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Reports on his current court case that started September 7, 2010 and previous stories. Please sign our online petition asking for Fair Trials and Compensation instead of an effective remedy before national authorities - in defence of Maurice and many other victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. Here's the newsletter that invited people to sign. And here are the first wonderful comments by signatories.

Breaking News:

October 2011: Maurice on hunger strike in HMP Cardiff. See Political asylum granted by France - to a British citizen - for the first time since the French Revolution... For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. Also, Maurice on a 12-minute video in Jersey.
  • Cub for South Africa

    There is right royal battle going on with CAA doctors prefering to believe the now sacked and banished police psychiatist from the kingdom. Wales demands not just judicial autonomy but also its own independant police force. I apparently have 'significant brain damage' and MAPPA 3/3 Classification....meaning I belong to the top 5% most dangerous within UK community....and no one will correct my medical records ..can anyone out there, please, help me? Tel 07708586202

  • My House offered for Public Court Records

    Sample of Cardiff Crown Court jury notes withheld from me  by HMC&TS, a servant of Cardiff's cabal

    This one I had to perloin from the vaults of the building long after my acquittal when no one was looking and not a penny compensation for the alleged 'dangerous driving'.

    The 4th May 12 'jury note' has a similar murky story. 

     15 05 02 The Wager.pdf

  • Criminal Cases Review Commission Refuse Disclosure of Musa Nigerian Snatched Children Haringay Council Restraining Order

    CCRC confirm, today, even my lawyers are not allowed magistrates' court log and clerk's notes jury asked for!!

    CCRC, CPS, Cardiff HMC&TS and judge all refuse to disclose court records of my 1st Dec 2011'Harassment ' conviction

    So who has the moral fibre to produce the proof of that order and MUSA Restraining Order service? (I was jailed for attempting to fly six of the kids back to Nigeria)

      15 04 24 Open letter.docx

    11 09 22 MUSA SNATCH KIDS BACK ORDER shr.pdf 

    House for public court records




  • My House for Cardiff Court Records re 9 Harassment Imprisonments

     11 09 22 MUSA SNATCH KIDS BACK ORDER shr.pdf

    Where is magistrates court record of this court service in my cell then?

     Phone nbg try 

    The jury asked for them and was refused and I asked for them, of course, as there is no record of any restraining order ever being served on me in the cells.

    CPS, polioce, judges and CCRC have them but we cannot.....does it stink?

    Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) appears to have washed its hands of the case. 

    MUSA six children snatch by Harringay Council is what it is actually all about. I was prevented from exposing the disgusting law firm, Spencer something in Kilburn High Street, stealing the legal aid whilst pretending to act before Musa parents gaoled 7 years.

    I was arrested for 'failing to attend' the vital hearing for their release.....just minutes after the 'restraining order ' was attempted to be stuffed into my pocket as I was being dragged out of my cell by very irrate Geomey custody officers wanting to go home. (Cardiff prison was ordered NOT to produce me to London court).

    Leaked HM Internal Memos.pdf

    See house in FOR SALE 



  • Just What Really Goes On in Our Courts

    21.34 hrs and I am still holding......

    21. 25 hrs    I ring South Wales Police101 number again as I am far from happy with Roger's 'advice' (advice I must say appropriate for the sort of calls I can imagine he is swamped with every night).  I am asked to hold...but not before suggesting it takes only one phone to arrange for the doctor's house to be burnt down to address the minds of those ultimately responsible for what they have done to both my family and my life.....

    21.07 hrs  I ring Roger Davies on police 101 number re advice: Do I go to court on 16th or go to a long overdue Bristol psychiatrist appointment  to get brain scan and establish once and for all I have a brain tumour or not?...... if not I can have my cancelled CAA medical restored to allow me to fly in the cub to South Africa.

    13th October

    13 05.10hrs

    No one seems to be listening around here so it means writing another laborious letter to inform the world just what really goes on in our UK law courts:

    Clerk to the Cardiff Crown Court BS614159/T20130801                                         13th Oct 2013

    Dear Madam,

    Regina v Maurice John Kirk (Kirk v South Wales Police) Further to my e-mail seeking advise as to which 16th October 13 appointment I take, my preferring the psychiatrist’s appointment as I have waited for over four years, I find there are still several Crown Court appeals and other outstanding issues relevant to the trial listed on 12th November 13.

    1.   My 12thApril 2013 appeal application (Case 62120007323) filed with the magistrates remains ignored despite reminders and despite my sixtieth odd Judicial Review Application paid for and posted.

    This is a residual matter from the 25th January 2010 jury trial, re my trading in machine guns. The fact that I was acquitted meant the South Wales Police, with malice afore thought, continue to refuse to return my property confiscated during their 22nd June 2009 dawn raid, brandishing automatic weapons.

    The truth of the matter was they simply wanted me jailed for anything to affect my current ongoing twenty year running civil trial and even attempted to snatch our ten year old daughter under Operation ‘Orchid’ to further undermine my, then, already fragile state of mind..

    2. Money for fifteen further court cases

    As my purloined collection of antiques and shot guns exceeded an estimated £10,000 in value may I apply for the residing Crown Court judge to order the immediate release of said property that I may dispense with the need of my applying for Legal Aid and delay the police may cause? District Judge Bodfan Jenkins continues to refuse to state a case for delayed JR.

    3.  My appeal for 'common assault' conviction from arresting a mischievous Cardiff barrister, attempting to pervert the course of justice yet again, needs to be listed for an early hearing except another hearing before that is needed, outside Wales, like last time, because this individual has, at this late stage, now employed another barrister, at tax payer’s expense, stating he does not like the thought of my cross examining him again.

