Both Cardiff Crown Court and Magistrates, for eight months now, have refused to disclose the sealed brown envelope containing a higher court orders without my knowledge........see last blog post...

This means not only my expected Appeal court intervened and I could not appeal by way of JR appplications, appeal to the Criminal Court of Appeal or Criminal Review Commission as I did not know about it!

Surprise , surprise? may not surprise you to know that the Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) have now cut my phone off to them, as my letters are not properly replied to,  so I cannot obtain the reason why their draft restraining orders, seen being handed about, commented on by both judges, are  no longer in existence. Who is lying?

Neither courts nor CPS have them explainiing why they were both reluctent to disclose Mr Bowen's statement (last blog) nor allow me acces to hear the Crown Court tapes when the CPS was actually admitting their existance and ordered to produce them!

12 07 29 Criminal Court of Appeal Criminal Court of Appeal ref.pdf

12 07 31 Criminal Court of Appeal Criminal Court of Appeal re1.pdf

These prior Crown Court Orders, blocking me right too cross examine, even the police, explains why HHJ Hughes refused to give a reason for blocking my having even my lawyer's legal papers, for me for the case and in the court. These files were either being withheld by GEOamey Custody Services, at the bottom of the court steps along side my cell or sitting in the arms of my Mackenzie Friend on the other side of the bullet proof glass!   See on 1st and 2nd  March transcripts below

12 02 16 MJK Complaint to HHJ Hughes.pdf

12 01 27 A20110290 - kirk - proc - 27.01.12.pdf   page 7 onwards

12 02 22 RO trans re YJCE Act.pdf

12 03 01 A20110290 - KIRK all proc - 01.03.12.pdf

 My legal papers deliberately included the lawyer drafted JR application, below, for HHJ Hughes, re District Judge Charles blocking my right on two separate cases, pending Bristol appeal and 'Harassment of a rogue forensic psychiatrist, using totally opposing, if not bizarre, reasoning but, of course, I forget , I was in a South Wales law court wholoed fighting for autonomy.

11 05 10 JR MJK mod Common Assault [1].pdf

And there is the small matter of District Judge John Charles, contrary to orders, having to suddenly release me from Cardiff prison, on that 1st December 11, without either the custody staff nor prison staff ready for it leaving the botch up of the so called 'service' of a restraining order being concocted for the pretermined jury trial later.

These bizarre original statements then became even more contradictory following my very restricterd few questions on cross examination......the 2010 machine gun case all over again.

And of course, the videos and tape recordings of court proceedings, exposing just how disgusting Cardiff courts operate, are  long over due for cyber space publicity

Part of a later blog post.......

Tape recordings of Cardiff Magistrates and other courts are easy to put up on cyberspace but those needing videos, for example, of court cases you need to e-mail me on: