Wide Spread corruption in the South Wales Police and Welsh courts seems to emerge as we enter the eighth day of a farcical trial, riddled with deceit.

First, the day opens, with my application/argument that if Inspector 1581 Anthony Rice continues to deny, on oath, he burst into a Barry magistrates with five other Barry police officers, riddled with covert surveillance police, instigated by the Guernsey police arranging to have my garage burnt down to destroy 10 years of misery in an environment ‘touched by the devil’, to destroy my High Court litigation, now designed to expose Guernsey, police arrange to burn down my garage , with the Guernsey legal papers and my WW2 Piper Cub.

 SEE TV footage on You Tube Dec 1999

Then, today, the case heard:

Police officer Greaves saying, I passed on the wrong side of the road, to pass a queue of stationary traffic, due to police at the scene investigating a road traffic accident, he recognised me and put out an ‘all cars’ broadcast to catch me to catch me “the vehicle and driver” already known to him.

Police officer Gareth Holmes states I was in a white escort van, stopped and reported for a broken indicator lens and then repaired by Holmes Bros garage of Evan Street , Barry.

BUT..... police officer McGregor with PC Holmes, totally denies it.... and that no Hort 1 was issued in Southey Street, I refused a breath test and not just refused, gave a ‘[half hearted attempt’ (that appeared deliberate) something he had never experienced before or since!

My ‘schedule’ on website, of motoring incidents, only during the incidents in the current trial , there are many more later for my children to sue the evil little bastards, later, records I was driving a Citroen that night registered in the registered name of famous aviatrix, Ms Jean Batten.....the first to fly an old pre war Moth to New Zealand.

But I digress, a Barry retired scrap dealer, a Mr Murphy, currently relaxing in Tieland, removed my burnt out Citroen, along with many other cars the Barry police had arranged, out of spite, to have smashed up, burnt out or stolen.

So, I ask, today, where are the records of the Barry police station of my prosecution of the offence?


 Where are the records of the HORT 1 traffic ticket, Holmes is purported the heart of the case tomorrow on Thursday?

# 1 and 2? My regular rep[ly, in those days was that I would produce my driving document at John O ‘Groats police station , until I got fed up with the ‘Taffia, driven Masonic devil worchipping 



DAY 7 of Trial

After two days of Sergeant Kihlberg’s lies and ‘his account’ of his violent assault on his prisoner, myself, outside my own veterinary surgery with clients, on 8th September 2000, opposite the Swan in  Llantwit Major, it was a breath of fresh air, this afternoon, to cross examine Retired Inspector Tim Hubberd

who simply told the truth annihilating the concocted excuses by contradicting a string of other officers, whilst I was in custody for over five hours and as to why I was being refused a pen or paper to lodge a complaint.

 He even confirmed my then wife, Kirstie, had been phoning in, complaining, identified amongst some 30 or so letters generated by me and my then secretary, Mrs Diana Graham, for the security of my full custody records, including numerous videos ever released despite my then MP, John Smith, writing and the PCA (IPCC) being informed.

Numerous verbal and written requests were made for custody videos within the 28 day stator period, the Barry police repeated ignored

The court could not avoid my three  or so full lever arch files on  this incident, alone, some fifty two of my original records of ten years of consolidated police harassment deliberately served on the enemy some eight or ten years ago, expecting them to settle.

Gareth Holmes kept us fascinated all morning and much of the afternoon, on cross examination , one of several due to recalled as his father and uncle had carried out meticulous servicing of the practice vehicles for well over ten years, their evidence already before Crown court when His Honour Judge Burr had seriously rebuked the then Sergeant Jane Lott for falsifying evidence by altering her copy of the HORT 1 between the magistrates case, deliberately lost in order to have her evidence again in ‘a court of record’

Yesterday, Kilberg had to explain away how my car was taken and hidden by him, for over six weeks and only by the garage owner complaining enough, my complaint of its theft ignored, did I eventually find her, unlocked , on the road side full of very dangerous drugs, barbiturates and IMMOBILON

The learned judge caused several police officer to state I was ‘trouble’ every time they became entangled with me but none could explain why no one was admitting none of my  thirty odd vehicles were registered in fictitious names.....see schedule