    4. He is, of course, the Crown Prosecution lawyer who cross examined me in the past but is now fearful that my reason for his arrest may be disclosed to the general public. On 1st December 2011 this complainant, David Gareth Evans of 9 Park Place Chambers, Cardiff, was and still is, despite my years of countless applications for disclosure, privy to the content of court and cell CCTV, police, court and custody records that will clear my name to successfully apply to become a veterinary surgeon.

    5. Most important is the fact that both he and His Honour Judge Richard Thomlow  have access to the Cardiff Crown Prosecution computer that produced the draft version my ten witnesses all watched District Judge John Charles scribble all over before ordering it be shown to me in the cells for my approval. 6. The 4thMay12 jury, during my ‘Breach of a Restraining Order’ hearing, was, just like myself, refused sight of any of the above public records simply because Luigi Stranati, court manager, had not transferred the case to England as I had previously requested. When it suits the CPS, I notice, it is transferred to England like with the last two cases so similarly constructed. 7. That 4th May12 jury requested information that was all destroyed and will only be confirmed by, 'on who's orders', from David Gareth Evans if he is on oath but only if he is cross examined by myself.

    6 and 7 seem to have been removed to protect that nice doctor who was so wise in his diagnosis and report about M's brain...

    8.  He knows I NEVER EVER WAS SERVED THE RESTRAINING ORDER, to possibly breach about three days later, by anyone that day as it was arranged by the then Recorder of Cardiff, His Honour Judge Llewellyn Jones QC, on 14th November 2011 for a longer prison term (see clerk of court notes and High Court Order) with the usual intention for the prison to serve it upon my release.

    9.  But ‘the fearful sight of ten outsiders in the public gallery’ and Strinati sneaking in was just too much for the district judge who significantly shortened my prison sentence sufficiently enough for my immediate release.

    11 11 14 Cardiff High Court Acting Recorder of Cardiff Witheld Orders.pdf

    10.  Release for only twenty minutes, I hasten to add, before the next trumpeted up South Wales Police conspiracy unfolded and my arrest for ‘Failure to attend court’.

    11.  Just two days earlier, with me in prison, the Nigerian Musa family’s corrupt Kilburn High Street solicitors hearing succeeded as without my evidence they had buried the truth of their unlawful arranging of Tottenham police arresting both them and myself.

    12  Similarly iniquitous conduct, months earlier, by the Haringey Council’s huge lawyer team, had me gaoled from the High Court to further aid their lucrative snatching of the six Nigerian children.

    13.  Mr Evans also knows, full well, that had John Charles allowed me to have cross examined the rogue police psychiatrist, under exemptions under the 1998 Harassment Act in the first place, in November11 and again by His Honour Judge Hughes refusing me in 1st March12 appeal of the conviction, none of these cases mentioned in this letter, today, needed to have been outstanding AND that includes my stayed civil police harassment trial BS614159

    14.  The police refusing to allow Newport office to issue me with a new passport, this week, my having previously had my current one unlawfully confiscated by the Defendant in my civil claims is just power for the couse for an Englishman in Cardiff.

    15.  Legal Aid is still not processed as Luigi Stranati still refuses my right, even on the telephone, to try and clarifying the Legal Aid queries my Bristol solicitors received when they gave up with the Welsh court. wishing no disrespect to the presiding judge my health, with or without a psychiatric examination, will affect whether I can even speak in any further court rooms as my only legal commitment is, I submit, to attend and not necessarily need to speak

    16.   Disclosure applications for information controlled by David Gareth Evans, CPS and the police, still need to be re addressed for both the outstanding appeal and this imminent trial.

    17.  I propose asking for a number of witness summonses to be served and as their subsequent counter measures will be both lengthy and expensive, may I suggest that both primary and Section 8 disclosure be ordered within seven days in the light of their refusal in disclosing my interview DVD and depositions from the last aborted trial.

    18. I was entitled to all this from the very start and with a pragmatic expeditious process just as it was in all my three previously successful occasions in Bristol Crown Court concerning completely unrelated criminal allegations.

    19. To reduce the number of appeals envisaged, following successful service of summonses on hostile defence witnesses and to counter this deliberate delay of my civil claims are you able, as a criminal court order independent arbitration because, while I still breath, there will be many more malicious prosecutions ahead?

    20. Police withheld disclosure of CCTV,telephone and computer records created by the two complainants, Mark Davenport and Nathan Kingsley, before, during and after, alleged assault and subsequent 'intimidation of a witness' alleged incidents need addressing as the police already have mine and will not disclose as unlawful MAPPA level 3 24/7 surveillance continues here in South Wales.

    21. I have been denied access in the past to this court room to give evidence, as last time, on precisely these very same issues when  raised but, as usual, blocked by 'dark forces', 'the powers that be' that pullute society today. 

    22. The time before that, on 2nd December 2009, the CPS barrister, Richard Thomlow, also of 9 Park Place Chambers, supported the police psychiatrist in the conspiracy to strike out my current suspended civil case, BS614159, by applying for my being incarcerated in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital for life. (see enclosed 16th October 2009 REDACTED police/Caswell Clinic psychiatric report).

    09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED.pdf


    23.  Barbara Wilding, past Chief Constable, had failed earlier in having me shot on 18th June 2009 but only because there were far too many CCTV cameras and armed police in attendance, inside police HQ, to cover it all up an unlawful killing.

    24. The South Wales Police have ‘proof of innocence’ and evidence of complainants lying for material gain but, as usual in my criminal cases are, not always so minded in telling any one. His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC has indicated I may apply through his civil court in order that I may get access to my legal papers and clothes in my flat but the police strenuously oppose it.

    25.  I humbly submit that only the Cardiff Crown Court can vary the bail restrictions following twelve police officers threatening to arrest my daughter's Bristol based bailiff carrying out his lawful duties in eviction of the said squatters.

