So, following my May ‘Breach of a Restraining Order' jury trial conviction and the fact we all knew, from the start, it was all faked, we each having our own agenda on how the trial was to be conducted; now it is pay-back time.

We witnessed Cardiff cabal's latest bit of skulduggery, their refusal in accepting there was no ‘restraining order' even having been printed when, on 1st December last, I was supposed to of had it officially served on me down in the magistrates' cells by some privately employed custody lackey.

Did anyone one sign for it, did anyone log it into either the magistrates or custody logs, did anyone hear me say anything or even agree to its terms in order to be released, as was, that day? - No, of course not.  The evil little shits had already swept away so many procedural rules, in the past, what was the worry for a few more?

Their pre-planned second term of imprisonment, one of nine months,  was to further hamper my preparation for the numerous outstanding civil damages claims against the South Wales Police and especially for the latest malicious prosecution, the ‘Lewis machine gun' conspiracy. Can they not just forget King Edward and simply move on?

Is not a shame I let so few know, over twenty years living in the Principality, my grandmother was a Morgan and my eminent grandfather was a Jenkins?

Is it not a shame Dolmans, solicitors, with their own little conspiracy, to ‘pervert the course of justice' for their client, Barbara Wilding, did not appear to know before instructing their Mr Nightingale to get me arrested.

09 06 20 SWP Dolmans MG 11.pdf

 As you read in his 20thJune 2009 statement had he detected a Welsh accent over the phone I may never of then been incarcerated for nearly eight months at Her Majesty's Pleasure.

As in the ‘machine gun' case we all knew the police had had to paint her a different colour, in order to attempt to fool the jury, long before the 2010 trial started, as it was to be hawked
around the country first, almost two thousand miles I calculated from my cell, to try and find a tame prosecution witness to say what they wanted in order to get that ten year custodial sentence if two rogue doctors could not be found for IPP and a certain life sentence.

So, once again, a similar bunch of Cardiff judges were rolled out to again turn a ‘blind eye' this time to fact that, for a conspiracy to succeed, basic court procedures, CPS responsibilities and policing methods all had to be thoroughly  distorted.

 For the facts to fit the case there just had to have been some prior planning even before the 1st December Harassment conviction.

What the cabal had planned, for their ‘breach of restraining order' scam, was for a much longer custodial sentence from the preceding summary offence of ‘harassment' and NOT  just the eighteen weeks  prison term  District John Charles had just read out straight from his government instruction pamphlet!

But Charles had to ‘about turn' at the very last moment because just too many in the public gallery were up to speed of what the Cardiff cabal had orchestrated.

Once this judge realised the audience knew the prosecution exhibits had been switched mid trial and seven police had already advised the accused that both his pamphlets appeared legal then both he and the CPS barrister, David Gareth Evens, now had real problems.

 Also, to obtain a prison sentence, I would of have to have posted to or telephone to the complainant directly but evidence, following cross examination, showed neither could have occurred, incident three disclosing the posted purported wanted poster envelope having been written by someone in the postal service as a redirected letter.

So, in the dying moments of this farce of a trial, the barrister whispered in the ear of the judge but I heard it from the dock, he seeking permission to allow both my ‘Wanted'
versions of the posters, displaying the rogues faces involved in the ‘machine gun'/MAPPA conspiracy, to be admitted as an act of harassment.

Some had just' Wanted' printed above the culprits mug shot, see photo gallery on this web site, while others had ‘Wanted Dead or Alive' the reason for exhibits hurriedly being switched not just in the lower court but again, in March this year, in the Crown Court  at the appeal! 

Since May I have offered ten or so eye witnesses to give witness statements to the South Wales Police that this latest jury was successfully fooled this time by the need for a Cardiff clerk of the court being used to lie, on indictment alone as to the desperate measures these individuals are prepared to go now just to preserve their ‘gravy train', ‘jobs for life', cesspit environment while they patiently await autonomy from England's judiciary.

The court clerk stated he had been asked to hide in an unlocked vacant cell by the GEOamey manager, only to poke his head out and peep through the corridor grill when hearing this custody manager speaking to me.