Tuesday 26th Feb 2013
Application to Adjourn
I am getting rather bored and we arew only in the 2nd week of a clearly 4 month trial.
So I thought it would be helpful if we all worked off or 'sung from the same hymn sheet'
The police legal team told me , yesterday , they did not appear to have the motoring schedule of most of the motoring incidents, when I was stopped 35 times. I now enclose
The police barrister remarked, to the court, on my clear 'proximity' to Barry police, heard to date, about "what5 a small world Barry is", me the police vet , the witness the son of the garagew owner who has already given inforamation that had nasty piece of work former sergeant Jane Lott rebuked by HHJ Burr, those many years ago.
Despite their apparent 'selective amnesia', these police officers, so far, other than the content of their own section 9 MG 11 witness statements, what is purported to be in their personal note books, written, purportedly, as contemporaneous note....'remember nothing'
Each police officer to date and we have some 50 or so to go yet, appear have difficulty in remembering how my being stopped over 60 times in numerous fictitious registered named cars, often with foriegn number plates, a Guernsey driving liecence in my pocket.....they still deny the 1992 instructions from most senior police officers to conduct 24/7 surveillance on me and to stop me when ever they can and provoke to try and get traffic or common assault convictions
Evil police sergeant Kihlberg and and the liar Inspector Rice, unless there are two of them with the same name, will be asked for recall, for further cross examination, once I get the Inspector Sydney Griffiths documents about briefing Barabara Wilding's knowingly falsifying her own sworn affidavit, of Feb 2009, causing her to issue a 'shoot to kill' policy on me.
She also ordered/blackmailed Dr Tegwyn Williams to have me sectioned to Ashworth. IPP and fabricate the machine gun trial by getting police HQ to p-aint the WW1 relic a different colour, to try and fool the jury, anything to stop this trial exposing just how corrupt both Cardiff courts and South Wales Police force has been , these past 20 years
The trial judge has ruled Barbara Wilding cannot be witness supoenoed to account for her self as DEFENDANT
I will appeal that as well.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc
Puits aux Papillions
49 Tynewydd Road St Doha
Barry CF62 8AZ 22230 Merdrignac
UK 07907937953 Brittany
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Police officer A states I refused a breath test, arrested and taken to Barry police station where the reading was Zero and then was released from custody. I was being interviewed, before arrest apparently, in some back street in Barry whilst dealing with an animal emergency ( in the days before these evil Bast**Ds had me struck off)

Police officer B, says, NO, he issued a rectification ticket for a broken back light or indicator and the usual HORT1 traffic ticket issued!

Remember, this is in the back drop of no police knowing who I am except for the incident they were caught in (see last week’s evidence).

Remember, this in the environment of me attending magistrates or Crown court , nearly every week for 8 years + , made to produce driving docs 34 times......the !0% of case lost the Barry police quickly reported to the RCVS and with Masonic influence had me struck off the veterinary register for nothing what so ever to do with being a vet!


[In the next 3 months, in court, we will here, if you come along to our new CARDIFF theatre of entertainment, FREE, to something better than any Brian Rix Whitehall Farce]

Police officer B says, NO, he was with A but B was no recollection of any breath test or arrest!

Neither has yet faced cross examination....that starts tomorrow at 10.30 at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre

Today, police sergeant Kihlberg of Llantwit Major, (wash your mouth out, Maurice), was accused of breaking into my car unnecessarily , arresting me and hides the car on a road near Cowbridge , for over 6 weeks , unlocked and full of very dangerous veterinary medicines (IMMOBILON)....he not explaining where the car keys keys are, despite arresting me with at least four other police officers!

I refused a breath test, he said but ZERO reading, only 30 minutes later, after he had driven me, without hand cuffs all the way to Fairwater police station in Cardiff!

There, a zero reading he had difficulty remembering about or why he would not return me to my car! Ah, yes, after a few obtuse methods , he said , I was a risk of causing ‘litigation if he gave me a lift back to my car and yet he had difficulty remembering so many other incidents (including burglary) where he arrested and jailed me.....always much later to be dropped by CPS, he said.

I report it stolen, because Kilberg refuses to tell me where it is,....he knew none of it nor how, when eventually found it, I was quickly arrested by Bristol police for stealing it!”