    26.   I declined His Honour's offer as I was aware of legal proceedings had already commenced from England. Luigi Stranati would have again 'burnt the mid night oil' in blocking any new judicial process of mine especially as the Cardiff Cabal appears to have over reached itself this time.

    3 09 16 GBH on Bailiff.pdf 3 09 16 GBH on Bailiff.pdf

    27.  The police continue to oppose my having a passport as it is a potential threat, not just to retrieve my papers in Brittany but to their incestuous little world of money making, generally at the expense of the UK tax payer. My visit to France, to find a lawyer, may also lead to the ordering from London that Luigi Stranati allow me access to public court counters in order to process my Legal Aid application papers to expedite outstanding litigation including the machine gun/MAPPA/NHS (Wales) conspiracy implicating so many in both the judiciary and executive of The Principality.

    28. Dolmans, Cardiff solicitors, have acted for all the Chief Constables in my twenty year running civil damages claim, for relentless police bullying and malicious prosecutions and in particular over the 'machine gun' case advising over IAG and MAPPA meetings and PII/MAPPA disclosure opposition, in the civil court, once I was acquitted of trading in WW1 machine guns bolted to display aircraft. Not only was the process of my being sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act ultra vires, with immunity given to the rogue police psychiatrist, the continuing bullying throughout the four month civil trial I consider as a criminal act with intent to pervert the course of justice.


    29.  Today I am told by two witnesses from 5th May 2012 Crown Court public gallery that, following the jury passing a written note to the trial judge, in my absence, with regards to CCTV, court or custody records being in existance with the recording of the alleged service of a ‘restraining order’ on me in the cells, CPS barrister David Gareth Evans was heard to deliberately misinform the jury to obtain a conviction.   30. I make application to listen to the court tapes, for both the outstanding Evans appeal and 12th November proposed trial, see original documentary evidence of service, under the laws of best evidence, purported to recorded in both 1st December 2011 GEOamey custody records as well as magistrate court clerk Michael Williams’contemporaneous , as all previous requests have always been refused.      

     Seventeen arrests since and without a single successful conviction causes me to wonder whether anarchy  really does reign supreme here in South Wales.

    I remain Your Obedient Servant, 

    Maurice J Kirk BVSc

    Copy to County Court & CCRC 

    12th October

    13 05.10hrs

    No one seems to be listening around here so it means writing another laborious letter to inform the world just what really goes on in our UK law courts:



    11th Oct 13 11.36hrs



     My letter to Cardiff Crown & County Courts16th October 13 Crown Court Hearing for Pleadings


    This date clashes with court ordered Bristol psychiatric examination of me and speaking on Bristol radio, my being just another South Wales Police MAPPA victim subjected to their relentless bullying.


    1. To which appointment, please, do I attend?

    2. Just who has the power, in Wales, to order area HMC&TS court manager, Luigi Stranati, to allow me to process a Legal aid application at Cardiff Magistrates court public counter when I have been banned by him from all South Wales court counters since 2008?

    3. Just who has the power to make the rogue Cardiff police psychiatrist to hand over the evidence, written albeit under MAPPA blackmail, that is denying me my CAA pilot's licence in order to by Solid Savings" mce_href="">compete in the Schneider Trophy Race and now fly to South Africa?

    4. Just who has the power when I am purported to be diagnosed with both 'significant brain damage' and a possible brain tumour, when confirmed by HM Crown Prosecution Service in 2nd December 2009 Crown Court hearing, over some matter about my trading in machine guns and to be sectioned to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital? Neither doctor nor barrister, Your Ladyship and Your Honour, had the relevant qualifications and were both lying with intent to pervert the course of justice.

    5. Just who has the power to make the South Wales Police hand back my passport, currently unlawfully withheld, following their blocking HM Newport Passport Office from issuing me with another to obtain legal papers from France?

    6.Just who has the power to make the South Wales Police hand over evidence requested by 4th May 2012 jury (Breach of Restraining Order) indicated in their succinct note to His Honour Judge John Curran QC, unbeknown to me, if not your local Masonic lodge?

    7. A similar jury note is likely to be repeated on12th November 2013 so who has the power then, in Wales, to order the South Wales Police to disclose my police/court/prison custody records, clerk of the court records and CCTV, both recorded at incidents and whilst I was in custody, not forgetting the numerous interview, under caution, DVDs denied me on so many previous occasions? 



    Maurice J Kirk BVSc

    10th October  0.600 hrs

    Tim and myself are up bright and early, in a valley deep into West Devon , to harvest his first crop of Pinot Noir and Solaris grapes.

    (Faulty camera is preventing me from down loading a record of the day's activities)

    Here is a photo Tim took earlier before the dreaded Botritis blighted the his hard work.......Next year we will have many, many grapes to press with our big feet! (see previous blogs)

  • MAPPA ANARCHY BREAKS OUT IN WALES (society without government or law) or Another South Wales Police Stitch UP?

    9th Oct  IN SEARCH of PASSPORT

     09.30hrs   to Newport to buy another passport for France in two months!

     10.08hrs   fill in forms , photos etc

    10.30hrs  I am refused passport as enquiries have to be made as to why South Wales police confiscated the last one....just ring them I was the definitive reply and so started two hours of ping pong between two police forces both trying to wash their hands of the matter

    BUT The Recorder of Cardiff has twice, now, stated the seizing of my passport by the Defendant in my civil damages claims was nothing to do with her court like no one seems to be allowed to order Luigi Stranati to allow me access to the court public counter, these past five years, to process my damages claims against the police, like the current civil court trial judge has not obtained the minutes of Caswell Clinic MAPPA surveillance and meetings that took place, unlawfully, in the police doctor's very own office without any other MAPPA agents present.

    At least, after my two years of applying, I obtain, through the court, an 'EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of MAPPA meetings but drafted by solicitors for the Defendant, Adrian Oliver of Dolmans Legal Advisor to police, MAPPA et al!

