Well, Not Just Yet.


[7th Draft posted on web site missing links (magistrate and Royal Courts of Justice tape & video recordings and other ‘WANTED’ posters etc to be added over next few days] STOP PRESS They worked perfectly well in Brittany, France this summer when, editing was being sorted but U Tube appears blocked/censored in UK....(Someone's fascinating U -Tube footage, of my last Criminal Court of Appeal hearing, over these falsified MAPPA medical records, works in Eire, apparently, a little bird tells me).


And where is the Element of Harassment in This?



The State rely on one or more of the following four phases to eliminate the risk of any exposure as to 'what really goes on in our Britsh law courts':


1. simply ignore, in the hope the dissident will simply tire and go away or

2. ridicule and financially ruin, by manipulation of the media and if that fails,

3. play the 'Gulag card', by having the victim sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act and even if that can not be achieved repeat what

4. Stalin, Hitler did and South Wales Police tried so hard to do, have him shot.


The above 'Wanted' poster was handed in, by me, to the Cardiff police station during my detailed complaint of the South Wales Police's  'shoot to kill policy' following His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers' 2008 Court Order requiring Dolmans', solicitors, client, the Chief Constable, to disclose sensitive evidence.

 It  surrounded some fifty or so incidents of police bullying and 24/7 MAPPA level 3, at level 3 supervision, whilst I was simply attempting to practice veterinary surgery in South Wales.

This 'Wanted' poster is of particular interest as District Judge John Charles, in Cardiff Magistrates, had ruled that it did NOT constitute harassment, when distributed amongst the general public, as part of a 'course of conduct' under the 1997 Act.

 I had already been sectioned for Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Prison and diagnosed as having 'significant brain damage, suffering from a 'paranoid delusional disorder' in the fixated belief I was being persecuted by the South Wales Police.

Well, perish the thought!

Despite my being deemed so ill, a court appointed solicitor having had to 'act ' on my behalf, the district judge openly allowed the prosecution to tamper with the alreadily obvious dubious evidence.  

 Our Queen's Representative, HM Crown Prosecutor barrister David Gareth Evans, at the closing stages of this typically run Cardiff court, the defendant being refused neither right to cross examine nor have access to his legal papers and witnesses, even attempted to switch this particular poster for the previously deliberately presented one, Wanted Dead or Alive' to cause maximum effect.

A copy of which was also slipped in, at the very last moment, as 'posted' to the Caswell Clinic by me when, only after access to the court exhibit and franked envelope, in the March 2012 Crown Court appeal was it obvious that the clinic, itself , had 'posted' it.

If it can be proved the complainant, a seasoned forensic level 12 psychiatrist, was either telephoned or had posted to him 'some ' act of harassment' by the accused only then can this accused be jailed for the 'offence', as on the charge sheet.

The police had overlooked this legal requirement, until after the trial had started!

This meant district judge Charles had to re arrange the usual Recorder of Cardiff's pre arranged Court High Court Orders from His Honour Judge Christopher Llewellin Jones QC, for uncontrolled dissidents, exactly as his predecessors, Mr Justice Nicholas Cooke QC had done for him in the 2009 'machine gun' trial to obtain the subsequent 'contempt of court' further imprisonment thus avoiding the embarassing release of my NHS medical records so relied on by MAPPA, CAA and RCVS.

This time, though, it was by expediting proceedings to convict but by 'retrospective incarceration' that now meant the failure of any 'restaining order' being served as I had neither attended the remaining hours of a court fiasco nor was I returned to prison where HM Probation Service would have, in any other UK prison, taken over.

HM Probation Service and its Offender Management Unit, of course, could not be involved because they had already been specifically locked out of the original IAG and MAPPA meetings in 2009 when NHS Caswell Clinic monthly meetings had taken place in attempts in having me silenced, IPP, following the police's June 2009 failed attempts in having me shot.

Only when I was transferred to my long awaited English prison, in HMP Bristol, in this late September, did I receive my first ever visit by Probation's OMU, re the implications and statutory requirements surrounding police allegations and contrived convictions under, albeit much badlly drafted and misused 1997 Harassment Act.

All UK courts and prisons, while handling MAPPA or 'Restraining Order' victims, are obliged by law to have informed their prisoner of his or her legal responsibilities unless, of course, there is some other demonic 'ultra vires' agenda. 




Cardiff HM Prison food verses Bristol HM Prison food……I really must write that book, some time, ‘Maurice’s Guide to HMP Cuisine’.

But on to more serious issues…..


As an aperitif,


Summary of my Defence Statements Refused at 1st December 2011 Cardiff Magistrates, 1st March 2012 Appeal & 2nd May Jury Trial 



CPS (Wales) falsified the facts, before open court on 1st December 2011, by alleging I had sent a Wanted poster to a victim by post.

The 2nd March 12 Crown Court Appeal, [transcripts on previous blogs], despite my disclosing the purported offending letter, a prosecution exhibit no less, had been sent by the Post Office, not a member of the public, bearing its own franking, with HHJ again Hughes refusing my exposing its exact audit trail within the NHS(Wales) stitch up or allow me witnesses.

 The court also heard how the CPS had, by slight of hand, switched the 'wanted posters, part way through the original 1st Dec 11 fiasco before tha, thoroughly corrupt District Judge John Charles. 

Charles , one breath before, was heard to mumble to CPS barrister Evans,, but picked up by me behind the bullet proof glass, the 3rd incident had been only slotted in that very morning in order for a custodial sentance could be handed down. also the judge blocked the CPS barrister for substiting another variation Wanted poster as interpreted as anc of 'harassment' the lawyer having deliberately misled the court in which was actually haNDED IN BY ME, AT THE CENTRAL POLICE STATION, when filing statements of complaint on the falsified machine gun repainting and senior police orders to allow temporary 'shoot to kill policy'.

The tape/ videos of Cardiff court proceedings await High Court appraisal or after my third arrest and incarceration for alleged breach of a restraining order never served.      


