The New World Order is being tested in South Wales



1.    The continuing Saga of my Police Confiscated antiques while pretending to be looking for my Machine Guns



Dear old and very wicked Bodfan refused to comment on his ‘draft’ excuses as to how the police have been allowed to confiscate my £10, 000 worth of antique guns and other personalty knowing I wish, of course, the academic exercise was only to put a Judicial Review enquiry before an exposing English court and so, once again, rub their grubby little noses in their own exceta.


 12 12 10 DJ Jenkins DRAFT + crt rcds.pdf


This is the version sent, upside down after days of badgering INCLUDING THE CLERK OF COURT’S REDACTED NOTES

BUT Cardiff’s Cabal will not supply copy of  clerk’s contemporaneous notes that contain a completely different record over the small matter of a prohibited weapon ‘coming to light’ on the 2nd day  of the machine gun trial.


12 12 21 Response Application to STATE A CASE.pdf



12 10 26 Draft Prohibited Gun Case Stated shr.pdf



  1. The South Wales Police lost the 2009 machine gun jury trial without any defence evidence or summing up being needed despite ruthless failed disclosure of evidence by the Crown Prosecution failed disclosure of evidence that, alone, would of cleared my name.

  2. During that two week farce, with me having been held in prison for nearly eight months, nine of the jury told us afterwards that their decision was made up after the very first day of cross examination of the police officers.

  3. What I did not know is that on the second day of the hearing the police came into the possession of a 'walking stick shot gun' at my home, a prohibited weapon, my never knowing about this until this year, three years later, when having started court proceedings, under the 1897 Police Property Act, in one last ditch attempt to recover my antique and modern lawfully kept guns, taken from the house during the 22nd June 2009 search of the property.

  4. My repeated requests for of my belongings, valued at around £10,000, to be returned after the machine gun aquittal have proved futile thuis causing the court application.

  5. Court proceeding caused the district judge, clearly unaware of any existence of a purported second 'prohibited gun' ordered the list of what the police admitted they held of mine be revealed.

  6. It was amusing at a similarly bizarre court hearing, only yesterday, on the need to get the same judge to alter a previous court order and so allow me to see my doctor, having refused or clarify why a draft alone, of his reasons for dismissing my application for recovery was dismissed, with costs awarded of £4000 to the South Wales Police, when it was a 'case stated' ' needed to further expose the evilness in Welsh court

  7. to be continued


Bodfan, having now awarded the police £4000 costs against me, incurred while taking and keeping my antiques, is simply an indication of ‘Cardiff Cabal’s power and quiet warning to any other Englishman so stupid as to rely on ‘the rule of law’ in a Welsh court room.

  Prohibited weapon found under my bed? 

The fact that I even to had apply, for Peter’s sake, for my own lawfully owned property back, under the 1897 Police Property Act, was enough of an insult but their hiding the fact of a ‘real’ prohibited weapon in my house, from the 2010 ‘machine gun’ jury trial and the machine gun ammo buried in my garden, is a far, far more an interesting a conspiracy, for web site, to slowly un ravel later.


This Welsh judge was been ordered, obviously, to keep his reply to my ‘state a case’ application as a draft knowing it cannot be appealed against.


A draft version for JR cannot go to London or in deed explain where the ammo on my desk, I was arrested for, has now mysteriously gone and just how the police, only this year, three years later, now have been forced to admit they have ‘my prohibited weapon’, a fully functional ‘shooting walking stick gun!!!!


DO NOT FORGET these same police painted the Lewis machine gun a different colour to try and fool the jury only to lose the case meaning they had to re paint it back to siver, getting the shade wrong, before returning it to the Lincolnshire Air Museum


And does the IPCC or GMC give a damn? Of course they don' is all part of 'The NewWorld Order' and YOU may be next?

 2.    Restraining Order Application 

Another bit of Bodfan nonsense in court, today, with no less than three GP practices, so far, the whole of Caswell Clinic and an anaesthetist, all in South Wales, all refusing to conduct a medical examination or assist me in a hip replacement urgency, refused to order the prosecution to allow me medical attention.


I emphasize that in writing my psychiatric reports Dr ******** was unduly influenced by the South Wales Police to report that I was suffering mental health problems resulting from ‘significant’ brain damage and that in coming to such a conclusion Dr ******** deliberately ignored reports from properly qualified radiologists stating that my brain scan was normal for a man of my age.

Instead the doctor sought out the advice of a clinical psychologist researcher who was not qualified to interpret such scans (and who was not made aware of the radiologists reports) and then moved beyond even this advice to tell numerous courts on the basis of no evidence whatsoever that I had a suspected brain cancer.




The so called 1st October 2011 Restraining Order, so irregularly manufactured by Bodfan’s partner in crime, a District Judge John Charles, stating I was not to harass this be named rogue forensic psychiatrist for successfully persuading eleven or so Cardiff judges that I have ‘significant brain damage’ and possible tumour, contrary to the opinions of fourteen  experts, was digested thus:


i)                    The Crown Prosecution Service opposed any alteration of the ‘restraining order’ terms totally disregarding my argument, under the 1998 Prevention of Harassment Act, to pursue a ‘course of conduct’ to either expose or prevent further crime


ii)                   and allow me promised medical attention and follow up brain scan in the light of new detected symptoms.


iii)                 Private solicitors for the doctor, Morgan Cole also acting, would you believe, for NHS (Wales), had written volumes of legal argument to both the CPS and judge as to why nothing must be touched on the six points in the order


iv)                 Oh , how predictable for such an evil bunch of bast**ds to, again, be prepared to pervert the course of justice just to deprive me of medical attention, anything to hide the Chief Constable’s 2009 original conspiracy over a WW1 Lewis Machine Gun, to having me registered MAPPA level 3 and possibly shot


v)                  In the absence of CPS lawyer documentation, Morgan Cole's huge laid lawyer bill following, knowing there is no check on tax payer's money, what so ever, refused it by both judge,the bast **d and Mr AJ Dicken, the bemused CPS man, clearly thrown in at the deap end.


  My application quickly scaled down to only change point six, without the opposition argument in my hand….. to get access to have consultation with Dr Gaynor Jones at Caswell Clinic, prison, Bridgend......hoping I will hang myself.


 Her offer of help and clinical examination appeared to leave the corrupt court in some difficulties causing a speedy adjournment, the urgent issues again ‘kicked into long grass’, just like my stolen property,  to a re hearing date at 10am on 22nd January 2013 or did the evil man mean 14?


vi)                 Meanwhile, as I wait, does the brain tumour continue to grow or also wait?


21st Dec 12 0950

Cardiff magistrates were telephoned yesterday, after the court, for the opposition bundle in CPS and judge’s possession…nothing sent

CPS telephoned, today, for promised opposition bundle…..nothing sent

It turns out Morgan Cole was asked to attend court but didn’t using CPS while coining in the tax payers’ money for a rogue police psychiatrist playing long term ‘sick’

Some one at Morgan Cole has just told me she knows nothing of what legal opposition papers were seen in the hand of Bodfan Jenkins promising me them.

 This cabal of Cardiff is expecting me to believe the ‘papers’ will be the same as some prior brief, just as in 14th Nov 11 High court order to influence John Charles over harassment conviction.

 Jenkins had orders to kill  off my application to see my doctor

Meantime the GMC and IPCC sit on their hands….. 

Is Cardiff being used for  New World Order testing ground?