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About anything from Warrant for Arrest to our online petition demanding Fair Trials and Compensation, for Maurice and other victims, in the spirit of human rights. For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. The latest video of a 12-minute interview with Maurice on Jersey in Dec 2010.

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Political asylum and protection from extradition granted - for the first time since the French Revolution, to a British citizen. See this post here.
  • In shock, with disgust at subhuman, injust, indecent and absolutely appalling behaviour of ALL 'officials' involved - to and from HMP Bristol

    17th December 2014

    Dear Mr Wiltshire,

    Re Maurice J KIRK A7306AT

    As Maurice's sister I have been appalled at the treatment metered out by the lower echelons of your staff. On 24th November he was manhandled by officers out of his wheeled chair and bundled into the van en route to court. I believe that the GeoAmy crew refused to move him out of his plastic box and so he missed his vital court case.

    Since he has been with you :

    • no post for over three weeks
    • not allowed any visitors despite filling up the list on 19th Nov
    • no wheelchair only a chair with small wheels which requires staff to manoeuvre
    • all complaint forms filled never reaching their destination only staying on the wing (in the bin?)
    • no notice of a court appearance in Cardiff (12th Dec14) .
    • Two staff came to fetch him with no warning and in the time he had to get glasses, paper and pencil the transport left without him.
    • At the time (12th) he had been with you since 19th Nov he had had no bath or shower
    • no change of clothes • no change of bedding
    • no ability to phone out to anyone
    • no visit by a doctor despite continuing aggressive abdominal pain.

    Under these circumstances it is no surprise that he was not even fit to be seen outside the prison gates. My brother has a grievance that the authorities in Wales are keen to suppress. A Psychiatrist made a false report about the condition of his physical brain in October 2009. He has been trying to get this report overturned after receiving medical evidence that it was untrue. Bungling by the court service in Cardiff has compounded his situation and he has had to go to extreme lengths to prove his case. The involvement of the South Wales Police in this whole matter has been extreme such as branding him MAPPA 3 which is clearly nonsense and only aimed at preventing him for finalising his civil case against the South Wales Police for over 22 years of harassment.

    The Prison Medical Service has also not covered themselves in glory. It maybe that they only want to work with addicts but in my brother's case they are dealing with a talented veterinary surgeon who just wants a diagnosis/prognosis and appropriate treatment . Not the barbaric behaviour used by your staff last Sunday when he was wheeled to his bathing area where he ran a bath, rang a bell for help to get him into it only to be ignored for seven (7) hours. In that time he ran six to eight baths, rang the bell, water went cold, ran another bath. Nine o'clock at night five staff arrived and dragged him back to his main cell area but failed to notice the bath was filling. It flooded bathroom and cell. Again no-one answered his bell of alarm. Since then he has paid for it by no hot water flask, no breakfast, no lunch, no photocopying facilities for his appeal court papers, no anything!

    He managed a quick call to me yesterday stating that important court post from 21st November had only now been delivered. Do you call this justice?


    Celia Jeune (retired magistrate) nee KIRK

    cc: Prison Ombudsman, MoJ,NOMS, Probation Sally Powell

     But prison and its medical 'service' is not enough, it's also malfeasance by court staff, as Maurice points out below:

    Case Worker 2014 02428-C1-JAB
    Criminal Appeals Office
    Royal Courts of Justice

    22nd December 2014

    Dear Sir,

    Regina versus Maurice John Kirk
    Failed 1st December 2011 'harassment' Conviction Disclosure of Public Record

    1. Further to your deadline given of my having to lodge final documents by 24th December 2014, despite the conditions under which this 'forced to be' litigant in person is incarcerated, please find enclosed 27th March 2014 unambiguous Crown Court Order in the form of official transcript (pp37F-41H).

    2. CPS admission that I will get original 'clerk of the Court's notes' is now a complete joke as they will now be 'modified'.

    3. You will note that I was both dumbstruck and extremely deaf as not only the usual defendant 'inaudible' comments are redacted on the transcript but corrupted on tape just like the RCJ Royal College of veterinary Surgeons/Lord Thomas Saga!

    4. I completely misheard the CPS admissions of the clerk of the court's notes will record his assurances to Mr Barker, the custody manager, (see May 12 transcript) in 1st Dec 2011 cells, that of the time when the 3rd version of mythical 'restraining order' was served.

    5. I will serve on your court my hospital audiogram and later fitting of hearing aid record all far too late for your March Jury Trial now on Appeal deliberately convicted behind bullet proof MAPPA3/3 glass despite my complaining I could hear little (confirmed by dock custody staff).

