Maurice has been figting "lost causes" for all his life. But I sincerely hope that his own "civil action for damages"will not be a 'lost cause'. After all, his record of winning legal actions against three police forces is well above 90%!

God only knows what the Court of Appeal office may have done to him in his absence, while 

  • our carbon paper did not reach him
  • he could not photocopy, telephone, write or post as much as he needed to
  • he had no access to a law library.

What may be worst, is the fact that his records on the Police National Computer system have been changed.

But he did see "unconvicted, no sentence". I guess that this is only possible because "white collar criminals" get away with anything they do, for nobody polices the Police... 

Here are the four pages he composed for the Court of Appeal office in London.