So much as far as 'breaking news' is concerned:

  • thanks to weird and wonderful connections, it can be revealed that Dr T M W was de-registered on 02 February 2014 which means he doesn't pay for his license, as he doesn't seem to have employment; I leave it to your own level of being a 'conspiracy realist' or theorist to decide how this may have come about and what it means for him, South Wales Police and the General Medical Council and its members, besides the Health Select Committee of MPs who's looking into complaints and raising concerns in the NHS;
  • a most helpful barrister has found a precedent regarding the supposed 'threat' charge and thus the CPS have no case - in theory;
  • Maurice telephoned blogger Butlin on Saturday to report the lack of health treatment regarding his prolapse - as punishment for his hunger strike!

More later on behalf of HHJ Rowlands who will decide over Maurice's fate in the near future...