    6. The 'notes' will identify allegation No 3, 'my' posting of a Wanted Poster and argument of 'abuse of process' as CPS had overlooked the fact I had already served the Recorder of Cardiff's custodial sentence when none of the original allegations carried such a required tariff. It stinks doesn't?

    7. And 1st Dec 2011 'gate arrest' withheld police records?

    signed Maurice J Kirk BVSc

    copy to CCRC HMP Bristol, England

    PS I am still refused a laptop to type this.

    Here is the document proving his hearing difficulties aka deafness. 

    Here are the 6 pages of the court hearing relating to the CPS having got hold of the court documents but never reached Maurice.

    Will you at least sign the petition to release Maurice, as it triggers an email to everybody who could and SHOULD make a difference???
  • How to sabotage a parole hearing

     Here is the latest info on the situation in Swansea gaol from Maurice's sister;


    It is clear that the staff in Swansea Gaol have been given orders to completely ignore requests from Maurice Kirk. This will have been done by MAPPA via the 'governor' in charge of security Andy Phillips who accused Maurice of assaulting him from his almost defunct wheelchair. Maurice was aware that at least two CCTV cameras would have recorded the event but this evidence was never used.

    Adjudication was booked for last Monday (27th October) but the chairman of the Independent Monitoring Board was in and spoke with Maurice so it was delayed to allow Maurice to get a lawyer. Despite phone numbers supplied the Prison (MAPPA) refused to allow him to make a call to a lawyer. The  Wednesday was fixed for a hearing but again the IMB member was available; it was delayed again so witnesses could be identified. On Friday it was suddenly called when there was no independent witness (IMB report of Swansea for Yr  2012/13 mentions that frequently adjudications were held without them because of short notice). An internal governor was the adjudicator,(Jaeger). Maurice was denied access to a lawyer, CCTV evidence and the witness he wanted to call was called by the Prison to sing lies on their behalf having changed his story. (He was a prison officer who had told Maurice that he had not been aware at the time that an assault had taken place even though he was feet away!) This was because no assault DID TAKE PLACE. Now Maurice is on the lowest level of 'privileges'; access only to £4 a week canteen money (stamps, pens, paper, envelopes), reduced time of free association, access to cd's etc etc, a situation he never climbed out of at HMP Cardiff.


    This is all to blacken his Parole Hearing as they have no grounds to keep him locked up as admitted by members of Probation (also under MAPPA)


    Now, despite hours of agony during the day (it was only in the middle of the night before) and lying on the floor of his cell as he was unable to get on his bed, no medical help is ever summoned. The chaplain is told 'porkies' when he enquires after Maurice's health. If you have had bad stomach cramps you know that one minute you are writhing in agony and the next the pain has gone and you can get on with your life with just the exhaustion of it all lingering on. You can imagine the fatigue Maurice feels after three hours curled up on the floor.  Maurice had to pay a fellow prisoner to alert me to the situation as no-one would come to his aid.


  • Some rare news from Maurice

     Since he was released from Cardiff prison in July and then imprisoned again for no good reason other than to keep him from revealing the truth 

    about the Cardiff cabal, Maurice has been severely restricted in the information he can get out.

    Fortunately, despite all his contacts being removed from his "approved" list of phone numbers there is still one member of his family that he is able to communicate with. Yesterday he called and summarized his position thus:




    I have not had a single warning issued to me but now I find that I am up for a disciplinary hearing next Monday for assault. The Prison Staff maintain that I have assaulted someone at a particular location in the wing. They have declared that they have evidence but refuse to use CCTV evidence that would have filmed the incident from a camera in full view of the position. They do use another camera that does not/cannot show the actual 'incident' and they refuse to identify the  4 or 5 staff who were in the immediate area nor any of the prisoners who must have seen what actually happened as they are on the video tape. What makes this look so strange is that the exact same method was used to convict me of assaulting a Prison Officer Rogan in the Cardiff vehicle lock when I put my hand on his arm to make a citizen's arrest when at least six cameras would have recorded the incident clearly. The powers-that-be are desperate to keep me inside as long as possible so that I cannot continue my civil court case nor gain the organ of publicity which would expose the falsehoods, mistakes and cover-ups which purport to be Justice in South Wales today.



    Maurice Kirk


    HMP Swansea

  • Dear BBC, does MAGNA CARTA apply to Maurice J Kirk BVSc? Can you get him released?

