Received, at last, one more Judicial Review 'Refusal', 'on the papers', refused by last month's 'Breach of a Restraning Order' trial judge, His Honour Judge Curran, on some bl==dy nonsense over whether or not a 'Restraining Order'  was ever served on me in the cells as if there was not ample contemporaneous records about!

Originating from, if true, this very 'Harassment' issue, £50 fine, 'shoot to kill' hearings and Section 39 abuse, under review in this very JR application! So who blocks the investigation the most senior Cardiff Crown court judge...anything to block exposure of the truth...corruption is just rife around here or is it me with some brain disorder?

While the prosecution barrister, David Garreth Evans apolgised to the jury, for not being available as my main defence witness, he still having an early version of this now, ubiquitous 'restraining order' in his pocket. The District Judge John Charles' Magistrates court's, custody and cell cctv records are, meantime, quickly being shredded, re written or burnt, in fear the law, that Litigants in Person are not, as of right, entitled to public court records, may get itself repealed in Westminster..

So, if the CPS has a copy in his pocket, partly hand written by John Charles, then what is prosecution exhibit 1, labelled '1st December11 Restraining Order', doing with the jury when it is date stamped 9th Dec ?

So another version, slipped under my police door on 23rd Dec 11, is the first one I see but different also from exhibit 1. Very strange.

 Very strange, indeed, for the police did not e-mail me one, as promised, on the 19th Dec, over the phone from Llantwit police station.

Oh, very odd......but hang on a minute that must be the one they quickly printed up following my unexpected appeal to Crown Court, in England, on the 7th Dec, no?

But I went to the magistrates court and told they had no record at all of any restraining order.

But, of course, John Charles, had, in his fit of peak,scribbled out a section 4 'restraining order', contrary to the Section 2 Harassment Act , currently before the court, to obtain a maximum jail term, if broken.

 Someone in HM Partnership, however, must have blocked it because the 8th Dec version, created on computor and 'certificate of conviction' has omitted the 'fear of violence' phrase on it. Stop worrying Maurice, Gareth ,you will remember, told the jury he was checking up with his local bar council that all is ok and that the apparant conspiracy, witnessed by his friends in the public gallery, of CPS and Charles hatching a diversion, was going rapidly pear shaped. Muttering over court exhibits, I remember and I never saw. I heard Gareth and judge mumble, 'switch them' and we  will have him locked away.

Fortunately, all was tape recorded and smuggled out of court as a procautionary matter in case the cabal are setting me up, again, to be shot by South Wales Police marksmen. All this was discussed, in detail, during the IAP and MAPPA police HQ meetings in June 2009. Operation Orchid and Operation Chalice, re machine gun and snatching my younger daughter, were foiled but hey will get it right next time, I fear.

Remember, They control the Welsh IPCC, Welsh GMC, Welsh Bar Council and their Cardiff Bay 'talking shop', Wales' big mistake for its best future .....their key members are entrenched, all in the same lodge and ready to do more damage for the devil.

Any way, not to worry 'justice ' is in a safe pair of hands.....His Honour ordered Gareth to nip back up to his Crown Prosecution Service office, in Merthyr Tydfil and get the Restraining Order, serve it to me so we can all go home. But, over night, we all forget except for  two on the jury. They are starting to work out the judge's cunning plan only to be thwarted, following their request for sight of the custody records that service ever took place in the cells below that chaotic December magistrates court hearing when I was refused the usual right to cross examine, call witnesses, finish my evidence, have any legal papers or even have pen and paper in my cell.

"Do not trouble your pretty heads", Judge Curran must have said, "the court record of there ever being printed a 'restraining order and served, all on that day, is irrelevant to Maurice's blatent guilt".

" and as for the two cameras, he referred to, one in his special padded isolation cell, with £5000 'see through' door, that filmed every move of this MAPPA level 3 victim, sadly,( pause while wiping his eyes), GEOamey Custody Services appear to have 'mislaid' all the footage."