     This document was written only by my countless applications and, of course, was fabricated because I won the machine e gun case  many months earlier, a small matter not planned for in the Cardiff cabal's stinks, doesn't it?

    10 12 7 MJK MAPPA Executive Summary.pdf


    10.45hrs  I have heated and long conversation with Gwent police who, as soon as Cardiff is mentioned, cut the conversation saying it is for the South Wales Police to sort out. This leads to SWP putting exactly the same argument in reverse so, after 20 minutes of ping pong between some six or so departments I leave and go to Newport Central police station only for the same bit of nonsense to be repeated.

    So much for getting to France and getting my legal papers for police damages case...So much for psychiatric examination as Cardiff Crown appear to want me there on , 16th on same day.....The CAA pilot's licence  and my state of mind takes priority as it has taken me over years, so far, to getting a proper examination (other than CAA Gatwick one in 2011) and possibly a brain scan!

    13.30hrs  give up arguing and leave Newport


    Just who runs this Country of Wales, anyway? The South Wales Police or our democratically elected so called Welsh Assembly supposedly backed by the ‘rule of law’?

     17 arrests 6th Oct Mauice Kik v Chief Constable of South Wales Police BS614159.pdf

      Current Position Statement 13 10 09 Dear Bruce.pdf

    Police caught on their own video seriously assaulting me

    Abuse of ProcessChart JR 8751 2007 8th Jan 2008.doc

    I am arrested convicted in my absence because Cardiff prison had orders not to get me to court for fear of exposing Kilburn High Street lawyers/Musa multi million child snatching two years police successful oppose m bail for failing to attend  Haringey court!!! 


    7th Oct 9am Cardiff Magistrates again to try to process legal papers, Legal Aid for pending 12th Nov Crown Court


    Extract from Legal Aid Application form

    Shyster Svengali Stranati refuses me entry to sot out queries ......He expected me to do it by post!......Bristol lawyers have already given in that method which is why I was there! Threatened police if I try and get in without an appointment....Stranati ordered I cannot go to public counter but to discuss all the docs on Legal Aid in entrance and foyer.

    10.30 am Crown Court  I try and report situation because it is that court that ultimately needs them for 12th Nov  trial.....

    Overnight I have looked again and see that just because Guernsey, out of spite effuses to give me a pension that is why I am penalised for only £70 a week state pension.......(see Guernsey blogs and photo gallery for explanation why HM are doing this)

     Ah! I detect another pink marked query by magistrates and sent back to m Bristol very valuable blue Peugeot was not identified by number plate! 


    Outside Cardiff Crown court not allowed in the building to apply to a judge to intervene to get access to m legal papers in m Cardiff flat

    10.50 am  Back to magistrates again refused entry...Luigi Stranati's in his office but refuses to speak or see me (now there's a challenge, when I consider you crept into the back of my 1st Dec 2011 'Harassment' trial to gloat as another judge. the Recorder of Cardiff, already fixed outcome on 14th Nov in some gold fish bowel with the bullet proof glass to protect me). Stranati there to watch barbaric mate, John Charles', conduct a disgusting example of what goes on around here especially if you are English, their  stench still lingers in my nostrils).

    Door man told me to write in to process the paperwork!!!! ....but my Bristol lawyers have thrown in the towel in on that subject  (see previous blogs) as we head in Cardiff Crown.  

    NB [Luigi Stranati , in 2003, had sent my court files, against the police, to HM Treasury Solicitor to have me registered VEXATIOUS LITIGANT, lost some and failed in the process].

    IS this thought of thing going on in a court near you in England?

    Leaked HM Internal Memos.pdf

    Summary of years leading up for the need of Stranati/.Barbara Wilding/RCVS/ machine gun/ Caswell Clinic/ Dolmans Conspiracy  getting out of control because they stupidly used a jury trial instead of offering more money to the 2nd psychiatrist to sign me out to Ashworth for life

    08 06 25 SWP Summary.pdf RCVS ECRO Abuse of Process.pdf


     This  greedy individual deliberately held back key police statements and custody records until forced to produce late in the trial, the enclosed sample page of 16th May 2002 being such an example.  Exemplary evidence given by retired Llantwit Major Sgt Stephen Booker, whilst ill, will be always be appreciated by the Claimant and his family.


    Did you spot the 'GUERNSEY TRIGGER' that led to 20 years of South Wales Police bullying?   

     Divorce swindle

    Divorce  papers with the Cardiff court, right now, indicate Vale of Glamorgan estate agents and agent provocateur deliberately under valued my airfield at least  £300,000 if not more.....a swindle just waiting to happen around here in this sort of climate!

    Now, for plan g

    Patrick after addressing The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons


   (Patrick's photograph)


     Peter Vaughan Chief Constable of South Wales Police. Did this man  have incentive to send this Police National Computor snippet.  to the police station in My Brittany village ? That led to my night in a police cell and 30 mile drive to Pontivy hospital onhly to be recognised, with hoots of laughter, by one of my nurses during my hip replacement op!....a very brief version of story, I assure you. Why op in France?,,,,,,no one would operate in South Wales as I had 'significant brain damage




    The man on the left, I know well, would not of looked out of place as guard in Hitler's Belsen concentration camp

     The man behind it all on.....


    A beach in North Island NZ following Sir Francis Chichester's flight to Queensland....picking up 'go juice' hidden in a hay field hedge 100 nautical north of customs clearance to Norfolk Island


    Stuff the lot of them.....I'm off to Table Top Mountain, then onto the Falkland Islands  and then......


