NEWS RELEASE    26 October 2010

Accessing Medical Records becomes a Political Issue
Flying Vet approaches Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman via his MP

The CEO of the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board has not responded to letters from Mr Kirk, his MP Alun Cairns and the Health Minister Edwina Hart AM. Hence he has asked his MP to complain to the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman and request the release of the medical records required.

Maurice J Kirk is a private pilot, veterinary surgeon and property owner, whose hip replacement was scheduled first for June and subsequently for July 22nd this year.  However, his surgeon and anaesthetist are still waiting to read the medical records produced while Mr Kirk was held in the psychiatric Caswell Clinic for 12 weeks in 2009. This stay was enforced as part of seven months in South Wales prison due to “threats of criminal damage” and “possession of prohibited weapon and ammunition”.

In reality, Mr Kirk had bought and sold a plane that had attached to it a machine gun. But South Wales Police would not accept that the machine gun was decommissioned. The machine gun case is one of many allegations between Mr Kirk and South Wales Police. In fact, he has won over one hundred of them.

However, he has not yet won the current action for civil damages in which lawyers’ costs of South Wales Police have reached £800,000. As he is on morphine sulphate and other pain killers with serious physical, mental and emotional side effects, Mr Kirk is medically unfit for the trial which has been adjourned until November 8th. The judge has stressed the unusual aspects of the case which, due to its complexity, is planned to last for 10 weeks.

During the court proceedings in September, Mr Kirk wrote to Mr David Sissling, the CEO of the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board, without getting a reply. Hence he asked Alun Cairns MP and Edwina Hart AM for help. In his case before Cardiff County Court, the Flying Vet,  charges South Wales Police with countless false imprisonments, malicious prosecutions and failure to investigate crimes against him, his family, surgery and law courts, in particular, the court of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

"We have been following your ‘trials and tribulations’ with some sadness here in Florida. So sad that your own country men would treat one of the last true British Explorers with such cruelty and stupidity. Please know that at least all the tail dragger pilots in the world are rooting for sanity to prevail in your case.” Tom Frohne, Florida

Maurice J Kirk on 07907 937 953,
Sabine K McNeill on 07968 039 141 or in Germany 0049 33876 90166, email

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