On landing at London Airport on 16th May from Huston, Texas, under escort by US Homeland Security officials, I went straight to the Civil Aviation Authority to find out why they had suspended my flying licences. CAA information disclosed only that I had landed on a road outside Mr Bush's front door.

The Federal Aviation Authority telephoned me, whilst I was still in Texas. I was about to fly her away from the Secret Service at Crawford, miles from President Bush's ranch, where they had kindly been guarding the Cub until my return from Austin State Hospital. I flew her out unsupervised.

The FAA clearly stated I had committed no US aviation offence by landing the aircaft in the farmer's field. I asked for all documentation from the US authorities sent to the CAA, justifying their action to ground me. These 6 pages were faxed to me and attached to my Emergency Judicial Review Application lodged this last Friday 23rd May 2008, at the Royal Courts of Justice for their Lordships' deliberations.

Today, Tuesday the 27th May 2008, the CAA now say they have 30 odd more pages from the US - for publication on this site later.

Watch this space.

See Downloads for CAA and RCJ  Documentation