Protection from Harassment Act 1997

(This is an edited version of the Act prepared for www.HarassmentLaw.co.uk. It excludes the provisions applying to Scotland and incorporates s7(3A) added to the Act by s44 Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 and other amendments made by s125 Serious and Organised Crime Act 2005. The Protection from Harassment Act came into force on 16th June 1997, Sections 3(3) to 3(9 ) came into force on 1st September 1998, Section 7(3A) came into force on 1st August 2001 and ss1(1A), 3A and 7(5) came into force on 1st July 1 2005. The full Act as originally passed in 1997 is available on the HMSO Website. )

An Act to make provision for protecting persons from harassment and similar conduct.

s1 Prohibition of harassment.

(1) A person must not pursue a course of conduct-

(a) which amounts to harassment of another, and

(b) which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other.

(1A) A person must not pursue a course of conduct -
(a) which involves harassment of two or more persons, and
(b) which he knows or ought to know involves harassment of those persons, and
(c) by which he intends to persuade any person (whether or not one of those mentioned above)-
(i) not to do something that he is entitled or required to do, or
(ii) to do something that he is not under any obligation to do

(2) For the purposes of this section, the person whose course of conduct is in question ought to know that it amounts to or involves harassment of another if a reasonable person in possession of the same information would think the course of conduct amounted to or involved harassment of the other.

(3) Subsection (1) or (1A) does not apply to a course of conduct if the person who pursued it shows-

(a) that it was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime,

(b) that it was pursued under any enactment or rule of law or to comply with any condition or requirement imposed by any person under any enactment, or

(c) that in the particular circumstances the pursuit of the course of conduct was reasonable.




Criminal Court of Appeal Judgment Dismissing My Application to Appeal the Prison Convictions for 'Harassment' and 'Breach of a Restraining Order' Never Served




These were hurriedly lodged with the Criminal Cout of the Appeal WITHOUT the assistance of witness and Judges' Summing Up (I was absent) now ordered for this blog. 

12 05 29 Criminal Court of Appeal GROUNDS BLOG.pdf

i) But he jury was handed a piece of paper, marked 'restraining order', with a date stamp 9th December 2011. His Honour Judge Christopher Llewelln Jones QC's, 14th November 2011 orders, while sitting as The Recorder of Cardiff, even before the case had hardly started, had given District Judge John Charles instructions 'when sentance takes place' blocking my right to cross examine any of the police witnesses!

ii) The restraining order was never served as the GEOamy Custody Services/Cardiff Magistrate conspiracy , partly set out below, clearly portrays.

iii) No one ever served on me or showed me the alleged 'offending' blog posting article and I suspect the jury did not see it either.

 If it did once exist then why was it not listed as an exhibit or was it because it may have been created in my home in Brittany, a foriegn jurisdiction, making what ever it was possibly ultra vires?



I am urgently looking for an independant trustworthy London barrister to act for me on this matter as an oral hearing, at the Royal Courts of Justice, has just been granted.

My number is 07907937953




A sample of what the Cardiff Cabal gets up to , on a quiet day


Dolmans, solicitors, Cardiff, South Wales Police solictors defending a number of my civil damages claims are using HM for protection  Leaked HM Internal Memos.pdf and so double their costs bill . My countless Actions are for malicious prosecutions and false imprisonment an ignored His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC's Court Order, to release their witness statement, below, deliberately concocted to having me jailed in 2009 by Imprisonment for Public Protection, IPP, without trial.

 My first three Actions, to be heard in January, include the following motoring incidents  09_5_19 MAURICE KIRK MOTORING SCHEDULE SWP FINAL.pdf  apart from such things as police break ins to my veterinary surgery , high speed aircraft chases by the police helicopter and being accused of smuggling pigs in from Ireland into some Vale of Glamorgan farmer's field!

Oliver Esq and Maurice after a 'good night' looking for pigs, perhaps?



 Oliver Reed Esq and Maurice in a County Cork  farmer's field

As the then 2009 date, for the three  month civil trial, loomed before us, needing over one hundred police officers and Cardiff court staff to defend it, much Cardiff Cabal scheming intensified. 

But His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC , in 2008, following my fifteen years of near futile disclosure applications and refusals by Cardiff's criminal courts , ordered disclosure having already ordered a jury trial!! 

But 'HM Partnership' soon over turned all his court orders.


This latest but dramatic implosion and chaos from within both our current judicial and penal systems is based, of course, on the ridiculous but out dated ever changing anomaly for the tax payer to pay for. 

The lucrative cartel for passengers on the HM 'gravy train', fuelled by 'Her Majesty's Prerogative' for HM judge's 'discretion', 'Memorandum of Understanding' and other out dated anomilies, give rise to the participant's immunity to criminal and in some cases, civil proceedings against them if linked to a 'Royal Charter'.


Many will remember the remarkable Suzon Forscey-Moore who has left a few key documents with us and demonstrates her excellent research



 For we mere mortals, simply looking for 'justce' in a UK court, again reminds me of  that circa 1990 'off the record' bit of advice I should of taken! 'Justice is only a man made concept', Mr Justice Blom -Cooper QC had affectionaterly suggested whilst exiting, at speed,  Guernsey's notorious Royal Court building, beating a fast path for the airport and back to relative RCJ sanity.


 In order to succeed in sueing the police I needed, for example, their 'incident' or 'occurrence'' numbers each time I was stopped, names and collar numbers of police involved and witnesses at the scene only known to the police. These would undermine either their criminal prosecution or, as now defendants, my civil case. In your dreams, Maurice!

If the police, Cardiff CPS or or court judges could prevaricate long enough , before dropping all charges, long enough to maximise financial damage and making it too late to trace culprit identity and or independant witnesses, any form of civil redress was near pointless.

My current 90% success rate in having some 160 allegations withdrawn, quashed or won on appeals would of been significantly higher had I been before a totally honest HM Crown Prosecution Service, CPS and line up of judges, each time.

On the balance of probabilities any conviction will succeed, if tried enough times, for the judge is, at the end of the day, only human and must make a decisionso often in the arena with failed police disclosure swaying the odds.

The problem is always much worse when the judge fails to understand the reason for the failed disclosure as the 'defendant' in a Cardiff court is doomed if he is forced to explain the reason for the need of police disclosure as it informs the enemy of its existance and chance to have it destoyed.

