This individual with the South Wales Police gave evidence, on oath, before the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

My name was then removed from the veterinary register, effectively, for life.

This individual also had possession of my cub, for a short time, the one I flew to Australia and Japan before she sadly sank off the coast of Haiti, my 14th engine failure.

Happier Days.pdf

 I visited Oxford Crown Court, yesterday, on behalf of many pilots and aircraft owners who have had dealings, these past 17 years, with Ebbs alias  Alexander.

Once inside the building I was approached by him but I refused to stop to speak other than to say I had been advised not to go near him. His barrister then also approached me, apparently looking for him, so he was directed in Ebb's direction.

Inside Court 4 the usher asked why I was there and was I part of the proceedings? I was assured it was listed for trial. By that I remarked I was no longer able to practice veterinary surgery and in a jocular fashion, a comment, tape recorded and ordered by me for aviation web sites and Pprune blog later, that caused, I now find out, for me to be later asked to leave the court building which I did. 

Other aviators and interested parties continued to fill the gallery while I patiently waited for its conclusion at the building's entrance.

A police officer eventually came out and indicated enquiries were being made about me and not to go away. A further 20 minutes or so past before I was asked to go to the police station, opposite, on my own, which I did sensing a change of mood which could only mean, to me, South Wales Police were now involved.

Sure enough, after waiting another 20 minutes or so outside the station, I was invited in and promptly arrested for 'threats to kill'......who, exactly, I never was able to establish. 

To say more, at this stage, could prejudice a fair trial for either Ebbs alias Alexander and or myself.

Must sell to pay legal costs

 Blocked IPCC Investigations

"Threat to Shoot the Lord Mayor of Cardiff" arrest

This an unbelievable coincidence to last years similar nonsence, when police at Cardiff Central Police station arrested me after repeatedly refusing to produce some one to take a statement, despite four frustrating visits. My information to lay was further proof that the 'machine gun' had been repainted by the Welsh police to try and fool the jury, now burried with the IPCC and further proof that their forensic psychiatrist, forseeing their loss of prosecution in the gun running fabrication, had knowingly falsifed medical evidence, without even having qualifications.

Blocked GMC (Wales) / NHS (Wales) Investigation re Rogue Police Doctor

 Subsequent clear brain scans both here and in France, as for the clear August 2009 one, this rogue doctor and Tottenham police station psychiatristrist relied upon, the latter in the Musa debarcle to keep me pout of their family courts, means he should be jailed

Caswell Clinic's purpose?  To get me sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act, IPP, to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Prison, this, my other complaint, also being burried but this time with the General Medical Council.

Blocked Private Prosecutions

Also Cardiff Crown Court and Cardiff Magistrates both refuse to process my private prosecutions of the above cuplrits by ignoring my letters, visits and failing to return phone calls or supply copy of public record 

Cardiff Magistrates Court Order prevents my publishing details of the rogue doctor and where he lives so the poster of one of the fellow collaborators for my  MAPPA level 3 covert surveillance

A warning to those out there , not yet woken up, of worse things yet to come, not just in Wales but right across our country, government policy being to give blanket immunity to civil servants and professions who seriously break the law

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