The last case, an interim appeal against 'strike out' , on 23rd April, was in Cardiff's High court before Mr Justice Morgan when I was, again, refused my right to have it heard in  England by lawyers.

 HM Prison again refused me my legal papers in court, as in recent criminal hearings, His Lordship, refusing me an adjournment, dismissed my appeal , out of hand, thereby blocking the politicaly sensitive court  cases being examined. In the 90s Cardiff courts used them to have me struck off when all were riddled with the usual refusal to disclose public records or for court officials to have them altered or back dated.

The tactics, therefore, used by HM Court Service (Wales) in the May 12  'Restraining Order' conviction, when the clerk of the original 1st December magistrates court lied alongside the custody officer, saying that they had served the court order, on me personally, is nothing knew for these vermin that dominate Cardiff courts.

So I slipped a bail application in at Bristol Crown Court, from Cardiff prison and this was the astounding result:

12 04 17 Court Order Dolman Wit Stmt.pdf

It has taken three years to get this further evidence of the conspiracy by Barbara Wilding, the then Chief Constable, using her private solictors, Dolmans, all at tax payer's expence, to have me MAPPA jailed having missed the opportunity to getting me lawfully shot.

His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC ordered this police statement's release at least twice in the past years but Dolmans just laughed.

His honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC will again be reminded , on Monday, when the Cardiff prison, in order to wriggle out of a £50,000 Court Judgement, for my false imprisonment in 2008, simply had the HM Court Service (Wales) tell theie appeal court they had no record of serving the Particulars of Claim but had banked the court fee!

If an englishman chooses to climb down into the gutter with Cardiff court criminals then what do you expect, justice?

That is the routine filth we have to regularly experience in Cardiff courts, but then my father warned us , all six of us, while at Taunton School, of their inherrent culture based on deceit and intrigue.... remember the rhyme, "taffy was a welshman, taffy was a thief".....

Never saw it in my veterinary clients, though or my friends made over these past two decades.

What is it, then, that drives this thoroughly corrupt Cardiff cabal, using venom of such magnitude, to allow us to  expose, on cyberspace, these perverse professionals, in both executive and judiciary when they ought to know better?

A sample of other ongoing issues with this lot....

12 06 23 MJK to Brstol Crn and CPS .pdf

There must be a JR hearing this week , sometime, re 1st December 11 'harassment of a doctor' but having tendered eight witnesses to police, re conduct of District Judge Charles, Judges Hughes and Curran all refusing me prosecution disclosure, my own legal papers from my prison cell, any witnesses, even legal papers from my English lawyer, the right to cross examine or re examine, why do I bother? Crown cockoo land and a thorough disgrace to the name of Great Britain.

I even took witnesses to the police station, car loads, three times and each time Cardiff police refused to take statements knowing it to be all true......disgusting but in keeping with their past record and worse is planned.

Some other High Court automaton, no doubt,  will be wheeled out later, this week, to go through the motionsall *** scared of going against the HM prerogative.

Similarly, something very sinister is going on in the Musa on appeal

Video from my last farsical Royal Courts of Justice Criminal Court Appeal over the same falsified psychiatric reports (not allowed to be published by court order).

Viewers in the UK are blocked as it portrays 'what really goes on in our courts'.

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