It is always a sort of 'game' by Cardiff's cabal to withhold, for as long as possible, evidence that would collapse the prosecutions case. It is nigh impossible to get any disclosure the moment it is decided the CPS is not going to run with the case.

Time and time again , over twenty years, it has turned out that prosecution cases were stopped months before I was told or stretched to maximise the financial costs on bothe sides.

The real killer for a defendant, like this week for example, over the latest MAPPA/Dolmans cover up under the guise of a 'Breach of a Restraining Order' never even served on me, when playing with indictable offences, once you get refused bail and the case is dropped you are buggered.

In just a few days, 11th October, the mangement or trial by jury judge had ordered PACE Act disclosure when you may have prevented the police paper shredder from doing over time.

You are very, very lucky to get any of it after that date, if the case is dropped.

I needed immediate bail granted, in the Bristol Crown court , last month, or to stay in jail up until 11th October, to obtain the police controlled evidence for civil damages claim in the hope some recovery of the huge losses can be achieved.

09 06 20 SWP Dolmans MG 11.pdf

This had quickly followed hurriedly convened but clandestine 1st and 8th June MAPPA meetings held in Police HQ and Barry police station with the remainder, for the year, al being convened but as with the first, not of a plenary nature as laid down by statute.

It was my court service of paperwork on the three Defendants, the Chief Constable, HM Attorney General and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), following the falsified February 09 Barbara Wilding sworn witness statement was drafted by Dolmans and withheld, contrary to His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC's precise orders.

To take on any HM department and dare challenge Her Majesty's prerogative and any of those attached like lice or hidden within the pleats, all immune to prosecution was, in effect, sounding my death warrant.

As dear Gerald and Yvonne Gillow, of notorious Guernsey fame and European Court successes, before it was also corrupted, used an apt expression, 'invincible prejudice'   when summing up our so corrupt and fundimentally flawed UK justice system.

However, my subsequent legal action, no lawyer would assist, for the 15th June 09 Judicial Review Application, sparked the sudden frenzy in South Wales and Whitehall over mythical machine guns, my MAPPA registration and malevolent Masonic manoeuvres to drive a shrink to deliberately falsify my medical notes.

With HM Whitehall named, having been steeped in years of work from the Cardiff County Court, also trying to stop my actions against the police, have me almost registered as a 'vexatious litigant' with the RCVS, at best, getting a two year Civil Restraint Order, anything to stop 'disclosure of their respective HM damming evidence, to have me struck off for the Cardiff Authorities.

The next document is a summary, mainly pre South Wales with South Wales Police influence, perhaps, starting after: Page 28 and paragraph 347 onwards

09 06 19 SWP Witness Statement of Maurice John Kirk final.pdf

And for the Entree

It never ceases to amaze me as to the extreme lengths to which the Welsh judiciary are prepared to stoop, whilst wallowing in their cess pit of depravity flavoured with intrigue, corruption and bitterness always trying, it seems, to alienate all foreigners just to protect one of their own in their tribe.

Nine Cardiff Crown Court judges, for example, back in 2009 over the‘machine gun’ debacle, while I was incarcerated in NHS Caswell Clinic and Cardiff prison for nearly a year, all kept me locked up by pretending or otherwise to accept a rogue ‘psychiatric’ report, prepared by the South Wales Police or their lawyer, Adrian Oliver of Dolmans, for MAPPA level 3 supervision and to have me sectioned to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric prison, IPP, for life.

One of the nine Cardiff judges accepting the conspiracy:

Paul Thomas QC WANTED1[1].pdf 

 My near twenty year running civil damages claims start with the first three of seven in January 2013 for about three months. Some hundred or so police will be cross examined over having me bullied, struck off the veterinary register and falsly imprisoned, time and time again when reliant on an uttterly corrupt Cardiff judiciary

ALL WELCOME .....tea and biscuits in the intervals,  daily nonsences guaranteed to mimic the ridiculous farce of some forty or fifty previously fixed Cardiff court cases I have had to endure and pay for.


“Significant brain damage” and a 'possible brain tumour' the secret court heard, as the unrepresented victim lay rotting in the cells below Cardiff Crown Court.

"Mr Kirk suffers from a condition called, 'paranoid delusional disorder' due to a fixated belief that he is being persecuted by the South wales Police.

Wales’ very own police run MAPPA (Multi Agency Public Protection Agency) on 8th June 2009 had agreed to set me up to be shot, 10 09 27 Medical MAPPA 4p.pdf recorded in the minutes, with no agents present other than Caswell Clinic staff and senior police officers.

Public Protection Maintenance Unit (PPMU) of HM Probation Service visited me this week, in my much cluttered solitary cell Bristol Prison, solitary as the Remand Warrant issued whilst in Cardiff stated, ‘mental health issues’ and on the door it read, ‘High Risk’. [will they ever give up, I ask myself? Never while their pensions are assured]

A statutory requirement, he told me, was for Probation to inform the accused or convicted of the possible consequences for any act of ‘harassment or ‘breach of a restraining order’ under Section 4 of the much abused use of 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act.

No Cardiff Probation encounter has ever occured in Cardiff because the cabal knew the 1st Dec 09 case was flawed.

If I was not told of the existence of a restraining order it was obvious I would publish the latest farce experienced in Cardiff magistrates.

Cardiff prison had, in writing, repeatedly informed me of never having any knowledge of the 2009 MAPPA meetings carried out in Caswell Clinic or why, if true , on the 17th December 2009, I was mysteriously expunged from the MAPPA records! He promised to look into this and come back to me but I am not holding my breath.

My 21st September no warning transfer from that Cardiff hell hole to an English prison was a dream come true and would, I knew, bust right open the Cardiff Cabal’s day to day conspiracies to lie, cheat and pervert the course of justice. I had to be transferred as the nefarious minded had feared their so far iron fist control over their local press was starting to slip due to their slow demise with the advent of cyberspace. The 'common assault' conviction had only been achieved by the conduct of a string of doctors implicating GPs, prison doctors and, of course numerous attached to Caswell Clinic an Professor Wood's Swansea University.

