Imagine this scenario: Maurice Kirk is charged with a ‘misdemeanor’, as the Yanks would call it, a simple Section 39 ‘common assault’ allegation against an ex-police officer, a Cardiff Crown Court official. He had repeatedly refused to accept the ‘grounds document’ to be lodged with Cardiff Court, on a deadline, before it is then sent up to London's Criminal Court of Appeal.. 

Maurice will say, if given the chance under Article 6, he therefore simply tucked the single sheet into the top pocket of the court officer allocated for the job of receiving these specific court papers. The HM official, instead, crumpled it up and pushed Maurice down the steps of the court, on his crutches, leading to the need of hospitalisation and x-rays. See this photo.Mr Hassan posted it the same day.

Despite substantial medical evidence to the contrary, the 2nd November Cardiff Magistrates Court hearing took place in his absence. He was, of course, found guilty and a warrant was, of course, issued for his arrest. A European warrant is now being seriously considered by the CPS, knowing full well its uncontrollable pitfalls. Yet another 1st November GP medical report had been served on the court that morning. The fifth September report had already been accepted by the Barry Magistrates and their case adjourned to early December, as well as the long awaited listed September ten week civil trial to allow time for Maurice's toatal hip replacement operation. This is the case for civil damages in Maurice’s eighteen year running damages claim against the South Wales Police for perjury, personal injury, false imprisonment and perverting the course of justice, many, many times. See videos and these key documents: incident schedule and HM leaked internal memos. All courts, so far, were assuming, by then, Maurice would have had his medical records released, currently stopping his operation from going ahead.

The ‘contempt of court’ appeal to London, by the way, is for a month’s imprisonment following Maurice’s pleading with the Recorder of Cardiff, HHJ Nicholas Cooke QC, in June, to 'inspect' the proof, personally, of an HM conspiracy and hand over the urgent medical evidence, especially that which HM used on the 2nd December 2009, when Maurice was considered to be ‘far too dangerous’ to receive bail for a trial the Chief Constable did not plan to happen. Maurice was in jail on remand, incidentally, for over seven months, being acquitted of all charges without any compensation or need to produce any defence. The jury had made their mind up after the first day of prosecution evidence, we all later found out, in the Cardiff pub, about ‘trading in an antique WWI Lewis machine gun’, that had been bolted on the front of his DH2 replica biplane for 33 years and even had been flown in the Farnborough Air Show by personal invitation from Captain Brian Trubshaw,CBE MVO, our 002 Concorde test pilot.

The police, CPS and ten Cardiff judges, no less, knew or should have known, the aircraft and her 'gun' had been sold well over a year before his arrest. The arrest that June had been a monumental '*** up' due to a critical breakdown within the communications of South Wales Police and Dolmans, their solicitors, drawing in the cash, 'defending' the Chief Constable, preparing for her December 09 retirement.

Maurice's original arrest had never been intended. Maurice was then already set up as a target to be 'lawfully' shot. But Dolmans, knee jerked, following an incident concerning their front window on the 19th, filed a statement of complaint, on the 20th June 09, to have him arrested the next day, not having been fully briefed of Barbara's 'end game'.Or, maybe, the end of the 'gravy train', if Maurice was shot? Naturally, the Trial Judge, HHJ Peter Thomas QC refused Maurice any disclosure of anything, virtually, hurriedly made at police HQ. Why? It would further confirm that the almost forty year running HM conspiracy started in Taunton, Somerset, in the 1970s.[see next blog: Maurice, the 'Drug Smuggler'?].

That Dolmans fabricated the complaint caused Maurice to be admitted to Caswell Clinic Gulag, Bridgend but for one purpose: to scupper the civil action that was now starting to go rather 'pear shaped', following Barbara Wilding's signing, drafted by Dolmans, her 25th Feb 09 sworn affidavit. Nine further HM Cardiff Crown Court judges [see downloads for transcripts] refused disclosure sensitive for 'HM Partnership'. Even the civil court judge, HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC, at least ordered its release. But Maurice is still waiting, a year later, along with forty odd police incident numbers needed for FOI and Data Proction disclosure, repeatedly being refused by our HM Information Commisioner, that sinister 'partnership' that now actually controls what really goes on in your UK courts today.