"It is also quite irrelevant so, hurry up on your way, its late on a Friday afternoon and I am already late, a majority verdict will do and dont worry about Maurice calling for Gareth ,the doctor and another,,,,its all far too late"

Hang on a moment, didn't this same judge insist the main witness, the doctor, give evidence for me but only through a court lawyer? Yes, of course, his  22nd February 2012 Crown Court Order, part of my defence evidence stuffed up my rectum, in order to get it into court.

Now, as I remember it, this judge also appointed a special Cardiff Cabal lawyer, under rule 39 of the Youth and Justice Criminal Evidence Act 1999, anything to block any possiblility of evidence coming out and  that I may not have 'significant brain damage' or 'possible brain tumour' after all.

But what is this, both doctor and appointed lawyer fail to attend court....."oh, what can be done?"  "Oh, I am all undone, I am in fear and shaking in my shoes, of the meer rumour of this last act of treachery must cause, being mis understood by Jo Public as being an unfair trial.

 Just what will it do to the name of Cardiff law courts.....oh, perish the thought

I wonder if  Enyd Blyton could have made up  this sort of stuff ? Must look into serialising these proceedings, some time, to rival some TV soap. 


His Honour Judge Curran has, understandably, rejected my 1st Judicial Review Application, ‘on paper', on the premise that it is ‘not clear' as to my reasoning behind my grievance, in being convicted of so serious offence, during my absence. The police, once again, are reliant on false forensic evidence supplied by Derrick Hassan of the Cardiff Crown Court and a doctor to obtain yet another prolonged incarceration without a proper trial.

Court record will disclose that the District Judge, Bodfan Jenkins, presiding at last August Cardiff magistrates hearing, had not even been given my correspondence regarding my right, under statute law, to apply for a re opening of the case. He was also never made aware of the full circumstances on the bizarre incident, involving alleged prohibited weapons in my possession, including a ‘walking stick shot gun', being the real reason for the summary conviction and £50 fine.

 [This startlingly acknowledgement by the police, of finding a real prohibited weapon, contrary to Section 5(1)(a) of the 1968 Fire Arms Act 1966, at my home, right in the middle of my January 2009 ‘WW1 Lewis machine gun' trial, was completely hushed up and only surfaced before the very same District Judge, Mr Bodfan Jenkins, this March, in one of my many private prosecutions, due to someone's stupidity letting it slip through their own safety net].


This one caused the destruction of my family life,  at 8am on 22nd June 2009, using twenty five coppers +, followed by my nearly eight months in jail as an innocent man, but who's counting?

This one, with a rogue doctor, both on the purse strings of lots of charity cash, in   South Wales......but that is another story to those with the bottle

This one personally arranged to have me struck off as a veterinary surgeon, using countless spurious convictions from a thoroughly corrupt Cardiff judicial system...but this is only the tip of the iceberg

***, My friends  know where you live

 This same argument or the use of Section 36 YJCEA, anything to suppress the truth, is just what

 District Judge Berg, on 2nd November 10 common assault conviction, applied when expediting it in meer nana seconds during my forced absence, due to ill health due to unnecessary analgesic medication. This appeal is now in Bristol having been transferred from Wales due to its potentially embarrassing outcome.  

 If only a litigant in person in Cardiff could just have sight of public court records, when only reserved for the legal profession, we need not shout blackmail so often.

 Exposure, of course, of what really is going on in our courts, if further public records were to be disclosed to the public, would, for example, be like what happened following the prison hospital emergency, needing seventeen prison officers to extricate me.

 Out of the prison for a day, in cuffs, I get sight of what was written on court record, my ‘Remand Warrant' indicating clearly what lay behind the judiciary's next move.

 Apart from quick sight of my custody record and remnants of my exalted status amongst the inmates of a category level C parochial prison, during my 2009 stay, as MAPPA level3, the words, ‘extremely dangerous' remained.

 Both court and custody documents, seen by myself, during the material times of all these JRs, currently before His Honour Judge Curran, Mr Justice Singh, record I have ‘mental health issues' clearly written with ‘significant brain damage' written.

This immediately brings into doubt my level of capacity in the past three years court appearances, exceeding well over one hundred, known by the prosecution throughout. 

 This hand written note, on the Remand Warrant, no doubt, was by the clerk of the court and/or signed by the very District Judge first implementing a Section 36, without giving reason and then sitting in judgment.