Six More Welsh Criminal allegations quashed in nearly Two Weeks   21st August Barry Arrest

This brings up my success rate back up again, since 1992 of almost daily police bullying, to 90% out of around some 160 trumped up charges and allegations.

One, I remember, being when they kept me locked up in Cardiff prison for days as ‘unidentified’! I had been arrested on the doorstep of my veterinary surgery, cheque book and bank and County Council letters in my pockets, surrounded by protesting clients and their pets.

Thirty four times The South Wales Police made me present my perfectly valid motor insurance documents, until they had me struck off in 2002. Not once have they seen my driving documents since once their agenda had been fulfilled it having been the police alone that had complained to the RCVS.


On the thirty fifth occasion in them asking, I remember, whilst I was on an urgent veterinary call, I told them to simply ‘go to hell’ or something more appropriate for the type of company I was forced to be in.

This was only to be successfully repeated before a Cardiff court, a few weeks later, when one of the most able of the Clerk’s of the court, a Mr Dobson, I had the good fortune to have intervene when he stopped the Magistrates convicting me by quoting out of section 10 or 11, I had used before, of the much then studied Magistrates Act, as amended, between either calving a cow or perhaps, attempting to put together the pieces of some unfortunate squashed cat or dog scraped off some road at three in the morning!

The remaining convictions, many motoring, were used to have me struck off as a veterinary surgeon for life. Those 90% eventually withdrawn or beaten down in open court, at huge personal loss to me and family always carried their Welsh vindictive trait, a refusal to award any compensation.

I am really too tired now to fight on much more and to tangle with a sub species, almost daily, with this South Wales’ HM backed conspiracy of countless malicious prosecutions and extreme acts of bullying, whilst guarenteed their pensions. Where went that Englishman simply wishing to quietly practice his dedicated art of veterinary surgery?

‘Common Assault’ Conviction on HM Cardiff Crown Court Clerk Dropped

Firstly, recent events whilst I was in prison, is their embarrassment of my 2nd Nov 2010 ‘common assault’ conviction, my absence from the hearing due to illness, needs careful analysis.

I was refused the right to cross examine, dependant on their twisted interpretation of some section from The Youth and Justice Criminal Evidence Act and the opinion of that rogue police psychiatrist, again.

Their thirteen month delay to ‘sentence’ me on it, on 1stDecember 2011, was watched by many and tape recorded by some, including teams of both police and NHS private lawyers, all defending their respective one million pound damages claims I have recently lodged since the 2010 ‘machine gun conspiracy’ when the police got caught having painted the WW1 Lewis gun a different colour in a futile attempt to fool the jury.......note black paint under South Wales Police silver.





 12 10 14 blog mg.docx

So why wasn't that trial stopped, as well?


But I digress,

 Back to this month's  'common assault' Bristol Crown Court acquittal.....deliberately delayed for two years just to successfully oppose my bail and release from prison to prepare for the January 2013 three month trial of over police and HM Cardiff officials.........


The magistrate's court  1st Dec 11 court tape recording records:

”This incident was a relatively minor incident” therefore “no further penalty”, the tape records District Judge John Charles saying. What was the penalty?

In fact an ex South Wales Police officer, Derrick Hassan, had already falsified my forensic history for the rogue doctor’s 7th August 2009 psychiatric report to have me sectioned to Caswell when no clinical examination by him had even taken place! He was the one who had pushed me down a flight of stairs in July 2010 following The Recorder of Cardiff, Nicholas Cooke QC, had refused to order the evidence as to why, after the collapsed machine gun trial, I was and still am treated as one of the top 5% most dangerous in the country (MAPPA 3/3) unbeknown to any other of their agencies other than Caswell Clinic and South Wales Police.

I had been on my crutches and daily morphine on that day in the Crown Court and the fall had broken my leg. District Judge John Charles was caught inadvertently explaining as to why the prosecution was fabricated, despite a Frank Werren having been tendered as an independent witness to the violent attack from the start.

Court proceedings were delayed purely to use the conviction to successfully oppose my bail applications during these past two years. Neither CPS nor the Cardiff courts will identify the original conviction caught on tape [LINK]

There remains the unquashed 28th November 2011 convictions, used to oppose bail applications, other than 4th May 2012 nine month conviction for beach of 1st December 11 Restraining Order, the appeal now struck out by Mr Justice Mac duff in the Royal Courts of Justice and the £50 fine following the bizarre conviction when Cardiff Magistrate’s District Judge Bodfan Jenkins refused accepting my ‘not guilty ‘plea!

This London conviction, in Haringey’s magistrates, had been over the Musa’s bent lawyers in Kilburn refusing to hand over their and my paid for legal papers to be used to retrieve their then six children snatched for adoption.  


Hello...Christopher Booker writes in todays "Sunday Telegraph" {below} of some disturbing cases in the "child protection system" of the UK - a system that has gone beserk...for some updates on the Musa case mentioned below in the article pls see: http://truth-wars.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,68.msg125.html#msg125 - both Gloria and Chiwar Musa are having a very rough time in their respective prisons because the prison staff are giving them endless grief...and victimisation - as if imprisoning them after a trial that needs an official enquiry and removing all of their 7 children wasnt enough already.

We have not seen Chiwar for nearly a month now as all visits are being stopped by the prison {or government} authorities and we know Chiwar has made official prison visit applications for us as he's told various supporters often in phone calls when hes rung us from the prison. The same with Gloria's visits - it has proved impossible to see her even when weve gone on official visits {Sunday Aug. 12 for example at Holloway prison}. Mail to both Musas doesnt reach them either - nor emails via the emailaprisoner online service and you can see my official complaints to the prison governors + others here: http://truth-wars.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,68.msg125.html#msg125 but of course both the governors of Holloway and Pentonville prisons refuse to reply about the irregularities happening to these unjustly imprisoned parents - the IMB reply, as does the Prisons Minister but one only gets the standard nonhelpful reply. The adoption processes are presumably ongoing re: the Musas 5 children whilst the Musas are in prison - apart from the youngest 2 babies who have already been passed for adoption even though the Musas did not have any say in it as it was all done behind their backs with the Musas having no legal representation also as they couldnt get any at the time! Other deportation plans are afoot which are equally as worrying. I would ask you please to view the attatchment to this email entitled "MUSA WALL 14 10 11" - Glorias affadavit to see the sorry state of affairs surrounding the Musa case - the authorities have been made very well aware of everything Gloria's affadavit mentions time after time yet have refused point blank to do anything ever - in fact this case never gets better - only progessively worse.