    10 11 24 GMC Complaint REDACTED.pdf

    11 01 17 GMC REDACTED.pdf

    12 04 21 MJK Psychiatric Summary REDACTED.pdf

    10 12 7 MJK MAPPA Executive Summary.pdf

    I have for four years now been dogged by the Welsh police constantly bullying me, in every way imaginable, anything to try and stop my preparation in my numerous civil proceedings against them and exposing the extensive ‘cover up’ in both  Bridgend Police HQ and  their nearby forensic medium security NHS (Wales) psychiatric hospital, known as Caswell Clinic.

    13 09 05 MJK to courts.docx 

    In 2009 I was incarcerated there under the 1983 Mental Health Act without trial or doctor’s clinical examination of his patient for the fanciful charges, carrying a mandatory sentence of ten years, of trading in machine guns (a decommissioned WW1 Lewis machine gun bolted to a Farnborough Show display aircraft.


    18th June 2009 I am at Police HQ to exchange witness statements with Barbara Wilding in BS614159 damages case. Meanwhile police call in motor patrol off the M4, a long way away, to examine my vehicle thoroughly. I second team arrive looking for a machine gun, I found out a few days later but  someone overlooked asking me for her whereabouts. I could have told them, had I'd known meaning I would never have been subjected to these further years of extreme police bullying being allowed by the guards who guard the guardians. 

    Alex photo update, 15 years on  is it?  somewhere emigrating to Aus,  Saigon maybe?

    face book will not open ....sorry



    Since then, for example, I have been arrested no less than seventeen times and locked up for weeks at a time with no successful convictions achieved or subsequent disclosure of the purported evidence gathered by the Welsh police and Crown Prosecution Service to have justified any of it in the first place. 

    This all dates back to when, on 22nd June 2009, I had been arrested by twenty or so armed police, using a helicopter concocted in that manner by having me registered as a MAPPA level 3 Victim (terrorist level) to avoid the subsequent trial.

     My long running civil damages claims, for well over one hundred malicious and numerous false imprisonments, causing my name being removed from the veterinary register, had just reached the critical stage for the police having to disclose custody records, names of eye witnesses and other sensitive material.

    The then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, had taken over personal charge following another ring leader, Adrian Oliver of Dolmans, solicitors, defending her in my civil claims, having deviously drafted an affidavit for her to sign. It was riddled with lies to cover up embarrassing incidents and court cases that had even occurred.

    One such incident was when a Cardiff chief inspector’s daughter had had a miscarriage blamed on me for her eviction from a surgery flat while another was an equally farcical Barry magistrates hearing to avoid the identity of those in 24/7 covert surveillance on me, my practice vehicles and my veterinary practice between 1992  and 2002. Harassment all but disappeared after that month and was only resurrected in 2009 following the need to ‘exchange witness statements’ and set date for trial.

    Adrian Oliver then arranged to have me arrested, while taking my ten year old daughter to school, for a fabricated allegation of ‘threats to do criminal damage’ and of course, only to promptly withdrew the allegation to avoid it also being put to strict proof thereof. It took me several years through the courts before the authorities finally begrudgingly disclosed the frivolous facts scribbled on police MG11 witness statement

    Police, having now successfully locked me up again, tried then to snatch our little girl under code name ‘orchid’, using their version of MAPPA (Multi Agency Public Protection) legislation without ever telling me until just before the ‘machine gun’ trial, in January 2010, when a prison officer told me, while refusing to give reasons, my name was not on a MAPPA register anymore!

     By 7th August 2009 police had succeeded in having me transferred from Cardiff prison to Caswell Clinic thereby implicating Dr Roger Thomas and seventeen doctors and psychologists charged now with the fabrication of medical evidence to have me locked up for life in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital.

    This 'opinion' refers to critical 2nd Dec 2009 Crown Court records currently withheld from me and the Bristol psychiatrist for preparation of 2013 Cardiff Crown Court Report........Noddy Land and HM Guernsey all over again?

    Guernsey bullies also try and play the 'Gulag card'



    09 09 02 OPINION OF 2nd Interim Psychiatric Report.doc 

    Well over four years down the line, now, I am still faced with day to day South Wales Police bullying with numerous other Cardiff institutions now in on the act.

    I am, for example, two weeks down the road and still little further forward in this list that was submitted to the Cardiff Crown Court in order to allow continuance of case number BS614159 Maurice Kirk v Chief Constable of South Wales Constabulary.  

    Claimant’s Applications to the Recorder of Cardiff include:

    Chief Constable Peter Vaughan to immediately return the Claimant’s passport

    HM Cardiff prison to immediately release The Claimant’s confiscated legal papers and clothes required for both his civil and criminal outstanding litigation

    Her Majesty' Crown Court representative, the Crown Prosecution Service (Wales), to immediately disclose both past and present depositions levelled against The Claimant and ordered by Her Honour Eleri Rees

    The Claimant be allowed immediate access to his GP

    The Claimant be promised clarification, within seven days, as to why he is  still a registered NHS (Wales) mental health patient of Caswell Clinic but refused a follow-up clinical examination and brain scan

    The Claimant be promised, within seven days, disclosure from both HM Judge Thomlow and Caswell Clinic's Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams previously undisclosed evidence that The Claimant has 'significant brain damage' and  cancer sufficient to prevent The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons allowing him to practise veterinary surgery, The Civil Aviation Authority in renewing his professional pilot's licences and for their MAPPA level 3 victim be incarcerated in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital for life

    The Claimant be allowed all civil and criminal Cardiff cases to be, within seven days, transferred to any other courts within their jurisdiction  but not in South Wales

    The Claimant be immediately granted court protection from the continuing criminal conduct and threats to his life by still some within the South Wales Police

    The Claimant be immediately granted unfettered Legal Aid and access to a lawyer independent of the notorious Cardiff Cabal

    At best the Crown Court has, at last, ordered a proper investigation of my Welsh clinical history by a forensic psychiatrist in England and I have succeeded in temporarily registering with a doctor in Barry which is far from satisfactory. The thankless task of finding a lawyer continues across the country but the court will not allow me to reside elsewhere other than two addresses identified on the current outrageous bail conditions.

