This Time Line needs reading from the bottom UP and Key summary docs are on the top here but, please, do not forget the freemason control over all things Welsh (my warning was when Barclay's Bank reneged on loan for purchase of Barry veterinary practice in 1992).

12 04 21 MJK Psychiatric Summary REDACTED.pdf 


01 06 018 SWP MG IPCC Conclusion.pdf

Evidence has just been received that Caswell Clinic, MAPPA, Police, and CPS, all had further evidence, still withheld from me but disclosed to His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC on 2nd December 2009, that this new Swansea University and other findings caused the psychiatrist insist it be told to the court in my absence.

The police doctor recommended I be incarcerated in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric, for life and thereby avoiding the embarrassing conspiracy of the 'machine gun' case oozing from cracks in the Cardiff cabal cesspit of freemasons.

09 09 02 OPINION OF 2nd Interim Psychiatric Report 1p.pdf

09 12 01 medical rpt Dr Kemp.pdf

Time line of South Wales Police Conspiracy re WW1 Lewis machine gun conspiracy to try and block 20 year running bullying damages claim.

10 10 09 Background to Arrest for Gun Possession.pdf

WANTED: Fair Trials and Compensation - instead of an Effective Remedy before National Authorities:


 Friday 4th October 2013

07.58hrs I obtain information not to identify the 'devil worshipping brigade, in this tangled web of NHS (Wales) intrigue or their may well be rather 'unfavourable consequences.

05.20hrs Search for my USA psychiatric records

NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic obtained them in September 2009 but refused to give me a copy or did Recorder of Cardiff, His Honour Judge Nicholas Cooke QC of Cardiff Crown Court, have them when now needed for the Bristol forensic psychiatrist?

Three payments for Freedom of Information Act disclosure failed to reveal them, during 2009 and 2010 or even more importantly, those most dubious reports of  Professor Rodger Wood, during  Sept-Dec 09, to others including Dr Ruth Bagshaw.

Swansea University and Professor Rodger Wood are well inside the South Wales Police conspiracy loop, to purely to use me as a guinea pig, they being responsible for my having un necessary radio isotopes intravenously shot up my arm to prepare for the Princess of Wales Hospital SPECT scan.

Dr Roger Thomas, of Caswell, was also very implicated from the start and still is. This psychiatrist was later responsible for having me arrested for 'attempted burglary' with the charges only being withdrawn by the excellent CPS lawyer, Mr Tudor Davies, much, much later. after he had insisted the police reveal the documentary proof that I had actually been invited into the clinic, on the day, simplly to collect my psychiatric reports ordered via my Barry GP's surgery staff!  Deja vu?

So just how sinister will be the pressure on the court appointed psychiatric from Bristol when telling him not to dig too deep?



Thursday 3nd October 2013

22.28hrs  Just had a chat with John Wilson in Sydney.......human rights fighter 'extrordinaire', a quiet unassuming dentist bankrupted by devil worshiping brigade 'down under'.......(details to inner circle only)

16.00hrs I caught scabies, possibly whilst in Cardiff prison and so, after second dosing of my GP's remedy to limited affect, I visit a veterinary practice not a stone's throw from me.

I needed what my father also used, in his romantic days as a country veterinary surgeon of yesteryear,  when making up our own potions, that is if the pestle and mortar was not otherwise purloined by one of his sons for the manufacture of gunpowder. BB always had100% instant effectiveness with it being both an inexpensive and easy to use topically on our patients and on a rare occasion, as a veterinary student, myself.

I am told by both GP's pharmacy BB was no longer on the market and the veterinary nurse had never even heard of it. My second suggestion that I came back in with a borrowed neighbour's dog, to get the drops on the back of its (my) neck, just to obtain the modern version, also failed as it was 'not licenced for humans'.....a whole new culture out there dominated by fanciful 'health and safety' legislation generated from the 'job's worth' mentality pushing aside reasoned and informed clinic common sense. 

13.32hrs (as an aside) Receive e-mail from young brother Tim's 1st grape harvest in Devon about to be picked and pressed!