"The worst scandal I have seen in my 50-year career - Christopher Booker, "Sunday Telegraph" 14 Oct 12

Our 'child protection' system is severely dysfunctional, but it has not come to the centre of national attention because it hides its workings behind a veil of secrecy

7:00PM BST 13 Oct 2012

Scarcely a week goes by without more evidence emerging to indicate that our “child protection” system is so dysfunctional that it should be looked on as a major national scandal. On one hand, we see the number of by Savings Sidekick" href="http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/9606161/The-worst-scandal-I-have-seen-in-my-50-year-career.html#" target="_blank">applications by social workers to take children into care soaring to nearly 1,000 a month, having more than doubled in the four years since the tragedy of Baby P. On the other, we hear of horrific episodes, like those recently reported from Rochdale and Rotherham, where social workers and police turned a blind eye to the systematic mass-rape of underage girls, many themselves in state care.

For three years I have been investigating scores of cases of children seized from their parents for what appear to be quite absurd reasons. This outrage has not yet come to the centre of national attention only because our child protection system hides its workings behind a veil of secrecy. I have been amazed to discover how our family courts routinely turn all the cherished principles of British justice upside down. The most bizarre allegations, based on hearsay, can be levelled against parents who are then denied the right to challenge them.

Although I have reported on several such cases more than once, they drag on through the courts so long that I haven’t been able to explain how they ended. I summarise three of them here to indicate why this is the most disturbing story I have covered in all my years as a journalist.

The fateful fall





The Musa/ South Wales Police and my mutiple arrests in and around London and South Wales, in pretty quick succession, all related to the original pre 2009 'machine gun' case, my 1983 Mental Health Act 35 sectioning and my equally unlawful registration, as a MAPPA level 3 victim, to have me set up to be shot.


Multiple Arrests


1. Harringey Council's hoard of lawyers first had me arrested in the London family Court while I was assisting, as a Mackenzie Friend, the Musa couple  left high and dry by the the deceitful Spencer Powell, solictors, of Kilburn, London. I was tape recording, this Ms Houghton told the police as handcuffs went on. Anything to stop the parents even seeing their own children.


2. Cardiff's Cabal had, on 28th November 2011, refused my attendance from Cardiff prison to cross examine the Musa's solictors, Spencer Powell, in Highbury Corner Magistrates, as the whole story would come out as to how these Kilburn lawyers had lied to the police, my having been arrested in their offices and had refused to release both my legal papers and those of the the Musas.....to keep drawing the already frauduantly obtained Legal Aid from the tax payer's completely out of controlled gravy train.


All my paid for legal papers were denied me, when I had inadvertently empolyed these lawyers whilst sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act, in theTottenham police station, under South Wales Police instructions.


3. I was charged with criminal damage following my unlawful kidnap and my attempts to break out.


4. I was also accused of attempting to fly the children back to Nigeria in my two seat WW2 D-Day cub.

The Harringey magistrates have refused to re open, on my release, then denying my receiving my appeal papers and explaining why my around sixtieth Judicial Review Application, since I have languished in South Wales nearly always based on Article 6, was blocked by Cardiff’s Administrative Court.

Official court documents, of course, record as usual, as for most of Cardiff ‘talking shops’, an entirely different story.

Meanwhile the Cardiff HM concocted 2010 'common assault' malicious prosecution finally ran its predictable course, following the CPS moving it out of Wales to avoid potential media coverage following the Lynette White murder South Wales Police/Welsh Judiciary cover up.

Bristol’s HM Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) gave the Welsh papers one look and saw immediately it was a ‘can of worms’ and repeated, in Crown Court, the extra complication, as it was to be heard in an English court of law and that the ‘complainant’, a Mr Derrick Hassan, referred to earlier and other HM Crown Court staff witnesses, were now ‘reluctant to give evidence’ .

Unlike in a Welsh court these prosecution witnesses, all HM employed Cardiff Crown Court officals, knew their immunity to prosecution was gone as both Judges, now involved, Their Honours, Lambert and Ticehurst, would allow me to ‘cross examine’ their 'evidence in chief'.

5. Oxford Magistrates 'Threat to Kill' Christopher Paul Ebbs (Alexander) Allegation Dropped 

Secondly, Oxford CPS and Thames Valley Police dropped, on 26thSeptember, their ‘threat to kill’ allegations against me, over Mr Christopher Paul ALEXANDER, alias EBBS, a purported licenced aircraft engineer and much falsification of evidence induced by Cardiff’s Cabal before Judge Ticehurst nearly 15 years ago.

Whilst I was standing outside Oxford Crown Court , waiting on behalf of a number of other interested GA pilots for the trial to start, South Wales Police were contacted who clearly instigated my arrest and charges.

As with Bristol, once Oxford police had found time to make better enquiries they realised my arrest had been further fabricated over the South Wales Police’s success in having me sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act, again, using the same false psychiatric Caswell evidence of three years earlier.

The Musa Nigerian family's snatched children, by Haringey Council, culminated in a less fortunate situation with a vindictive seven year prison sentence for both parents.

Today it is revealed that Mr Ebbs’ earlier evidence, before the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ 2002 Disciplinary Committee, to have been so ‘coloured’, as  to my being 'struck off', he explains, was induced by a South Wales Police, CAA and CPS ‘visitation’, from across the Severn Bridge and London just to put pressure on him to change his original eye witness account aleady recorded.

Whereas Thames Valley police dropped this August's case, like the proverbial hot potato, HM Cardiff prison refused me even a video link to apply for costs.