    This wide spread corruption in both the judiciary and legislature, here in Wales, has so severely affected my numerous courts and compounded by my being gaoled for harassing the then Clinical Director of Caswell Clinic I have laboriously pressed for all court proceedings to be heard well outside the control of the South Wales Police Constabulary.. The 1998 Harassment Act affords me complete protection when in the successful pursuit in detecting or further preventing crime by this thoroughly deceitful doctor now being protected by so many, as the conspiracy pervades, for fear my sights may turn in their direction and risk their state pensions.

    This pollution pervades, for example:

    Extract taken from 4th May 2012 Cardiff Crown Court hearing at approx. 10.45am

    JUDGE CURRAN:    Do you intend give evidence?

    MR KIRK:   It depends on whether you let me get my legal papers that are down stairs.

    JUDGE CURRAN:   Mr Kirk, I am not going to let you get at what you call your legal papers.

    (John Curran NOT Patrick Curran)

    (In anticipation, as in the 'machine gun jury trial where I also was denied my legal papers in the Cardiff court room, key documents were smuggled in per rectum)

    Caswell Clinic Medical Records Leak REDACTED.pdf

    At the inevitable Criminal Court of Appeal hearing, in February 2013, following a ‘Breach of a Restraining Order’, never served on me in the first place, my conviction handed down by His Honour Judge Curran, in my absence, was upheld.

    Not only at the original 4th May 2012 jury trial was I not there to give evidence or call witnesses, based on medical grounds, but CPS barrister prosecuting, David Gareth Evans, had deliberately misled the court over the simply proved fact that it was a part hand written draft of the Restraining Order that was taken down to my cell on 1st December2011 all caught on CCTV but, of course, is being withheld.

    My recent letter to another member of Cardiff’s corrupt ‘inner circle’, Mr Luigi Stranati, has also been almost completely ignored when copied to all Cardiff courts. It was sparked by his recent back dating of his 2008 letter, with little legal standing what so ever, preventing me free access to the Cardiff court public counters in order to process my litigation

    Mr Luigi Stranati

    Area Manager HMC&TS Manager

    2nd October2013

    Dear Sir,

    Please take this letter as pre action protocol notice that I am commencing legal proceedings against both you and others within HM judiciary (Wales) for conspiring, with criminal intent, in that you maliciously, long before you tried to have me registered as a ‘vexatious Litigant’ in circa 2003, had my name removed from the veterinary register.

    Maurice J Kirk BVSc

    Copies to:

    Alun Cairns MP and John Hemming MP

    13 09 16 GBH on Bailiff.pdf

     13 10 02 SWP Bailliff GBH.pdf

    Chronology of Collusion REDACTED.docx

    Almost 90%  losses in police prosecutions  SCHEDULE SWP FINAL.pdf

    13 07 15 L FINAL Claimants Closing Submissions BS614159.doc 

     FOR SALE  Mini Max sold & cub currently on offer, Taylorcraft BEST OFFER..... Vast reduction in prices in France as I have run out of money!


    This pollution pervades, for example:

     Please do not have your attention diverted by pretty pictures but focus on the issues best summed up by this typical incestuous attempt to cover up a deceitful CPS barrister, David Gareth Evans who has promised the police psychiatrist immunity to criminal prosecution knowing doctors, generally, are immune to professional negligence or any variation of it.

    It stinks, doesn't it?

     Well, I am off to Table Top  asap and then Falklands and stuff the lot of them

  • 4 Days to Alderney Schneider Trophy--Bristol Bailiff Threatened Arrest by 12 Police Officers --Maurice Now Jailed for Entering Cardiff Prison

    Monday 23rd Sept


    Speak to Jeff in Alaska, re express flying in my set of floats for Sunday's Schneider Trophy,can be done but there is delay in getting them to Alderney from Gatwick means the cub may need to stay in Southampton Water, on the South Sea  beach, until Thursday night 

    Based at Southsea is my specialist in the field and in other things, I might say, being rather an unusual sort of pilot for Wales to spawn. Captain Steve Davies is very safe in the air but elsewhere, well, some may consider debateable. (For latest Floats Alaska e-mails see sequence below.


    Still waiting at CAA  air Crew Licencing Gatwick and should of slept have in the car!

    Urgently need two head sets and hand-held assuming cub radio is not working lease borrow or steel as needed pdq!


    09 .49hrs

    Schneider Trophy Air Race number allocated  69



    At a Biggin Hill B&B to wash clothes etc, looking for my old mate Singh Bamrah (last seen mustering his man to sort my radio minutes before start of 2001 race to Sydney).

    Time to put up a couple of Thruxton shots before being on route for front of queue at Air Crew Licencing CAA Gatwick    Thruxton, I remember in1965 where Mike White and myself did our first parachute jump out of a tired old Draqon Rapide biplane.....  me landing on concrete and Mike finishing up- in a tree!

    On the way back nearly fiddled our way into RAF Boscombe, with our BUAS RAFVR APO uniforms on, to see the TSR2 tragedy caused by Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson.


    My GFT completed now its Gatwick, LAA in Bucks and back to the cub in Winchester



    South Wales Police block phone calls out of and my visitors/witnesses/helpers into Cardiff prison which may focus the minds of a few sheeple out there of the true state of our judiciary.


    Sunday 22nd Sept



     A phone call at 1.24am Sunday morning 22 Sept. told that Maurice was arrested on entering Cardiff prison after being told to go there to pick up his passport.
    No further info is given.


