares as the average tax payer has no idea of the big British scam.

 See program on IPCC not fit for purpose

HM Royal Charter corruption may be thriving in the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons but in NHS (Wales) psychiatrists it is rife!