Nearly 7 weeks later I get tipped off and garage owner who recovered it said they were never told who owned it! Some ten police officers , so far in this farce, out of some 100 needing to be called.....ALL ‘remember nothing’ each time I ask as to other incidents,  if ANYTHING ,BUT ANYTHING, unless it, I ask, is not already scripted in their very own signed Dolmans pre prepared statement!

Kihlberg stated he sat with the huge police legal team for 25 minutes today, being briefed ( on what not to say) he is wrong I was outside the door timing it

Remember , readers of blog, where corrupt , very corrupt , where  South Wales is concerned, ‘there is nothing new under the sun’.

Kihlberg could not confirm the owner or registration of my vehicle, that night, despite insisting he did as PNC check (incident see schedule on blog of 1st December 1999)....but after a little loosening of his evil tongue he admitted the police knew none of my cars were ever in my name, correction, rarely, unless they may be on foreign number plates

The police barrister commented, as the witness, tomorrow, awaits my cross examination.

“What a small world in Barry”

Following the witness saying, to the open court at the time of 10.30 pm incident , I  was his veterinary surgeon, as his father was my client, who already features in the former Sergeant Jane Lott evidence last week, (wash your mouth out Maurice), his father’s evidence already used in the original criminal Appeal that led to my acquittal , of some 10 Crown court successes , in the 90s when I won 90% of the hundred or so allegations South Wales Police routinely were throwing at me

So, does it surprise you all the police, last week on EIC said they knew nothing of me other than the incident they had been briefed by the team of police lawyers only to admit to.

This evilness, per day , is typical I am told of other courts, not in England , perish the thought!

Copy of this scribble to Norman 


13 02 23 Kirk Witness Applications Etc.docx




12 10 26 Ebbs Staterment.pdf

Find them for me!

13 01 28 SWP Defendant's Position Statement - 28.01.13.pdf

13 01 28 SWP.pdf


Please help..... both the Western Mail and Evening Post say they are 'too busy' to cover any of my three month police damages trial needing over 100 witnesses giving evidence. Their offices are opposite the Cardiff court!
Can any one please notify the English newspapers/ radio and tv suggesting they need only google my name or 'kirkflyingvet' for history, especially the 'Downloads' and blogs
With media coverage from outside Wales I will win......without it I have a very real risk of losing bearing in mind I am refused a jury, it be transferred to an English court or High Court being that it is showing extreme, unusual and criminal conduct , not just by the police but by the CPS, HMCTS and 12 judges who backed Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams , a liar and fraudster.
£1000 Reward for finding each hidden police odfficer or ex police officer I need to give evidence
My number 07907937953
A photo of just a few of my more sensitive files, of 240, I had brought back to England from safe France, smuggled in without the police realising it having had me sectioned under the French mental Health Act.
Trial Starts


DC 1623 Martyn James (police witness my ‘actual bodily harm’ by drunk)

This Barry police officer, in September 1995, told the court he was at my house, following my complaints of criminal damage (eventually exceeding eight) when a tenant, Mr Paul Stringer, right in front of the police officer, violently pushed me down the stairs causing me to be injured to such an extent that I had to be stretchered to hospital by ambulance.

James said he then arrested Mr Stringer interviewed him under caution and tape recorded with no other police officer present and decided to not have him charged.

 The custody officer let him have bail because he was ‘not fit’ to be detained as he was drunk.

James ‘could not remember’ or ‘identify’, with the custody records in front of him, just who the custody sergeant had been that day but the interview took just 15 minutes.

I was told over the phone he had been charged for ABH and later, in court, the CPS did not proceed with the case as there was ‘insufficient evidence’.

When James was asked just when did he became ‘aware’ of my name and proximity to the South Wales Police, the only 24/7 veterinary general practitioner in Barry, he said he had never heard of me until this incident nor of me in any incidents after.

“So, in December 1995, when Stringer returned to the police station, on police bail, (following the ‘usual’ police investigations) why did you not charge him”?

“You were difficult to contact and were appearing to refuse to give a statement of complaint. I had to have one or I could not charge him.” [With that argument, had I been killed, Mr Stringer would not of been charged for that either]. 

Why, officer, did you not just take a statement from Kirstie Webb, my future wife, who also saw me pushed down the stairs?