But let’s get back to the apparent ‘cosy relationship’ here in Cardiff, Guernsey style, where they have a permanent jury, often a magistrate in the lower court, partly voted on by the HM Prosecution and where no UK lawyer has 'right of audience'. HM tax haven rules are to be obeyed or you do not get the oil money...

Whilst Maurice was in custody in some austere Cardiff police cell, it was recorded, Maurice was still unable to find a local solicitor, to act on his behalf. Hence he produced himself, with the aid of some McKenzie Angels, this document with a Broad Overview to 'Give Context' to 'Legal Issues' and 'Specific Incidents'. [All this week he has approached numerous local lawyers, with countless fruitless phone calls and no replies, to deal on his behalf, as to why the Clerk to Cardiff Magistrates was refusing to put before a court his application for 'set aside', on medical grounds...]   

The Cardiff stipendiary magistrate, on 2nd November, has already had presented to him four medical reports, from his GP, a consultant radiologist, a psychiatrist and a London doctor, the latter having specialised in brain surgery and now has her disciplines chanelled to the workings of 'the mind'. All have indicated the current pain and suffering due to a much overdue total hip replacement operation requiring, now, morphine sulphate and other like analgesics to be so prescribed. May this be indicative enough, on its own, for the case to be adjourned!?...

It is now simply a war of attrition, nothing new for Maurice. HM Cardiff Crown Court, for fear of their pension, refuses to release, not just official transcripts of last year's courts of 'record' but also copy of their public court logs. Why? They would further reveal the HM conspiracy to have him first, shot or if that opportunity was no longer an option, then Broadmoor High Security prison, IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection), for an indeterminate period. 

HM Court Services refuse to reply to any of Maurice’s applications to have the hearing 'set aside' or reveal the evidence given or furnish him with the clerk of the court’s contemporaneous notes of the proceedings.(3rd Nov and 13th to HQ). 

Meantime, the Crown Prosecution Service refuses to return any of his calls and hides their ‘ace’ card up their oh so many sleeves. CPS barrister, Richard Ace and HM prison had deliberately not told Maurice of MAPPA, on the 25th June 09, before HHJ Hughes, on his first of ten bail applications. He had been left 'at large' for many weeks before he was arrested for but one reason. MAPPA had hade him classified as level 3 (terrorist), the top 5% most dangerous people in the UK, allowing the Chief Constable Barbara Wilding, who had mobilised a 24/7 armed police unit to shoot him on sight if he were to make a 'further approach' to her, she being the very same Defendant in all his eight tortuously drawn out civil actions, orchestrated by HM, for his 'special treatment'. 

Nine more Cardiff judges also failed to disclose he was under MAPPA surveillance and was being considered, at each monthly MAPPA meeting, for high security psychiatric prison, potentially for life, reliant on Caswell Clinic and Swansea University so called 'experts' diagnosing his intra-cranial irreversible inflictions as a serious threat to the community. Have they evaporated away by now, a year later or is Maurice's condition getting worse? Why is Maurice still being refused a brain scan?

But now, in turn, both the civil and criminal Cardiff courts are also refusing to disclose the detailed account from their own Director of the South Wales Police forensic psychiatric prison, Caswell Clinic. Dr Tegwyn Williams had supplied numerous Cardiff Crown Court judges with sufficient compelling evidence, between 7th August 09 to 17th December 09, in numerous expensive reports, stating that Maurice had ‘significant brain damage’ (see Opinion in Oct 09 psychiatric report) and equally falsified but convincing, 2010 rewritten report of Professor Roger Wood’s (original September 09) as a brain damage expert. By what time this winter, a year later, will the brain tumour have done their dirty work? (see 2nd Dec 09 transcript). It was pointed out to HHJ Bidder QC by part time Cardiff judge and Crown prosecutor, Mr Richard Twomlow, in the machine gun case who also, incidentally, while Maurice was down below rattling his own cage, to be there. [see civil actions against Reliance Custodial Services, past and imminent] 

