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Machine Gun Search at Police HQ


South Wales Police Foil Barbara Wilding Arrest

Just10 days after the 8th June 2009 MAPPA meeting in Barry police station, agreeing to have me possibly shot [see  leaked memo in Downloads], I visited the Chief Constable to exchange my file of witness statements only to be surrounded by armed riot police carrying machine guns and smoke grenades, all in tin hats. So, you ask, why did they not arrest me for being in possession of a WW1 antique machine gun rather than leave it three days or was the helicopter unserviceable that day?   


  • Posted By: Maurice Kirk
  • Posted : 01-01-2011
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Maurice Kirk said:

Next day the Chief Constable's Cardiff lawyers, Dolmans, make formal complaint to have me arrested on a completely seemingly separate matter, 'threat to put the witness file through their window'Barbara Wilding had refused to 'exchange' despite only one hour from court order dead line. So why then, on 21st June, St Donats village was swooped on by 30 odd police, many armed and helicopter overhead just to film us drinking tea in the garden? Simple, too many witnesses to have me shot. [Note the traffice cones set out in an arc for the 'offical search' for a machine gun and live ammunition].