“I did not see her until after you were pushed down the flight of stairs to the landing”  “Yes, may be, but why did you not take her statement, the one from Ms Miller, also present or need one at all as you saw and recorded in your note book the indictable offence of ‘actual bodily harm’ take place right in front of you?

His job, for some years, had been ‘surveillance’ at Bridgend police HQ but he knew nothing of my ever being MAPPA level 3 status or whether I was currently under surveillance for the three month trial or, more to the point, was I under covert surveillance in the 90s at the time of these 35 listed incidents in Actions 1, 2 & 3? from a sample of 100 or so, including arson on my property, multiple vehicle thefts, criminal damage and surgery burglaries even though that was where police surveillance focused?

James’ near two hour briefing with QC, trailing barrister and Dolmans’ senior partner, amongst their team of clerks running about, on the morning of the trial, appeared to have been well briefed in a manner to which I am accustomed, to remember nothing other than that was drafted by solicitors.


2nd Day

PC 2483 Ivor Hillman (I am reported for driving whilst disqualified)

Details later

PC 520 Simon Rogers (significant evidence)

Details later


13 02 21 Detective Inspector Andrew J Rice.docx

Detective Inspector Andrew J Rice to be Arrested for Perjury along with a Few More!

The court heard Rice deny knowing Christopher Paul Ebbs (Alexander), standing in the back of the court, despite witness statements of South Wales Police crossing the bridge to England to induce Mr Ebbs ( alas Alexander) to alter his evidence for my forthcoming criminal court hearing.

Rice also denied any knowledge of an incident , of co9vert surveillance police causing him to  bursting into my Barry magistrate’s hearing, with six other officers, while I held the Crown Court prosecutor, HM officer STOFFA,  by the scruff of the neck for ‘perverting the course of justice’

Covert police were involved so Barbara Wilding , the then Chief Constable, instigator of ‘shoot to kill policy’, ALSO denied the court case ever happened, in her judge demanded Feb 2009 sworn false affidavit, fabricated by Dolmans ,solicitors, Cardiff,  out once again just to milk the tax payer or me.

Inspector Andrew Rice was the custody officer at Barry police station on the evening of the Cowbridge Show where I had been the Honary Veterinary Surgeon for most of the day.

Rice, alone, the court heard, decided not to release me but to keep me locked up , over night for fear I may return to the Show and to face a 'Breach of the Peace' common law allegation, in magistrates, that led to my being struck off as a veterinary surgeon.

He knew full well I was leaving the the show when I was arrested in order to do evening surgery and had no desire what so ever of going back if no one else could recover my vehicle from the car park.

[This Vale Show incident, the 'Barry roundabout' incident (Jane Walker statement above), lying Police Inspector Kilberg incident, to be heard this Monday, 25th Feb  and my being beaten up in Roath police station following but caught on overhead police camera are three 'stuck out' incidents, in these proceedings, by His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC clearly because they are the most riddled with examples of both police and South Wales police wide spread corruption].






Former Inspector Sydney  Griffiths

It turns out that he  was instructed by senior officers , following my 27writtwncomplaintssince1993, to investigate each issue..

Dolmans prepared a statementfor him to sign which, of course, only had six or so issues from the 27 complaints, nearly every one being politicaly sensitive.

Yes, you guessed it, his senior officers fed him false and or misleading injformation so his reply for Barbara Wilding's Feb 09 sworn affidavit could deny knowledge of court cases having ever happened or thast ht police had broken into my surgery in Cardiif to put back a police inspector's daughter, both having been my clients!

5th DAY

Trial stopped to allow disclosure by the police ie the QC being unaware of my 27 written pre action protocol written warnings for the South Wales Police to 'get off the back of a 24/7 general practiitioner trying to practice veterinary surgery or he would 'bite them'.

EXTRACT of Claimant's 23rd Feb 13 application


Trial Judge

Cardiff Civil Justice Centre

23rd February 2013


Your Honour,

In the light of these extreme and unusual instructions, from the current Chief Constable, giving this week’s police, giving evidence, protection from perjury committed, so far, by almost every police officer on oath, I make the following applications:

1.       A ruling as whether Barbara Wilding’s Dolmans drafted 25th/26th February 2009 sworn affidavit:

i)                    is deemed to be false or not

ii)                    whether the incidents in the Claimant’s pleadings, specifically denied by the Defendant and omitted from the affidavit, are a fiction and

iii)                  if they are not fiction then full disclosure  can be ordered in the light of apparent perjury committed by Inspector Andrew Rice and others, including to include many within the defence team acting on behalf of the South Wales Police?