6. 2nd ‘Breach of Restraining Order’ allegation Dropped


12 10 11 2nd alleged Breach of Resrstaining Order Appl to Restore.pdf 



The 'offending' article



Caswell Clinic actively invite me to contact their doctors following its 7th Aug 2009 psychiatric report of 'paranoid delusional disorder'

12 10 04 Caswell Clinic.pdf

Thirdly, my deliberate delay, maybe, in ordering the 2nd May transcript T20120090 - kirk - evid of williams evid - 02 05 12.pdf

of the Cardiff Crown Court fiasco, portrayed in the Clerk of theCourt, Mr Michael Williams’ evidence, related incidentally also, it is rumoured, to the notorious doctor safely employed by NHS (Wales). Mr Williams had to convince the jury, which he did, that at lunch time, I had served on me an authentic but final version of the ‘Restraining Order’ seen by him whilst he was hiding in one of the court cells.

At no other time were any other papers shown to me by anyone from court, the jury heard.

I had been denied all cctv footage from inside my ‘special’ cell, above the toilet corridor or at custody suite exit.

Similarly, I was denied all court or custody record of any evidence of any court visitors to the custody suite, service or otherwise of any documents or names of the five other guards, vital witnesses, who saw it all and know, today, the truth as to who when and where came to and from and what occurred , who destroyed the GEOamy records once the CPS and magistrate put their heads together etc


SO WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED in the 1st December11 Magistrates Cells and during 2nd May 12 Cardiff Jury Trial?


Did the jury really not expect neither GEOamy Custody Services nor the Cardiff Court to have had written record of an official 'service' a Court Order, of their own making and under such a wierd joint responsibility? Of course they did'nt, circumstanses did not allow it.


The jury were prevented from seeing :

1.    the two contradictory MG11 prosecution witness statements, I specifically asked Judge Curran to give them, to compare with their cross examination

2.     the GEOamey and clerk of the court logs

3.   a scale plan of the incident area with measurements marking cameras and numerous other staff positions

4.   the time log relating to each prisoner movement....if and when fed/lavatory? 

5.   property log ....the receipt of court papers into property sealed bag

6.   a 'Vue de Justice', so essential

7.  3 x CCTV footage of cell, corridor and exit area 

8. Numerous witnesses to the several visits from the court relating to the too ing and fro ing of draft restraining orders

9.  any evidence to support the statutory defence from section 1 (3) (a) &(b) of 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act, 'to detect or prevent crime'


10.  11 11 14HHJ Llewellyn Jones QC Orders request.pdf

11. 12 07 26 Criminal Court of Appeal Criminal Court of Appeal ref.pdf

12. 12 07 26 Crown Prosecution Service BLOG Criminal Court of Appeal ref.docx




It is highly likely the Restraining Order service was attempted in the fight with the five officers when I was jettisoned from the building, after 5pm, with force leading to my need for a wheel chair only to be hand cuffed, in the Magistrates building, by gate arrest police, for failing to attend the Musa related Haringey Council hearing , two days earlier, as the prison refused my attendance by HM Partnership hell bent to continue protecting the Haringey council lawyers treachery driven by avarice

All hushed just like the next assault by GEOamy, on 4th April 2012, when I was mysteriously taken to magistrates cells from the prison and refused reason as to why? Never saw any court room , no paper work, as usual, attacked again whilst demanding an explanation, demanded immediately, in writing, the cctv, this time and have heard nothing since. Tackled the prison systems, governor, IMB etc .....all a big joke.

The custody officers were only too well aware my last claim against being beaten up in the magistrate cells won me £10,000 which is why all CCTV was quicklky destroyed by both court staff and GEOamey.

I offer £2000

 to anyone to come forward and identify them and secure copies of custody and court logs for 1st December 11 & 4th April 12, for the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) and Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

My refusal to leave the cell that day, to my freedom, for four hours, until after 5pm, when five burly guards finally physically threw me out, throwing my crutches on my head as I lay on the ground, outside the custody unit, was because I was demanding,and being denied a written explanation as to why I was being released?

My almost last cross examination question to the Clerk of the court was crucial. I was on my crutches, while hobbling from the toilet area when ‘effective service’ took place? “Yes”,he said but crutches are never allowed in the custody suite for obvious reasons and anyway, the MG6 police witness statements of his and of the equally lying Barker, the GEOamey custody manager, stated I had the ‘service’inside my cell, with Barker and another first having to unlock it!

What Barker had attempted to show me, only once and at lunch time, before returning it to the court clerk and CPS barrister, David Gareth Evans, as I sat on the cell bench furthest from the door, was what appeared, at the time, to be a part hand written draft ‘restraining order’ prepared before commencement of this 10th November 11 trial.

On that fateful 1st December 2011 hearing many of my friends, including Mr B from the public gallery, watched the CPS and clerk hand to the district judge, in my absence, one of several restraining order drafts floating about and watched the judge reject it, out of hand, until he wrote on it with his fountain pen, quite draconian demands to justify The Recorder of Cardiff’s already drafted 14th November Court Orders, marked on court file, ‘only to be opened’ ‘when Mr Kirk is sentenced!


Yes, this is an early version of restraining order typed by CPS, retreeived during 2nd May 12 jury trial from Merthyr Tydfil CPS office, discussed in open court  and handed to Mr Bowen and myself in the dock.  A later version was the one seen in 1st Dec11 magistrates court being written over by the district judge, later broughty to my cell for approval. 

Yes , you guessed it, now CPS and Cardiff Magistrates, in writing, deny any knowledge or existence of there having ever been any ‘draft restraining orders’





while in secret, no doubt, blaming each other for so stupidly disclosing to me what limited public court records that prove the HM conspiracy.

Is that what really goes on in our other UK Courts and why ‘Litigants in Person’ (LiPs) are so vilified? Remember, a defendant emplying a lawyer is always at serious risk of his defence information being no longer confidential and so fatally compromised.

My Mackenzie Friend that day was alongside me in the court dock. This Mr B, upon hearing this startling evidence on oath, had been so minded, as my back was turned, as to quietly ask the barrister for the drafts. My usual meticulous ‘pre flight planning’ had not catered for this as it would be arising much later. As it turned out, being refused any defence witnesses, as in the original magistrates' summary hearing, Meirion’s intervention proved opportune and exposed, once again, the day to day deceit practiced in Cardiff courts due to, yet again, the outdated but abused‘Royal prerogative’ guaranteeing them HM immunity to either civil or criminal prosecution.