    One of Maurice's supporters wrote: 

    Dear BBC

    You feature the Magna Carta and its anniversary date in your news programme. You tell us that enshrined in the Magna Carta is the right to a fair trial and that right is still relevant today.  Tell that to Maurice Kirk who is languishing in a Welsh Prison.  He is  being denied almost every  basic human right going, these human rights are supposed to be set in stone. He is even being denied a critical operation. If you treated a dog like this you would be prosecuted. You paint such a rosy picture. Please BBC come to the rescue of 69 year old Maurice John Kirk an honest, honourable and very principled man to say the least, surely it’s your duty.

    We therefore now have a petition where every signer triggers an email to the BBC and to two Ministers of Justice: it is based on Tony Gosling's interview with Maurice's sister that he turned into a beautiful video and says: 

    Investigate South Wales Police, Welsh Judiciary, Prisons and whoever pulls the strings in London to Release Maurice [A7306AT] from HMP Swansea asap!

    A short link is

    PLEASE sign!

    Thank You!!!
  • OPEN EMAIL 2 #HMPSwansea #Governor after visit by #Prison #Inspector Nick Hardwick #mauricekirk

    Dear Governor


    In the wake of Mr Nick Hardwick’s inspection of HMP Swansea, this is to ask what prevents you from ensuring that Mr Kirk

    1. gets the medical attention he has been needing for weeks;

    2. can telephone not only his sister but also his McKenzie Friends and has access to his money for that purpose;

    3. can advance his proceedings as directed by HHJ Seys Llewellyn, since he has to act as Litigant in Person?

    More on and

    Whilst writing, can you assure me that emails sent via Email a Prisoner do get delivered, and with what kind of delay?

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Yours faithfully,

    Sabine K McNeill


    Co-Founder, Association of McKenzie Friends, > 30,000 visits since Feb 2012
    …assisting Litigants in Person as Public Interest Advocates

    Blogger, Victims Unite! > 360,000 visits since August 2010
    ... empowering victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression

    Web publisher and McKenzie Friend, Flying Vet and Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police
    ... advancing the Cause for Litigants in Person: > 24,000 visitors since August 2010

    WANTED: Fair Trials and Compensation > 500 signatures & 14,300 page views
    ... painfully renewed in its necessity as the Flying Vet is in HMP Swansea with a serious medical condition

    Organiser, Forum for Stable Currencies - meetings in Westminster since 1998
    ... advocating Economic Democracy through Freedom from National Debt

  • Maurice's sister on DialectRadio with Tony Gosling - a great account of a great cover-up by South Wales Police

    This video is an excellent summary of the ordeals that originated with that 'medical' report about a brain tumour that never existed. But the General Medical Council can't do anything about that false report... Nobody EVER takes responsibility, let alone say SORRY and COMPENSATE... "We have to become less punitive" said John Hemming MP once...
  • HHJ Seys Llewellyn coming to the Rescue of Maurice in HMP Swansea!?


    It must have been like Christmas for Maurice when he got this letter. He had always trusted that there are good judges and good politicians 'out there' who can make the difference necessary. 

    HHJ Seys Llewelly writes It is now more urgent than ever to finalise my judgement

    That OBVIOUSLY required not only access to his papers, but also a laptop and printing facilities. 

    Well, he eventually got it, but then access to money is missing so that he can send documents to court... 

     The documents that he produced to illustrate his ordeal are:

    1. a position statement of 12 September 2014 regarding telephone monitoring and MAPPA
    2. HM's Daily Spoonful of 'Treacle Treatment' of 09 September 2014
    3. a position statement of 04 September 2014 regarding the temporary release in July and subesequent recall
    4. a press statement of 10 July 2014 regarding the extreme and exceptional bullying and harassment by South Wales Police - no matter where Maurice happens to be. 

    May the tide be turning at long last! For more and more people are waking up to

    Litigants in Person are thus an undesirable species to be extinguished... 
  • The nefarious plot to isolate Maurice.

    Position Statement 15 August 2014Maurice writes of the way in which the system is being manipulated in order to separate him from his legal papers, his funds, visitors and McKenzie Friend assistance. The whole charade of releasing him on licence, under ridiculous one hour curfew conditions, only to have him recalled to prison within a week, without any evidence of wrongdoing, was just a ploy to isolate him from any chance of winning his civil case against the South Wales police and exposing the greed and corruption that is so rampant in public office.