So, today, Wales' HM Court Service HQ, Cardiff, have still not intervened, Maurice was told. No written replies from magistrates or disclosure by the CPS as to evidence heard in his absence, with the only hint being that Maurice’s only way forward is to the HM High Court for yet another insulting Judicial Review. Ah, but Maurice, that means it is for a judge in Cardiff, now Wales has achieved furhter devolution from London but it will be in the very same building where a clandestine attempt is still going on to register him as a ‘Vexatious Litigant’ (internal memos), reliant on a team of HM Treasury Solicitor bewigged lawyers in Whitehall, the very same HM official who informed the Cardiff Court, recently, that HM Court Service had taken £360 off Maurice to sue HM prison Cardiff for a previous false imprisonment.

But, surpsrisingly, neither the HM governor of HM prison nor HM court manager, Neil Pring, could trace receipt or proper record of 'serving the claim', [despite MAPPA covert surveillance!], nor could HM Prison be made to admit receipt of the £50,000 judgment in July 09, in Maurice's favour, a copy of which had been delivered to his prison cell! . It was later admitted by HM Treasury Solicitor that the served document was believed, at the time, to be part of the 'vexatious litgant investigation', now six years running. Just as 'HM Partnership', Prison, denied any knowledge their prisoner had been under MAPPA surveillance, in writing, since arrest in June to 17th December 2009. So, why was he taken off it just before the trial to make a bail application? To get just one last chance of a shot before the predicted trial embarrassment?

That local HM Magistrates court has to consider whether the 2nd November 09 hearing should be 'set aside', on medical grounds, whether the CPS be made to disclose the medical evidence of 2nd December 09 asDr Tegwyn Williams pleaded Maurice was still far too ill to 'plead' or defend himself and must be represented by HM counsel.  Also, Maurice wants all his court cases heard outside Wales.Pigs might fly.

Simple, do what the RCVS did in 2006 and have done ever since, to prevent Maurice getting before a court to be allowed to practice veterinary surgery. Refuse to convene a court.

Simple, do what HM Privy Council did this June, for his lodged appeal against the RCVS at the Supreme Court building. Refuse to convene a court.

Simple, do what the RCVS Royal Charter promised them, ever since 1844 with its twelve variations now also protected by HM Memorandum of Understanding, promised between the South Wales Police.and Law Society, ie immunity to criminal prosecution. 

"There is always an appeal, open to you, Maurice, to the Cardiff Crown Court, just around the corner", someone smiled.

"All you need to do is to attend to hear it, in hand cuffs, most likely. What you would have missed, of course, is the vital opportunity of cross-examining for the second time, when lies are that little more difficult to 'recall'. It is the  way they threw the dice this time, Maurice, the cost is never their money".

During the 70s and 80s, during the reign of the likes of Arthur Scargill, a Cummings cartoon of this destructive trade union leader, killing off any last possible breath for the Welsh coal fields, may just sum up the current state of play here, in its capital, some thirty years later...

Summary: Besides the Channel, there is another serious gap between the UK and the European continent: the gap between the UK Human Rights Act 1998 and the European Convention of Human Rights. Article 6 guarantees a fair trial in both texts. But the UK has omitted Article 13, the right to an effective remedy before national authorities. Maurice has had the benefit of neither, ever since he’s been harassed by police in Somerset, Guernsey and South Wales.

Now he had to seek asylum in Brittany, while
•       the NHS, Caswell Clinic, Dr Tegwyn Williams, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and HM Prison, who all have a copy of his medical records, should release them
•       the Police wants to arrest him, for a minor and alleged offence, convicted in his absence, whilst he has a case against South Wales Police running where he claims for civil damages over a ten year period 
•       HM Court Services block, delay and lose his documents. He is denied access to the public counter, it used to bounce his e-mails and often ignores his serious requests for information.  
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