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Out of Pays des Galles and I am immediately 10 years younger ......seen doctor , blood tests and physical triage etc.....still need the medicine but bound for Pontivy hospital again, I suspect.......last time in Jan 2013 with Gendarmes after Welsh police tried to get them to section me just be3fore the civil trial. I arrived to be recognised by nurse who was there for my hip replacement ....’beaucoup des blagues’ et sujets de rire! The men in blue were very annoyed for failing to get me sectioned for Cardiff and Barry police.

I rang the Criminal Cases Review Commission just to bring me back into the real world. How I contained my temper I will never know

Having gathered, over 6 years, the documentary proof (court transcripts, court file, affidavits etc) of wide spread corruption in Cardiff’s courts on machine gun/police fabricated psychiatric fraud alone.

CCRC answered and after much shuffling on phones put onto a Ms Jenny Thomas.

To cut it short .....oh yes, the CCRC had Michael Williams' court contemporaneous notes alright.

All record of that chaotic Sept/Dec 2011 Cardiff magistrates ‘harassment trial’ scandal followed with my re arrest re MUSA Nigerian case. 

But Jenny said I was not going to get the public records because they were ‘not helpful’....The jury asked for the clerk’s notes

the Cardiff Crown Court told me nothiung about. I was not in court but was it Judge Paul Thomas (Jenny’s Uncle?) the one who knew the police had changed the machine gun colur to fool the jury?

Jury notes not available 'not available” the May12 trial judge told them so how come the Crown Prosecution Service admits, in three different court proceedings, in having them?

How come Lord Leveson et al, on 14th March 2013, said there was 'no evidence' the jury had ever asked to see the clerk’s notes clearly accentuated by my gaoler’s cross examination that the service of the restraining order was ‘served’ but promised to be clealy recorded in Michael Williams' notes  in the clandestine meet in the 1st Dec 11 magistrates' court cells?

Para 9

There is a complaint also of the jury requested sight of the original custody notes and court log relating to the proceedings in the magistrates court but that the judge refused this request. However, so far as we can see from the transcript of the proceedings there is no trace of anything of that nature having been requested by the jury. 


Para 13 For these reasons, we refuse permission to bring this appeal.

His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC’s e-mail sparked a court clerk reply that there are 'no hand written drafts' of the now notorious 'restraining order’ in the court file. But my arresting the Crown prosecutor, David Gareth Evans, caused evidence to contradict his own CPS!

The Bristol CPS even went out of there way and visited Cardiff court  and extracted from the file that CCRC had acquired the 'court file' in Feb 13, before the latest jury trial conviction but all had kept 'mum'. Only after it was re –written, now proved, following my 'illegal court access', CCRC consider, under disguise a year earlier.

Jenny Thomas was quick to highlight that incident but reluctant to admit that not just the court log has been now proved as forged but now numerous versions of District Judge John Charles' hand written other notes and drafts in the public court file!

Evilness personified and a bunch of liars only concerned with 'jobs worth', the worrying trend to be reflected in forth coming elections. If they get away with it someone near you will be their next victim.

 So which version of the 'hymn sheet' did their Lordships, Leveson, Smelling and Males sing from now, this very week, the CCRC confirm His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, Bristol CPS, Cardiff CPS and myself all appear to have different forgeries?