Join me with my size 11 feet, next week, for different squelchy work......Payment in kind, bottles to lay down for your grandchildren.



Pino Noir (early variety)

A Memorable Day in Bristol, England 

After a far more productive day as of late, this time enjoyed in civilised Bristol, I do believe there will now be progress in both release of the Caswell Clinic evidence on my 'significant brain damage' and scent of services of a Bristol lawyer prepared to put 'his head above the parapet'!

So far withheld from me, when submitted by the police, no less, using the CPS prosecutor, no less, 2nd December 2009 Cardiff Crown Court, to have me sectioned, for life, to be incarcerated in Ashworth and subject to my continuing to draw breath, I really do believe, we have finally beaten the deceitful little bastards! ........Deja Vu?

Patrick Cullinane has, in my view, the clearest example of HM Partnership abuse than any of us.......please study his documents and ignore the poor editing of video and hear Patrick again in action!


RCVS is answerable to HM Privy Council but as my mum used to say, "None are so deaf as those who do not wish to hear"


 Wednesday 2nd October 2013 

 Mr D Barker Forensic Psychiatrist                                                                        T20130801                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           C/o

Priory Hospital, Stapleton                                                                                        BS614159                                                                                                 


2nd October 2013

  Regina v Maurice Kirk in Cardiff Crown Court                                                                                                                   

Dear Sir,

HM Partnership

Further to our meeting today and your apparent alarm over the seemingly unsettled disclosure issues, mentioned in the ‘opinion’ section of 2nd September 2009 Caswell Clinic psychiatric report (enclosed), specifically written for His Honour Judge Vosper QC, I reluctantly also enclose an all embracing explanatory summary of ‘HM Partnership’  that I unwittingly served on HM Court of Appeal.

I was simply opposing the HM ‘strike out’, from my civil claims, of a list of remarkably almost identical unusually extreme police incidents also used by them, back in 2002, to obtain my name being removed from the veterinary register for life.

 Whereas His Honour, in 2009, was minded to oppose my release, as he I was privy to the fact I was registered a MAPPA level 3 victim and I was most definitely not, please trust me, such conduct from within the HM Court Service (Wales) continues to flourish.

Only recently, for example, judges of their own courts indicated they cannot intervene in the 2008 order from the area HM Court Service manger, Luigi Stranati, to all his staff, to refuse me access for any of my outstanding sixteen or so, civil and criminal cases, being either processed at their respective court public counters or assisted over the public telephone.

Similarly, Welsh police continue refuse to investigate HM prison, Cardiff, withholding my passport or allowing  me access to my own office set up meticulously  in a Cardiff flat for the duration of the war.

After leaving you I took the opportunity of taking my very helpful witness out for a delightful lunch before continuing my frustrating trawl through Bristol law firms in the vane hope of finding so called ‘independent representation’. While their HM Partnership continues to lavishly load their gravy train with hard earned tax payers’ money I may remain in some difficulties.

I am on Bristol Radio again on 15th October if around that date suits?

Yours sincerely,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Copy to Alun Cairns MP and John Hemming MP

Enclosed: 2nd Sept 2009 Caswell Clinic ‘opinion’ and MJK 4th March 2011 Court of Appeal Submission

11 3 04 Court of Appeal Skeleton Argument REDACTED.pdf

09 09 02 OPINION OF 2nd Interim Psychiatric Report 1p.pdf

16.55hrs 2nd set of lawyers instructed and also never turned up at Cardiff Crown , a few weeks ago, promises to write to the court and ADMIT I had instructed them!  Now wants £4000 on the table before reading the depositions

16.24hrs  Call in to obtain a copy of a letter at a firm of  Bristol solicitors as police refuse me access tp my own flat to get my correspondence.

The letter's content speaks volumes!!!

High Noon  consultation wth forensic psychiatrist to establish, in the light

Today, Bristol solicitors, who should have turned up to Her Ladyship's court last time and the time before, are getting a visit and with the police, if need be.

Letter to LUIGI STRINATI of all courts in South Wales

 13 10 02 Luigi Stranati.docx

Tuesday 1st October 2013

Tomorrow I see the shrink on judge's orders.

The last one was, me in a wheel chair with four very irate gendarmes fooled by the South Wales Police having sectioned me under the French Act. They then had  taken me to Pontivy hospital, the idiots, where I was immediately identified as the hip replacement Englishman two years earlier.

I had insisted on fishing from my bed in the River Blavet and, when no one was looking, a few days after the op with blood drain bottles needing to be detached, legged it in my pyjamas to the opening day of the Pontivy Races.......a long story of meeting up at the aerodrome, after 31 years, with aging pilots who reminisced with much humour on how I flew away a very aerobatic SV4c Stampe biplane for £2000 and a £900 Emerude both very light on paperwork!....they fly faster, apparently.

My  Letter to CPS to try and get my interview DVD and fabricated new Caswell Clinic statements, that again had me gaoled without trial. All is needed for CAA and my Bristol 'shrink' consultation at 'High Noon'.

13 1 CPS Disclosure Deal.pdf

13 09 28 Joint Position Statement T 20130801.pdf




13 09 26 Psychiatric Evidence Applic T 20130801.pdf 





This took two years to obtain by numerous letters and visits to suffer the stench of that building and all it portrays.

This judge was quietly fixing conviction, sentence and Restraining Order......I have never managed to see the Crown Court orders to district judge John Charles (wash your mouth out , Maurice) with my name on it as a defendant does not just go on in Guernsey court rooms.

11 07 25 MAPPA Judgment.pdf

11 07 07 Cardiff Civil Justice Centre 11th July (1).pdf

11 03 03 SWP Order .pdf

11 02 22 Grounds.pdf

11 02 14 Consolidation and Transfer to High Court.doc

10 12 7 MJK MAPPA Executive Summary.pdf  

10 10 17 SWP Medical Welsh GMC REDACTED.pdf

10 06 24 SWP Cooke transcript (1).pdf

10 06 04 CAA Medical.pdf

09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED.pdf

09 12 01 Medical Kemp.pdf

09 10 19 4th Psych Rpt REDACTED.pdf 

09 10 01T20097445 KIRK PCMH & BAIL APP 01.10.09.pdf



When Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University  found out he had not had me incarcerated in Ashworth for life and was acquitted for police fabricated machine gun case he quickly back dated his medical records, obliterated all reference to actor, the Honourable Oliver Reed and lied and LIED expecting me to forget his evil conduct.

09 09 18 Professor Roger Wood false page.pdf

11 11 12 MAPPA p6 - 10.pdf

11 01 17 GMC REDACTED.pdf


10 06 24 SWP Cooke transcript (1).pdf

09 08 28 SPECT & MRI Scans.pdf

09 07 06 MG Trans.pdf 



MJK Arrested 22nbd June 2009 by Dolmans making written complaint 



22nd June 09 ARREST for trading in decommissioned WW1 Lewis machine guns

1st June 09 Bridgend Police HQ decision  for  MJK tov be left for 3 weeks, at large as a MAPPA level 3 victim, on the off chance of getting shot by police. 

09 06 19 64 pages of Witness Statement of Maurice John Kirkl.pdf

09 04 24 SWP Position Statement FINAL.pdf

09 02 25 Chief Constable Barbara Wilding

Feb 2009 Chief Constable and Dolmans fabricate affidavit and hands in her notice 

This is where one conspiracy was hatched following the Nov 08 judge ordering police for clarification of disclosure done and not done.

2008 MJK Civil damages claim against police enters the sensitive stage of DISCLOSURE and PII



2002  RCVS war at HM Privy Council caused by Guernsey and South Wales Police








2001 London to Sydney Air Race 

1970 First aircraft 

1965  RAF Hullington  Aerobatic Championships

1948 First Flying Lesson (can you see me?)

Wednesday 2nd October 2013 obtain information that I must not highlight the devil worshipping movement in this tangled web of intrigue or it may be curtains.