 As for the so called ‘served' Restraining Order neither the original nor certified true copy we will ever see because it now helps identify the author of it and true recipient for my term of imprisonment. 

This 2010 ‘common assault' conviction, on appeal in Bristol, will prove even more interesting, following my most recent attempts at the steps of Cardiff Crown Court to lodge my paper, as it is so devoid of ‘magistrates record', the recent letters from the court clerk effectively stating, ‘in your dreams, Maurice', no records for you.

So why does this latest JR refusal, ‘on paper', accompany a copy of the Cardiff Crown court log of my 1st/2nd March 2012 Harassment Appeal, when for years now I have always been refused of such public record?

 If you are eligible for legal aid then, of course, your designated lawyer can see them, at tax payer's expence, for as long as he likes and even give them to you, if he so pleases. The reality of this is, of course, is quite unrealistic, if nefarious schemes are afoot as he or she is an ‘officer of the court' and therefore making it impossible to remain impartial.

 It stinks, doesn't it?

Statute law dictates that a ‘litigant in person'(LiP) may, if he is so lucky, obtain disclosure of a clerk of the court's notes, both contemporaneous and later records, such as, in this case, written record of the allegation(s) facing the accused. The court is only obliged to release a certificate of conviction.

These next two ladies outside the RCJ have spent much of their lives, fighting for justice, mutilated by this gross injustice of failed disclosure of court documents


 I have received no copy of whatever was first before the August Magistrate, what was charge was changed, in my absence or copy of the CPS legal argument that went on with the court without me. This had followed the duty solicitor's hurried visit to my cell, that summer's day, advising me to plead ‘not guilty' as it had been arranged for the case to be dropped if I did.

 Why was so serious a charge dropped?

Because I had just served new statements, from a Lincolnshire airfield, of eye witnesses over the police re painted ‘machine gun', spent still more hours before with the station's inspector while copious complaint was again being taken down, re the Cardiff IPPC office refusing, since 2009, to properly investigate:


1.       the Polices policy to having me shot

2.        falsifying critical evidence in their disastrous ‘machine gun' case, painting of the ‘gun' twice, making it serviceable, all to fool a jury

3.       changing the sex of ‘Foxy', their undercover agent, that had to give evidence

4.       their continuing harassment of me, around the UK, by the use of falsified two year old psychiatric evidence  


Today, as in the recent ‘Restraining Order' jury trial and their written notes to the judge, I am still without the public record of either of these cases!

Court record, regarding the Lord Mayor Cardiff to be shot, are being withheld for the purpose of my being sectioned, again, under the 1983 Mental Health Act, but this time for life.

 South Wales Police almost achieved it in 2009 and with co-operation from the Tottenham police, during the ‘Nigerian Musa seven snatched children affair', in court NOW at Wood Green Crown Court, London. This time the same MAPPA police intend finding the ‘elusive second doctor', needed by statute, to sign me away, IPP, to Broadmoor.


The purpose of my JR Application is clearly in the interest of the general public, not just for my liberty, safety and family concerns.

The next presiding judge, I humbly submit, is required to consider the consequences should this need to go to the Court of Appeal happen and where Article 6 and its supposed safeguards will again be challenged as being needed even more in our current political climate.

 My recent interviews, with my ‘straw poll' sample taken from within the walls of Cardiff Prison, proved disturbing to say the least. Invariably, both remand and convicted prisoners do not even see the paper work identifying as why they are in prison! Yes, many neither care nor enquire; the place is a ‘holiday camp' with no real purpose, so why rock the boat?

 If I could have found another LiP, out of the hundred or so prisoners on my wing, I may have established if I was the only one, in the prison, with that special piece of paper, a ‘Remand Warrant'. It was signed by the court giving authority to allow the HM Governor to lock me up.

Where His Honour and or the next judge will be concerned will rest on the veracity of those in ultimate control, the guards who guard the guardians, for without proper disclosure there will be yet another fine example of a travesty of justice in a Cardiff court room.

Copy to HM Treasury solicitor, on behalf of the Respondents.