2.       The Crown Prosecution Service disclose to the Claimant the full court bundle of his, as the then defendant, depositions in 10th November 11 ‘harassment’ summary hearings, 14th November Crown Court hearing, 1st March 12 ‘harassment’ Cardiff Crown Court Appeal and 2nd May 12 ‘breach of a restraining order’ jury trial all needed immediately in this trial and 14th March 13 Criminal Court of Appeal hearing. The CPS has, for months, refused to communicate on the mater.


3.        The Claimant is to be supplied with the list of his 27 written complaints, known to the court and any others from 20 years of police harassment and bullying, specifically for now during the time period of the first three actions for damages only, made known to exist, only by cross examination of former Inspector Sydney Griffiths, made known, for the first time, to the defending QC, the court clearly heard.


To be continued..........

The judge cancelled the day's proceedings following my application to only cross examine both past, present and future seventy or  so police officers, once I have the disclosure of my 27 complaints results   



Inspector kilberg next , a lying little bast**D

Former 2148 Huw Phillips

Former PS  2602 Stephen Booker


Gives evidence, today, having been on James’ same police shift of around eight officers at Barry police station and two ‘traffic from Cardiff but attending not just my same house for an assault complaint but by the same tenant, Mr Stringer, with ‘form’ list as long as your arm, just two days earlier.




BARRY POLICE over heard in the back of Barry Magistrates, by my shocked veterinary receptionist, at the start of these 20 years of extreme bullying

The court heard all started from a borrowed Chief Superintendant's note book in the 70s while I was facing fie arm charges leading to SWP arranging the burning out of my Barry garage in 1992 to destroy my Guernsey high court actions re my 21 times put in prison.....covert surveillance has continued ever since

The police used this man to block this trial for the second time in 2009 by getting him to fabricate a medeical report  

REWARD OFFERED for contact details


1. My past veterinary receptionist, Jane Walker, Llandow, Vale of Glamorgan

2. My past practice manager, Linda Holland

3. My past P/A and sectretary of 8 years, Mrs Diana Graham, ex Sqd LDr RAFVR Cadet Force, believed living somewhere now in Brittany


BBC interview for 7th Feb Any Answers re IPCC refusing to investigate police painting the machine gun a different colour to try and fool the Cardiff jury

Skip first 2min 35 sec of BBC interview extract of IPCC refusing to investigate police painting the machine gun a different colour to try and fool the jury



               Also see overhead video well BELOW re my being beaten up caught on the4ir own Cardiff overhead road camera
Come to three months of tribal deceitful jibberish in an environment we all should be thoroughly ashamed of.The result was decided, over 19 years ago, in some dark satanic mill, when my Bristol solicitors indicated it would be sensible to settle. But Dolmans, solicitors, of Cardiff, were already on the 'gravy train'.

Crown Prosecution Service


9th Feb 2013

Variation of Restraining Order to obtain Medical Attention

 Dear Sir,

A recent circuit judge, over my one million pound NHS (Wales)/ Caswell Clinic damages claim, had to remind the NHS barrister that the Caswell Clinic psychiatrist had asked the 2009 Cardiff Crown Court that I be sectioned and jailed under the 1983 Mental Health Act with neither the relevant forensic history nor even examining his potential patient!

 As you know the South Wales Police then had him re-apply to the very same court, in December 2009, frantic to stop the publicity of my ‘WW1 machine gun’ trial happening, that I be further incarcerated but IPP this time, in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Prison, probably for life.

The fact that the Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, doctor was under pressure on a delicate domestic matter, called black mail by Barbara Wilding, the then Chief Constable and my Defendant in next week’s three month damages trial, is by no way a coincidence.

The doctor will feature heavily on 18th February and is to be called as a key prosecution witness.

