An orderly visit to Highgrove is being planned re Serious Welsh problems in our judiciary, including IPCC etc!/mail/InboxLight.aspx?n=465454126!n=1847002523&

South Wales Police are currently in the lime light, following the Swansea police corruption trial and numerous other revelations so it is of no surprise the St Mellons, Cardiff base of the IPCC have put both multiple complaints from me and my family on the back burner.

They may regret it.

Those wishing to attend please 'look tidy', 'comb your hair', only polite banners and no megaphones.

Bring an MP

Thank you

e-mail or 07907937953 for details


FAO Inspectors Richard Holder and King,                                                                          2012/ 001471 etc

Professional Standards, South Wales Police


26th May 2012                                                  IPCC Complaints

Dear Sir,

South Wales Police ‘Shoot to Kill' Policy, MAPPA Conspiracy, False Psychiatric Reports, ‘Foxy',  Police Repainting WW1 Lewis Machine Gun, in order to Pervert the Course of Justice, Walking Stick shot gun

In the light of my complaints, since 2009, to the IPCC and my long terms remanded in custody, with little or no activity so far identified on your part, in these investigations, I wondered if I might ask you to clarify as to just what progress, if at all, has been so far occasioned in this scandalous affair.

I have now obtained copy from the Crown Prosecution Service (Cardiff), with a witness actually writing the colour was ‘silver' and yet this was never raised at the trial. Why not? How do you account for that or is this a matter of complaint to ‘HM Partnership' and Her Majesty's Prerogative? Just who, in the Principality, guards the guardian? I intend going to High Grove with yet another letter of complaint.

I returned to Wickenby, Lincolnshire airfield, last week only to find no investigation started, no witness contacted, more eye witnesses found to the fact that the ‘gun' was bought from me as painted black all over. When seized by the police, a year later, it was now with a silver painted ammunition magazine. You refuse to return a copy of my statement or a walking stick shot gun found in the search of my home.

In August 2009 South Wales Police, three of them, then returned to Wickenby, with it, less magazine, for further prosecution statements. Police had unblocked it to fire a live round, but admitted obtaining a statement that witnesses saw it painted silver by the new owner immediately after purchase from me.

The ‘gun' next appeared in my January 2010 Cardiff Crown Court trial painted ‘all black,' to match the photos and videos off my 2008 website, even with its ammunition clearly visible!

My younger daughter helped me draw out a route of some 2000 miles the gun may have travelled, during your colleagues' planned conspiracy to pervert the course of justice but there remain gaps, as the jury noticed, of just who, when and where this item went, whilst inside the boundaries of South Wales?

The ‘gun' was returned after my acquittal, painted silver again, not even in matching paint? How?

Inspector 317 of the Lincolnshire police expressed amazement that this enquiry is not being conducted by way of a ‘managed' IPCC investigation from head office, in Manchester, England, instead of some back street office in Cardiff and under your control, a fellow member of South Wales Police force.

Yours urgently,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc