I have today received a Refusal by the Royal Courts of Justice to interfere with the CAA's decision to suspend my flying licences, months ago, just because the US Department of Homeland Security  told the CAA  I had landed on President Bush's front lawn and was ‘engaged in criminal activity' while both the FAA, local newspaper and McClellan County Sheriff say did not happen.

I enclose for my reader(s) an extract of the judgment to be appealed, the common theme, incidentally, relied on by not just by the RCVS, South Wales Police and Crown Prosecution Service but now the CAA.

Why?  To deliberately withhold disclosure of favourable evidence because each HM department is immune to prosecution under the seriously out dated and outrageous contradiction in terms to to Basic Human Rights, namely ‘Her Majesty's Royal Prerogative'. 

Extract of Royal Courts of Justice

Judgment 23rd July 2008-07-26

Maurice Kirk v Civil Aviation Authority


The wide ranging nature of article 27(1) (b) of the Air Navigation Order and of the discretion to suspend granted by Article 92(1) of the ANO is more than ample to confer jurisdiction the CAA to as it has done.

No error in law or other arguable basis for challenging the decision to suspend the applicant's private pilot's licence is disclosed by the application.