Whereas your CPS colleague witnessed ‘variation’ in the 1st December 2011 ’Restraining Order’, suitably recorded, in my last magistrates’ applications, allowing me now to publish the doctor’s name, I was disappointed to be then accosted by two plain clothed police officers suggesting I had breached that order when visiting an Ely, Cardiff, psychiatric unit, ‘Ty Catrin’, simply to attend a prior engagement by invitation from a female Caswell Clinic doctor.

 Dr Gaynor Jones is but one from Caswell Clinic and to include past HM prosecutors I have applied for to be my witnesses for my pending appeals currently before Criminal Court of Appeal in London.

I had hoped to speak to you, to avoid writing to the European Court today but no one ever seems to be ‘available’. I therefore wrote and copied it to you, by earlier e-mail, on the serious matter of my still being refused medical attention in South Wales, my having to travel always to France each time.

Kicking my application into the ‘long grass’, to some date in April, means I may be deemed medically unfit as is the view of the South Wales Police when instigating my recent imprisonment in France.

 The fact remains that the police doctor was knowingly dishonest and police will not investigate because they are the police officers, next week, defending their own immunity to prosecution for 20 years of bullying. That fiasco, as fiasco it will be, will be followed by finally unblocked seven Actions, including falsified MAPPA registration, fabricated medical records ‘accepted’ as correct by no less than Cardiff judges! Do I now accept I have ‘significant brain damage’ and a possible brain tumour, just what your HM CPS barrister, Richard Thomlow, told His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC and HM barrister David Gareth Evans ‘acted on’ in order to prosecute me for ‘harassment’?

 My unlawfully blocked one million pound damages claim, surrounding your client’s malicious prosecution and long imprisonment, re police painting my Farnborough display aircraft’s ‘machine gun’ a different colour, anything to try and fool the jury, has been deliberately buried by Cardiff courts for two years. There are too many other pending Actions to list here.

Successive clearly spineless Cardiff judges have refused any of my cases, civil, family or criminal, being transferred to an English court following your disastrous move, last year, in transferring my ‘common assault’ case to Bristol, when ex South Wales Police officer, Derrick Hasan had violently pushed me off my crutches and down the Cardiff Crown Court steps to break my leg.  

 I was always immune to prosecution, from the start, in the suggestion I circulated ‘Wanted’ posters, by section 3 a) & c) of the 1997 Act and is now supported by my library of tape recordings from original magistrates and Crown Court hearings, exposing what is routine ‘abuse of process’, needing cyberspace coverage worldwide, ‘in the interest of the public’, as I believe you call it.

I, like Norman Scarth Esq., am also too old to turn a blind eye at the routine manner your Cardiff courts’ continue to pervert the course of justice meaning that both Norman and myself have little chance in considering your future proceedings with the respect all law courts should command.

 It is a matter for you, of course, what you should do, bearing in mind no less than eleven Cardiff judges wished to ‘believe’ the Caswell Clinic, when it said I had ‘significant brain damage’ and too dangerous to be released, thus allowing the Chief Constable to having me registered MAPPA level 3, one of the 5% most dangerous within our UK’s population.

With regards to my 8 Feb 2013 letter of applications to the European Court of Human Rights please could the Crown Prosecution Service review:

1.      what is a ‘proportionate response’ to the above facts

2.      whether you agree that I will continue to avoid contact with Dr Tegwyn Williams while the CPS consider whether to set up a process to receive still more evidence on this doctor’s most recent criminal wrongdoing and

3.     dating from 2009 to the present day. I was sectioned, last month, under the French Mental Health Act as in Tottenham police station over the Nigerian Musa family scandal, each time only on this doctors fabricated evidence


4.      his false 2011/12 MG11police witness signed statements, copies of which you refuse to re release, that led to the South Wales Police having my locked up in Cardiff prison for months on end, only for you, yet again, to drop all charges

5.      your agreement that, while you know Dr T Williams already has his criminal wrongdoing it negates the 1st December 11 ‘restraining order’, under sub section 3 a) & c) of 1997 Act (to detect or prevent further crime), suggesting no other conditions against me should now remain.

6.     To list your hearing and other civil actions, smack in the middle of next week’s trial, at my huge expense, is as I would expect from a UK judiciary that stinks and is rotten to the core.