 He said from the witness box I had been walking down the corridor, on crutches, from the lavatories when the papers were served.

The custody manager stated things quite differently. He had to unlock my cell door, first, to hand the single piece of paper to me my not even needing to get up from the bench seat on the opposite side of the cell. He, in fact, even stated it was from the CPS for my ‘approval' or not, before taking it back to the court.

It worked alright though; a majority decision was given by the jury but no Exhibit One, a copy of the restraining order, had ever been handed to me until after my arrest and Exhibit
One turned out to be significantly different, yet again, to the two variations, this very week, obtained by His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC during my on-going  20 year damages claims.

 It was this rough part hand written unsigned document, the same most likely, that my eight or so witnesses had seen the CPS barrister hand up to the district judge. They all watched him alter, with his fountain pen, in dis approval and then directing the clerk take it to me to see if I agreed.

This action, instead, was palmed off as an authentic ‘Restraining Order' once my release was announced, prison staff expecting to serve it on me to let me out on licence once I had signed as proof of the agreement for my release.

District Judge Charles' sudden change of heart and ordering my release on the same day by shortening and backdating the prison sentence completely cocked up plans of others.

That is why all cctv footage from inside the cell and the corridor was shredded when obviously essential to establish the truth.

It, as is so usual, therefore went all pear shaped with neither court nor custody staff anticipating my retrospective time in custody to count for the eighteen weeks.

I cannot recount the many lies that then followed, from my numerous visits to Cardiff magistrates public counter and phone calls to both Crown Court and CPS offices, once I was told,
over the telephone from Llantwit Major police station, that there was an arrest warrant out for me for breaching a restraining order I had never even seen!

Everyone seemed to be trying to pass the ‘buck', again.

 And they still are today and will be tomorrow if someone from Whitehall does not finally step in.

The Restraining Order stated I was not to harass someone who had ‘convinced' nine Cardiff Crown Court Judges' I had ‘significant brain damage' and possible brain tumour. Do you want me to name all these Welsh judges? Well, I suggest you study some of their conduct recorded on the PDFs on web site ‘Downloads'.

But, today, with witness evidence already lodged at Cardiff Central police Station, the police quickly wash their hands of it directing all enquiries to CPS repeatedly refusing me the right to submit four more witness statements or even my own!!!!!

Well over twenty long telephone calls were made yesterday to CPS, Crown Court, police and magistrates and to their bête noir, the Royal Courts of Justice.

No one in Cardiff was prepared to come clean and face the music, the facts so plain for all to see.

One certain named lady of the CPS says we can do nothing with the  new evidence as their own barrister was the one who sent his own draft of a proposed
restraining order, written over by Charles using his fountain pen, to my cell, only to be returned to him by the court clerk or custody officer.

Well, she didn't, in fact, word it quite that way.....far too bright; she actually said that until the Criminal Court of Appeal in London granted me ‘leave to appeal' none of this new
evidence from police investigation would even be disclosed to their London CPS office.

"So, what if I had not appealed?"......silence.

Anyway, she said, nothing at all will be done until the London CPS office return papers of my lodged appeal and they have not.

 The RCJ told me, yesterday, they were dispatched by them on the 1st June.

This same prosecuting barrister, remember, admitted much this in Crown Court, before Mr Bowen and myself, the former I hasten to say, only in the Dock with me as my Mackenzie Friend and even the presiding judge was tipped off, a man who should never have allowed the case to even start having read the contradictory depositions from the two key
prosecution witnesses.

No, of course the Cardiff police, CPS and HM Court Service, HM prison and GEOamey custody staff will never put up their hand to any of this or the whole HM Partnership , the bed rock upon which welsh version of justice is based, will come tumbling down.

So, what next?

 All so predictable when dealing with those I have experienced in these past 20 years.

 Oh, how I long never ever to have to cross the Severn Bridge ever again in my life, unless, of course, it is to see my daughter.

This photo was taken just minutes after my being physically thrown out o fthe cells, after 5pm, by five GEOamey custody officers throwing my crutches on top of my head

IPCC seem to protect the police elswhere in the UK