    He seems to be up against a wall, with every move stymied before he has made it. All his attempts to use the safeguards built in to our Law to expose the plot against him come to nothing, bogged down in the mire of indifference to the truth. Sunk in the fog of cognitive dissonance.

    The perpetrators of this perversion and deception of the people of this country should take note, the paedophilic scum in the higher echelons of public life are being exposed, one by one for what they are. The satanic scum who are bastardising our justice system in their own interests are surely not far behind them!

    There is only one other victim of police persecution who can 'compete' with the torture that Maurice has to endure: survivor of sexual abuse and whistleblower of paedophilia Brian Pead, author of From Hillsborough to Lambeth. They are both Litigants in Person prevented from advancing their cases from 'within'!

  • Code Napoleon showing through the veneer!

    A draconian punishment regime seems to have been imposed upon Maurice since he has been returned to prison in Swansea. News just in reveals that he has lost as much as 20 kilos in weight. He is being kept confined and denied contact with other prisoners. He is not allowed to make phone calls out of the prison and has not been allowed to send out his appeal. Still no reasons for his licence revocation have been forthcoming, apart from a terse "he behaved badly".

    More than a week after he was recalled to prison, ostensibly on the orders of the home secretary, the "authorities" have still failed to come up with any sort of plausible reason as to why he was recalled.

    This is because they are in a bit of a bind, contrary to what they would have us believe, Maurice was actually recalled to prison under European law and not under English Law.(remember the "fish tank" they put him in in court?)

    This can be discerned because there is actually NO REASON under English Law why he can be recalled as he hasn't actually done anything wrong! English Law also says that they must provide him with the reasons within 5 days of his re-arrest, well that has come and gone!

    Under the alternative Code Napoleon, which is slowly being introduced by stealth, they need no reason, as he is already guilty under that twisted doctrine. All that is needed is for someone to make an accusation, no matter how trivial or unsubstantiated and they have him guilty until proven innocent and hence they can put him back in prison, indefinitely!

    The trouble they now have is that their scam is in danger of being exposed, unless they can come up with a reason that will be plausible under English Law then it will be obvious to any thinking person that they are using a different law, a different set of rules. Obviously they are not yet ready to expose the full extent of their deceit in robbing the British people of their historic right to justice and protection from a corrupt state. (If anyone reading this is in any doubt as to wether our state is corrupt, then ask yourself who has the power to cover up the enormous and extensive network of paedophiles that have been and are now infesting the corridors of power?)

    This is where they are stumbling because there just simply is NO REASON to put the man back in prison under our own Law. They are frantically having MAPPA meetings to try and find a way around this problem, but it seems as if they might have shot themselves in the foot, so to speak, (possibly with a machine gun!)



    Here is what Maurice thinks about the situation in a letter that he has sent to the criminal court appeal office, the criminal case review commission and to his trial judge at Cardiff civil court;





  • Back in prison a week after being "let out"

    It has now been confirmed that Maurice was arrested by the police sometime around 4pm yesterday, on the orders of some faceless probation service worker. Exactly what transpired is not yet clear but apparently he is being held by the police awaiting transfer to Swansea prison.

    Here is the version of events supplied by his Sister who visited him.

    Having stayed in at hostel all day as probation officer Sally Powell (based at Barry Police Station) had said she would see Maurice at 0930hrs . She arrived worked with 6 other folk went to lunch and then never came back.

    At 4pm the Swansea Police are asked to arrest M. He is currently in their suite and with probably be transferred to Cardiff Jail tomorrow.

    The police report that they have been given very little information but that he has behaved badly and the 'other' box has been ticked. Even they are baffled!

    His licence has been revoked and now there is no recourse via courts etc and they could keep him inside UNTIL NEXT MARCH thus squashing the civil case against the South wales Police as it will have run out of time.

    ONLY publicity will free Maurice................please help!

    Bad behaviour = a stitch up when he visited Kingsway Surgery to confirm his long awaited  The Heath Hospital appointment for anaesthetic op for internal examination due next Thursday 17th July. He saw a lovely genuine doctor Dr Lewis. He had asked the staff to check his appointment still stood. It was not confirmed whilst he saw the Dr and so he went back a second time (having walked back to the hostel) and again the staff had not rung the hospital. He was exasperated but never rude nor spoke loudly.

    He was reported as being 'intimidating'. On visiting another medical practice he was told: 'folk from that hostel go to the Kingsway Practice'. It now turns out that very few people are able to comply with their licence and are returned with no hope from whence they came.

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