I assume you do not mind that I publish in full all legal papers in this case that are intended for the European Court of Human Rights.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc



HM Crown Prosecution Service                                                                                    ref: 201203241 D

 Cardiff/London                                                                                    ref: CO/3970/2012 &CO/6357/2012

13th Feb 13

‘Breach of Restraining Order’ Appeal never served on me in the first place

1.     I must have telephoned both CPS in London and Cardiff offices in excess of twenty times, visited the RCJ four times on the matter, written some thirty or so letters, just to get you both to release the evidence needed for the appeal due in the RCJ any day now. I do not even have your judges summary for immediate website publication and still further tape recordings.

2.     Especially the lies the police doctor gave in a signed police statement, last summer that I had been ‘moved on’ by police from his home, just to get me jailed for nearly three months, in another  attempt to stop my one million pound NHS damages from claim progressing. You lot ‘eventually’ realised, as in the ‘machine’ gun scandal and original ‘harassment’ conviction, the South Wales Police had gone out of their way, anything to prejudice my civil actions on extreme police bullying and have me ‘stitched up’ on false doctor’s evidence, himself promised immunity to prosecution, first, by eleven Cardiff Crown Court judges, then the GMC and now, your very own selves.

3.     Cardiff Crown refuse me access to the building at all or listen to the evidence in the 4th May 12 trial because it caught the prison guards confirming I had been removed from the court building, dripping blood from my *** and against my clear wishes, contrary with my request for specifically named defence witnesses, Dr Williams and Dr Gaynor Jones included, to carry on and give the relevant defence evidence the judge knew, very well, was needed and even asked for by a the jury!

4.     Curran QC had been briefed by the Cardiff Cabal to do otherwise.

5.     I have asked for your agreement, for the RCJ, re my tape recordings of the scandalously run original Cardiff Magistrates ‘harassment’ hearings to be played, including several Crown Court related hearings, 1st March 12 for example, catching my 15th Nov 11, denied at the time, lawyer’s legal papers, handed towards me by my ‘Mackenzie Friend’, from the well of the court, my own legal papers from my prison cell, eye witnesses, the right to cross examine anyone or call the known seven police men who had originally indicated the enclosed (original illegally switched CPS exhibit mid trial, also caught on tape) ‘Wanted’ poster of a South Wales Police blackmailed psychiatrist, was not any public order offence.

6.     All this week not one of you will even discuss the possibilities of further variation of the 1st Dec 11 ‘Restraining Order,’ in the light of new evidence, some under your control only and still further evidence of the doctor’s continuing blatant deceit hatched long before the 8th June MAPPA level 3 meeting with Barbara Wilding falsifying her 25/26th Dolmans drafted Feb 09 sworn affidavit originally ordered by Nicholas Chambers Q.C. on the old argument for all court cases, failed disclosure of the truth.


7.     Yesterday, despite days of Cardiff CPS promises, for named lawyers to ring me back to expedite the further changes to the order, never served on me, your phone was fixed to block any of my further incoming calls.

8.     Your state pension is guaranteed so what is it that bugs you? You knew from the start the police had repainted that machine gun to try and fool the jury, your 2nd Dec 09 CPS barrister lied to HHJ Neil Bidder QC, that I was so dangerous with a ‘brain tumour’ and ‘significant brain damage’ I needed IPP incarceration to Ashworth High Security Prison for life or are you only troubled in the way , from the same 9 Park Place barrister’s chambers, each time, David Gareth Evans told the judge Curran., on 2/3rd May 12, he may have to be my defence witness over the draught restraining order as he had directed to me, in my court cell , on 1st Dec 11 and NOT the final version because the same custody officer, Lee Barker , had gone home, two hours earlier, despite telling the jury he had ‘unlocked’ my cell and handed it to me

9.     Are you concerned I was beaten up, again, this time for refusing to leave my cell, that day, demanding court papers, when the ‘Order’ may well have been brought down as I was being released, not to the prison for my later release, as is customary, because I had no less than 10 human rights workers from all over Europe to witness, for themselves, causing the abrupt shortening of my already served prison sentence and witness just how totally evil the Cardiff judiciary is if you so foolishly declare yourself as born an Englishman?

10. Are you going to accede to my previous reasonable and relevant requests for previous court documents, by email, or not? 

