...whilst the defendant
  • was given his glasses on the first day of the trial after many requests,
  • has been denied access to his legal papers,including a large consignment of lever arch files couriered to the court on Monday 17th March.
  • not been allowed photocopying facilities,
  • and going without medical attention including pain killers for the whole week despite an untreated prolapsed bowel known to the medical staff.......

More from Maurice himself in this phone call on Friday at 4.45pm and in the crucial video after his arrest on 14 October 2013.


Day Five

continued with the cross examination of the clerk to the court with regard to new paperwork present in the court, after spending hours establishing the points of law the Judge ended the witnesses second turn on the stand just before Maurice could elicit the second contradiction of the serving of the "restraining order" .

A fresh influx of supporters lent the afternoon a renewed air of hope that justice will prevail.

There then followed a reading of the transcript of the interview under caution, read by Mr Gunney and Mr Smyth, unfortunately this left little time for much more, as ever the case continues..............