    From the 6th Sept. 13: Maurice leaves prison and is found lieing on pavement:

    Maurice arrested again 23 Aug. 13:

    See Maurice Kirk’s site for much more on his 20+ year battles with the Welsh Cabal…
    please see the shocking Musa case, 7 children stolen by a London council:
     - the Baylis family case, Norman Scarth, Maurice Kirk, Hollie Greig:
    my blog: http://www.butlincat.blogspot.comfacebook:!/
    youtube: Reply Reply to all Forward

    1929 Schneider Trophy You Tube


     A cold & foggy Biggin Hill start for 2001 London/Sydney Race

    My memory is bad, nowadays, but I am not sure if this is the route I took?

    In the meantime looking for three lists of pilots who also had a 'flight of a life time' ( cant find them either so back down to rummage in the garden shed and up in the attic).





    Schneider Trophy Race 27th/28th/29th September 2013 Alderney


    Diary Count Down


    Saturday 21st Sept

    04.10hrs   My dongle is dead ive has used up 3 GB in no time and no way to  top up so its  down to McDonalds empty car park near Barry docks

    04.40 hrs   Open yesterday's post found on the car seat in amongst the rubbish.   Great, that is just what I want with such precious few hours left in the week to get to Alderney by Friday sun set +30! Contingency plans considered to fly Cardiff Delta Charlie Tango to Alderney on D-Day 10 gallon tank


    Police have told Maurice to pickup his passport , for Alderney race, at prison despite prison officer Rogan denying, on two occassions, it is at the prison!Jeff rings up and insists he be witness .

    They both wait for over 30 minuters as kept waitingf.

    Then, of all poeple Rogan opens the prison gates and comes out ranting.

    Maurice goes in demanmding hisp asport after refering to the nonsence to the Recorder of Cardiff in court a week earlyer

    Rogan orders gates lock him in.

    Rogan is arrested for suspicionm of theft

    Police arrive inclyudi8ng the police man ewhoi had to0ld KIRK to go gert his passport and refusionmg to witness or assist further.

    Arrested for entering HM prison withiout permission abnd common assaut on Rogan despite, yet again , for the 4th time now all on CCTV but controled by Cardiff Cabal

    KIRK now due in Cardiff Crown at 10am Fri re trial by jury agenda and has to land in Alderbney , bright eyed and bushy tailed, by 30 mins after sun set that night in a WW2 cub G-KURK


    Friday 20th Sept

    I Still have no aircraft race number allocated to me and for  tail on of my Liberty Girl II because:

    1  My licenced has lapsed....needs GFT and  with my precision log book, recovery from my Cardiff flat or a confounded time consuming vist to my dear cuddly friends of CAA, Gatwick, for new one

    2. Wrong insurance on the Piper Cub, registration G-KURK, means needs re vamping just for Guernsey!

    3. She still needs  three hours more of flight tests to issue Permit (MOT) cert to be rushed up to and  presented at LAA HQ

    4. She still needs radio or hand-held. URGENT Can any one lend/sell + head sets,  please?  Hand -held got me to Australia , alright , in her stable mate, Liberty Girl I's little jolly..

    5. There is still no Cardiff Court order for my getting police escorted access to my own flat to retrieve safety equipment/ EPERB/North Sea Survival suit etc

    6. Police  have confiscated my passport and refused to return it contrary to Her Honour Judge Eleri Rees,The Recorder of Cardiff's explicit remarks in court, this week

    7. Cardiff squatters, with convictions including prison terms for GBH/drug dealing and multiple thefts, even had the assistance of 12 uniformed South Wales Police officers to be in attendance when their sergeant threatened my daughter's Bristol based court bailiff with arrest if he did not immediately vacate her own premises. [His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC has had to stop my 20 year running trial until, on police bullying and malicious prosecutions, in order  I may get access to my Cardiff premises and Breton house in France. 

    8. When test flights are completed, (I am not allowed within a 5 mile radius of her, apparently, until certified), my WW2 D-Day cub still needs her engine and log books express delivered to LAA HQ at Torweston, Bucks airfield, for a one day paperwork examination owing to my sophisticated 'Kirkularising' mods that needed to be done for her flight to South Africa (then on to the Falklands, with I hope, better luck this time).

    and some cash, patience, energy, sleep and 'a bit of luck' thrown in, is all still needed!



    Friday 08.50  20th  Sept 


    car broken down with 450  miles of driving needed in 2 days (scabies ointment on camera lens having just had 3 sleepless nights waiting to get Benz Benz  from doctor ,now some new remedy at ten times the price!  Infection caught, no doubt, in HM Cardiff prison) where my legal papers etc are unlawfully withheld) 

    Steve and Matthew of Main St garage , Barry are  quick on the job!

    GFT booked for this week-end to validate vy flying licence (subject to prison expediting the booked10th September psychiatric examination and much overdue follow up brain scan).....some progress, at least
     11.50 hrs 
    hospital 'slipped in', at very short notice, an overdue examination and refused my right to examine the X-rays! 
    New insurance docs will be here by Monday
    Test flying is being carried out as we speak (Phil will let you know how its going)
    no guarantee it will be finished today.
    Phil will let you know when you can pick up the paperwork for LAA
    Have you sorted your licence?
     you will need that sorted otherwise the insurance would be invalid

    20 years of Taffia interference (ECHR Article 8 etc ) continues, not accounting for 70's South Wales Police incident's including the hilarious nonsense over  Isle of Man kippers flown into Swansea in my rare J4 Auster, G-AIJM & the quiet incident in Auster Tugmaster, G-ARGI, severely denting a police officer's car roof on take-off from Haverford West, just before sun set, to go duck shooting in NI and attend the Enniskillen Hunt Ball....and the Hawker Hunter, scrambled from RAF Brawdy, minutes later.


    LUIGI STRANATI (part of Cardiff Cabal)

    Area manager of all South Wales courts has orchestrated so many malicious prosecutions, guaranteed immunity to prosecution only because his 'HM' ticket

    Examine the abuse, in law, in the content of this sample! He sent al my court files to Whitehall for a load of lawyers to study,...what did that cost the tax payer???