Yours truly,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Copy to:  Criminal Court of Appeal              

 Application to Europe

13 02 08 Kirk ECHR Application February 2013.doc

View the Cardiff police angrily beating me up at a traffic jam and then in the police cells:
DAMAGES THREE MONTH TRIAL STARTS 18th Feb13 @ Cardiff Civil Justice Centre having been deliberately delayed by police and lawyers for nearly 20 years
South Wales Police to be Prosecuted
11th Feb 13

Your  ref

Dear Sir/Madam,

Wide Spread Abuse of Process in HM Cardiff Courts

Further to previous communication please find enclosed my 8th Feb 13 latest letter to ECHR and 28th Jan13 court letter to Cardiff County Court and NHS (Wales) re Adrian Oliver of Dolmans, solicitors and Tina Whitman of Morgan Cole, solicitors, acting ‘hand in glove’ with HM Prosecution Service to obtain unfair bias and inequality in arms for their respective defences in one million pound damages claims.

I enclose , for reference later in these complaint proceedings, to indicate the wild abuse of these solicitors in a vain attempt to cover up wide spread criminal conduct to be exampled next week, on evidence, the first of many actions, the first running for at least three months.

Yours truly,


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Copy to:

 Bar Council

 Office of Judicial Complaint, Petty France, London

Cardiff HM Prosecution Service

London CPS


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Sabine Kurjo McNeill commented on ABOLISH the BAN on Recording Court Proceedings - comments indicate major discontent.

in response to Chris:

That is a good question Sabine, but there isn’t an easy answer as we are dealing with criminals. My view is the biggest problem is cognitive dissonance – a form of lethargic acceptance of what is going on, as if it’s normal. I’ve found this throughout all levels of society including the vast majority of [...]

“Cognitive dissonance” and “lethargic acceptance” sounds right to me, Chris.

I often wonder whether it’s the tea and beer on top of the lack of sun, compared with the coffee and wine in France, Italy and other Southern countries…

“Jimmy Savile syndrome” is also a good way of describing this total inversion of truth.

Still. We can only do what we can, each in our own skin… Thank God there is the web for exposure and ‘publicity’. is my latest ‘web baby’…

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PUBLISHED:11:19, 7 February 2013 | UPDATED:14:07, 7 February 2013

Finger pointing: Dr Helen Moss, who was the hospital's director of nursing from 2006 to 2009, was cleared of any wrongdoing at a private disciplinary hearing this month

Almost 70 medical staff who faced disciplinary action after 1,200 patients died needlessly at Stafford Hospitalhave already been cleared in secret hearings, including the most senior nurse at the height of the scandal.

Helen Moss was director of nursing from 2006 to 2009 when care reached 'appalling' standards, yet has been told she has 'no case to answer' and is now working as a management consultant.

In the last few years 29 nurses and 38 doctors from StaffordHospital - 67 in total - were cleared at private hearings that considered complaints that will never be made public.

The allegations, made by police, the public and other medical staff, were all thrown out at an early stage, so regulators refuse to publish the details.

A report by Robert Francis QC published yesterday highlighted the 'appalling and unnecessary suffering of hundreds of patients' in Stafford, as the Prime Minister revealed that nobody has been struck off or disciplined for their part in the biggest NHS scandal in history.

The sick and vulnerable were left for hours sitting in their own urine and excrement, drink was left out of reach forcing them to glug water from vases and hygiene was so poor that relatives had to clean toilets themselves.

Julie Bailey, whose mother Bella died in harrowing circumstances at StaffordHospital, says she has been inundated with complaints from others from all over Britain about about NHS standards.

Speaking about the lack of disciplinary action following the scandal she told the BBC: ‘I’d like to say I was surprised, but I’m not. This is how the NHS is. It is one big roundabout where they get on, fail, and then get on somewhere else.

‘Those in charge then (at Stafford) have already gone, resigned and gone to other jobs with huge pay packets.

‘The chief executive was so unwell he couldn’t give evidence to the (Francis) Inquiry, but he has made a mockery of it because he is now working for another organisation in the area.

‘We need radical action. We need leaders in the NHS. Something has gone terribly wrong and unless we make a stand now we will lose the NHS. Just rewarding people for failure cannot continue.’

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