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Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) On the Lot!


2007 Police HQ Meeting

After this meeting, on complaints of West Wales Police, at their Carmarthen HQ, all in the photograph immediately became subject to covert surveillance and were subjected to, MAPPA ..... but for what purpose?  Read current on going court case on blog and you may realise you may be next. ps One in the picture was under South Wales Police covert surveillance long before 2007 for their own private purposes 


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  • Posted : 08-06-2010
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Maurice Kirk said:

Today, 14th September 2010, Cardiff County Court was confronted with Mappa disclosure file from Dyfed Powys Police on three in the picture.

So why do QC, trailing counsel and police solicitor , partner to solicitor acting for Powys Police, continue to deny Maurice the same file proving that South Wales Police fabricated the machine case and MAPPA  surveillance just to hinder his current damages claim?

Maurice Kirk said:

Today, in Cardiff Court, MAPPA records indicate unlawful conduct by South Wales Police and if you had been a fly on the wall, listening to the police QC frantic to block  more disclosure on Monday, 11am, you would understand why.....during the period the Chief Constable was using police resources to keep me in prison, last year, expecting a 'Kirk' to throw in the towel, huge covert expense was deployed to get me guilty for trading in WW1 decommissioned Lewis machine guns and active ammunition