Her Majesty’s representative, Mr Evans, then admitted he may have to withdraw to be my defence witness but Judge Curran was having none of it.

Neither Evans was to tender a plea of ‘offering no evidence’ nor was this Cardiff judge going to stop yet another trial, like what had to be done in the equally scandalous‘dangerous driving' jury trial when the jury had to finally pass a note to the judge to stop it. They asked that the senior police officer, in the well of the court, to stop signalling his mates, while under my cross examination.

Similarly nine members of the 2009 'machine gun' jury trial told me in a local resturant, after the acquittal, their minds were made up after the first day of evidence that it was a police conspiracy.

Where in the world, other than in a Cardiff court, could you get away with obtaining a conviction, before an independant jury of twelve, when the police used the museum owner who first sold me the aircraft with the gun attached and then the museum owner who bought it from me, both to be prosecution witnesses, rather than sharing a space in the dock?

But Mr Evans, in this Restraining Order jibberish had just handed us both, in the dock, one of his drafts! a purported copy of a draft restraining order for a rogue doctor .  Cardiff Magistrates and CPS lyingly, as is their habit, denied there ever existed a 'draft restraining order' or record of it......? an example to the uninitiated of what I, for 20 years, have been up againsthere in South Wales.


BUT the jury was not allowed to see the draft just produced in court or the CPS's  various other draft restraining orders, some hand written over nor even its final version! The one they saw was date stamped, '9th Dec'.

My jury was not even allowed to see the purported 'offending' 4th December kirkflyingvet.com blog, even if it may have been created in a foreign jurisdiction



 So why didn't the case get stopped?


Consider the back-lash on NHS (Wales) officials, for starters and Welsh Cabal.

Has the reader wondered why a 2nd allegation, six weeks after another, 13th August 2012 'breach of a restraining order ', was also dreamed up if only to have me locked up for nearly two months, to hamper my preparation?

It followed my frustrated near 40 visits and same number of phone calls to the three Cardiff law courts, police stations and CPS offices, slowly piecing together, for Criminal Court of Appeal in London , as to just what happened, this time, in one of their latest conspiracies?

As far back as 2009 they had been alerted by me and others, from my horrific conditions from within a Caswell cell, of the doctor's syphoning off patients from the NHS system to his private clinics he ran in conjunction with his invaluable business partner in the higher archy of the Port Talbot NHS (Wales) HQ.

The predicted ‘nuclear fall-out’ over the Chief Constable’s privately running of clandestine South Wales Police MAPPA meetings, using Dolmans to obtain classified Public Interest Immunity sensitive material, only to have me on 24/7 surveillance to use both tactics to identify my prosecution material, in my private prosecutions against Dolmans' Adrian Oliver, the Chief Constable and rogue doctor, is about to happen.

The blocking of these particularly politically sensitive 90s police incidents, by His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, from his 2013 trial, just to protect the RCVS and other departments under HM immunity to prosecution, does not detract from the fact that I will never stop until my name is put back on the veterinary register and I have seen serious reform or preferably, a complete annihilation of the Welsh judiciary while it deems to be British.

Further evidence has now arisen, other than unauthorised MAPPA ‘agents’ present, except for the rogue doctor or his wife, possibly, have been convened in NHS Caswell Clinic, since 17th December 2009, to having me finally eliminated.

No other level 12 forensic psychiatrist was prepared to sign the second signature, along side the Caswell clinic doctor, required and asked for by His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC, on 2nd December 2009, for the 1983 Mental Health Act sectioning for my life imprisonment without trial was to be achieved.

Remember, readers and members of the next jury on this very same matter, Evans et al had the full backing of Dolmans, solicitors, Cardiff, in the conduct of this latest case, who not just acted since 1993 for the then Chief Constable and then Barbara Wilding, during the 2009 machine gun conspiracy but had also falsified evidence over her equally signed and falsely sworn February 2009 affidavit ordered originally by his Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC, now retired, unfortunately. That conspiracy led to Dolmans having me arrested on 22nd June 2009 to have me arrested on 22nd June 2009.

Dolmans had not just caused my arrest but had also advised both MAPPA and their client to launch the police helicopter, that sunny Sunday morning and armed police unit with the hope of another chance to kill me. It was not until a second raid, the next day, of similar expense and stupidy, was I finally arrested.

The idiots in charge of the SWAT team had missed their moment, just four days earlier, when I was found on secure premises, surrounded by riot police brandishing machine guns in tin hats and stun grenades dangling from their belts, as I quietly stood patiently outside the chief Constable’s office in Bridgend police HQ, to simply exchange witness summonses for the, once again, adjourned three month trial originally set for hearing back in the 90s!

The currently unregulated but lucrative legal trade, due to the Memorandum of Understanding between police and The Law Society, causes victims to know, only too well, that the need to protract even the most simple of legal proceedings, like most divorce cases or this one, must be strung out for years, if possible, as in Jarndyce and Jarndyce, in Charles Dickens’ Bleak House, if the lawyers on both sides are, again, to make a ‘killing’.

My January 2013 civil damages claim hearing has caused the Cardiff Cabal to block any other progress in the manyfollow up claims against the police and doctor. Now you must realise why?

Well over one hundred South Wales police officers and HM Cardiff court staff, in January, are to face my cross examination which appears to be something I may be looking forward to.

E-mails start flooding in from around the world

T’s ‘first thoughts’ after reading the 3rd September12 HHJ Williams (another relation?) Cardiff Crown Court refusal for my bail and 2nd May 12 HHJ Curran’s refusals, contrary to Article 6 etc, caused him to e-mail me this short missive:

“It is clear to me from reading this transcript that the main reason why they have dropped the case is that you have again raised the issue of disclosure of the Gareth Evans Restraining Order and the CPS are anxious to cover this up so that you cannot use the disclosure to assist in the Curran Criminal Appeal.

I note that the judge didn't respond to your various questions and issues and was anxious to get you out of the court asp.

They were also ordered to serve the prosecution papers on you and prepare an indictment, so it appears that they never did this and didn't want a plea and directions hearing to take place.

It is all so obvious that a child can see what is going on here”.

Maurice’s reply:

“Are you suggesting, T, a nobbled jury, surely not, perish the thought




  I have just retrieved my snail mail post from Barry and find that District Judge Bodfan Jenkins, no less, has awarded South Wales Police £4000 costs in my private civil or criminal claim, under the 1897 Police Act, in my three years of attempts trying to retrieve my antique shot guns, licenced guns, machine gun ammunition, legal papers from the 22nd June 2009 Trojan/SWAT raid and now, if rumour has it, a walking stick 'shot gun' they have now admitted was recovered from my home during their concocted January 2010 'machine gun' trial! NOW with the beleaguered IPCC


12 07 11 IPCC Application 2012 001471.pdf12 06 01 SWP MG IPCC Conclusion.pdf


The latter, but nothing else, appears to be contrary to section 5 of the 1968, as amended, Fire Arms Act but please keep it to your selves.

Is this a job for the new Justice Minister or modern day Enid Blyton to series aTV soap, rivalling East Enders, before Wales gets its long awaited independence, shortly, from Whitehall for of its current evil justice system, with no Whitehall restraint what so ever, to really go crazy?


And for the main meal,


A sample of my 20 years before Cardiff judges


Cardiff Judge Williams Blocks my Bail Application so immediately I apply to Bristol Crown Court and get Released


12 09 03 T20127589 Bail Appl HHJ Williams.pdf 



Alun Cairns MP recieves update on the state of Cardiff's Law Courts






When I go to prison, again, possibly, quite shortly, possibly, my defence will be exactly the same at Cardiff's hearings, as on 1st December 2011, 1st March 2012, 2nd May 2012 and  21st August 2012.......sub section 1(3) (a) and (c) of that traitor Blair's 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act hurried legislature, to feed the 'gravy train' for his buddies', before he was lynched or worse.

12 07 14 Cardiff Cabal Caught Out Conspiring Again.pdf

Dolmans, it now turns out, schemed this Summer to have me arrested yet again!

They informed the CPS of the proceedings in the civil damages claim, in August, relating to the Cardiff courts not allowing my entry to the respective public counters, to process my civil and criminal cases, ever since they lost5 the 'Vexatious Litigant application to the High Court, four years ago!

Their junior barrister even supplied her notes to the prosecution prior to the decision to my 21st September arrest.

I was charged in the police cells for failing to pay the £50 witness summons fee prior sending to the Clinical Director of Caswell Clinic a witness summons un sealed form to hand over the evidence, to the court, I have a possible brain tumour but I have 'significant brain damage' sufficient to be MAPPA level 3 registered and not fit to conduct any civil court proceedings against the South Wales Police or defend myself without a court appointed lawyer.

Crown Court, CPS and Dolmans, following yet another collapsed prosecution now refuse to disclose that evidence or this 4th December 2011 web site blog used in the 2nd May jury trial, having closed it down as in the past when I appear to be getting to close to the truth.

I remain with without a huge list of court /CPS and police documents previously used to maliciously prosecute.

My lonely position is not just against a vindictive and inherently deceitful police force, in South Wales it also includes many but not all, in the HM Cardiff courts



Just received a somewhat comical Judge Bodfan Jenkins Court Order to pay £4000 costs and dismissing my attemptes to retreive about £10,000 worth of private property confiscated, in June 2009, by the South Wales Police they being particularly narked because of my 'sting'.

 I had seen the police helicopter hovering over head, the day before and huge SWAT team skulking in their cars and the woods around, only to suddenly abort my arrest or illlimination.

When the police tried again , the next day, advised by Dolmans, solicitors, who had instigated my arrest, in the first place, by making the complaint  for their client, The Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, I left dummy machine gun ammunition on my desk with the Court of Appeal file, both now missing, re 15th June 2009 (see above) JR Royal Courts of Justice  refusal re RCVS, Attorney General and South Wales Poilice as defendants.

The police refused to produce their video footage of the search of the house, obviously, at the 'machine gun ' trial nor the one immediately afterwards , when I made a detailed  rwritten complaint of the forensic psychiatrist/police conspiracy. 

Dismissed in my absence, my being locked away, unaware, to avoid their still further embarassment of a shooting stick shot gun found in our home. apparently, with  the police , under my disclosure application being forced to tell me about it three years later!!!!  As mentioned earlier the Welsh judiciary appear only interested in charging me £4000 for simply asking for my property back.

My Appeal to the High Court is sent:

12 10 10 Case Stated property.doc

But shouldn't this also go in the one million pound 'machine gun' malicious prosecution Claim or NHS (Wales) falsified psychiartic records one million pound Claim?

12 10 10 Case Stated property.doc 






16th October 2012

re IPCC  case numbers: 2009/016588 & 2012/001471

Dear Sir/Madam,

Further to my 11th July 2012 letter;

 12 07 11 MJK reply IPCC re SWP 18th June South Wales Police Professional Standards.docx   in response to South Wales Police reply to 12 06 018 SWP MG IPCC Conclusion.pdf

I wish to draw your attention to a most recent statement by a Mr Christopher Paul Alexander, aircraft engineer and pilot, who has submitted evidence, of his own free will, that South Wales Police had travelled to England, at night and not in uniform, including a police officer, once named Sergeant  Rice , CAA  officer Mr Jim Mackenna, now retired  and CPS personel, including a Mr Evans some, if not all, to cause him to change his MG 11 police witness statements, on 'threats to kill'.

The meeting took place at Aust Services station requiring a number of vehicles and other south Wales police personel.

In the light of your past refusals in properly investigating my considerable list of proven complaints will you ignore this one and to whom do I complain if you do not? 



G-KIRK cub at Taipei just before http://kirkflyingvet.com/photos/around_the_world/Liberty-Girl-Engine-Failure.aspx

Now, despite twenty years of South Wales Police adversity, G-KURK D-Day Piper Cub is almost ready, in Hampshire, for my flight to South Africa and Everest or The Falklands via a little island, en route?