    'No Jurisdiction' For a conquered Nation I find that pretty rich!

    Her Ladyship was quick to remind me of the apparent law......following the CPS eventually dropping my enforced 2012 imprisonment, in Bristol and Cardiff prisons ,this time, without trial. Her Majesty's representative knew no Crown Court can now order police to disclose the two doctors' utterly fabricated July 12 complaint statements thereby allowing the two police psychiatrist to continue to draw £300,000 for their second year, without working for the NHS (Wales). It stinks, doesn't it?

    Immunity to prosecution is because their fabricated MAPPA and August 2009 psychiatric reports to eventually get me to Ashworth, was signed for Barbara Wilding's personal benefit to delay both my civil damages claim and the WW1 Lewis 'machine gun' trial off my Farnborough flown DH2.

     My shot of the Red Arrows over 2000 Farnborough air Show following a personal invitation by my old Filton days, Brian Trubshaw, saying on the phone the committee had insisted no one was to fly her but myself (clearly, there was also with them some long term aggro with the Campaign Against Aviation )! 

     Just how many more Cardiff court rooms do I have to enter before I hear common sense for someone to simply say,

     "the evidence that you suffer from a 'paranoid delusional disorder' will be disclosed 'as of right' if the police keep having you gaoled on the strength of it".

     I am English first and British second as father taught us six kids while we sat around the breakfast table each day.

     And lest we not forget our school boy hero who won a Military Cross in mud of Picardy for but one reason?

     "You can be black and be a British Subject", if I recall him saying or something similar.

    My many hours spent in both the Taunton Crown and magistrates courts during my misspent youth, possibly, for 'speeding too low' or regularly arriving from St Servan or Morlaix, often in the 'dead of night', a rather too light on  the old paper work  and accompanying a frail old French lady, has taught me, if nothing else, that; truth will out' however hard the buggers try it not to. 

     Low Flying Conviction Quashed with out the need of Evidence


    I really have had a right belly full of Cardiff courts and this week's experience was no exception.

     I dutifully arrived at number one court to have my lawyers from England apply for 'variation' to my draconian bail conditions so I go and sit in the public gallery with human rights workers from afar to give me moral support. We soon were to hear my barrister, there to more politely apply than I ever could after twenty years of that  place but no one had turned up to represent me, me just out of prison again and in a tatty tee shirt and with no comb for my hair!

    I had repeated the usual 'pre fight planning' requirements, for which the Kirk's are so famous  and had travelled to England and spent most of the week between countless Bristol, Bridgwater and Taunton solicitors and barristers' chambers in the futile hope of finding a lawyer to take on, at least, the 'machine gun' damages case and if not the equally easy, 'no win no fee, medical negligence case about their police psychiatrist fabricating medical evidence for huge material gain.

    As for the day's South Wales Police criminal charges, I was facing, I had already lost in excess of one million pounds since crossing the old Severn bridge back in 1992, to by a Welsh veterinary practice in the Vale of Glamorgan and is bluntly indicated in both my banks statements and particulars of claim, if any one thinks I am a liar, listed as court documents after two divorces adjudicated through Cardiff's Civil Justice Centre.

    A barrister recently suggested I may now be eligible for 'Legal Aid' so  I picked, at random, a Bristol lawyer to at least show me how to fill up the forms. I had taken the usual precaution, when placing your freedom in someone else's' hands, primarily accountable to the court and not their client, to instruct several attorneys to attend as it had not been the first time in Wales my appointed lawyers have failed to act on the day due tafia interference.

    I had crossed the bridge to pay the £6.20p fine for entering Wales, a bridge , I recalled I flew was the first to fly under in the 60s in a lovely old  RAF Chipmunk, whilst being paid twelve and six and a day  ......More later ..'I have to see a man about a dog', as dad would no, on checking e-mails before hitting the sack what have we here?

    !t is now late Friday 20th Sept and still not one lawyer has contacted me, for the 14th November jury trial, with CPS still refusing to disclose even my copy of interview video under caution made in a Cardiff police station.......'nothing new under the Sun' where Cardiff Cabal is concerned.



    I am trying to get floats fitted to Liberty Girl 11 by Friday night so if too dark, approaching zone boundary, I can land enter around Alderney break water  at around breakfast time, Saturday and hopefully, with a few mackerel). 

    My cub floats in Alaska to be shipped for Schneider Trophy on Alderney and November 13 Tower Bridge float plane Regatta in 'The Pool of London' where my daughter, Belinda, set off to successfully row around England , Wales and Scotland!


    The cub floats just need shipping air mail pdq!

    Jeff Walker
    18:04 (1 hour ago)
    to me
    I dont know much about your part of the country. the shipper will want to know the nearest major port that you would like them to arrive at. help me out there.
    Jeff Walker

    Seaplanes North

    3830 Aircraft Drive

    Anchorage AK 99502


    907-245-1119 fax

    From: Maurice Kirk []
    Sent: Friday, September 20, 2013 8:39 PM
    To: Jeff Walker
    Subject: cub floats to Schneider Trophy in 7 days

    I need a quote to get floats flown here asap
    it needs to be drafted to be realistic, publicity for you on my web site and humorous enough to find a sponsor to pop up and subsidise!
     ringing later
    044 7907937953
    best regards
    Jeff Walker
    18:27 (1 hour ago)
    to me
    what airport do they need to come into??
    I got your voice mail. what airport??

    e-mail from Jeff: 

    Yes the floats have been resting comfortably for six or seven years indeed.
    sure no problem. I'll put myself in the crate with the floats and install them on the airplane for you when we arrive tomorrow. That gives you time for some test flying before the big race.
    Seriously .......the shipping expenses will be steep but of course it can be done. It would probably take 5-8 weeks unless we put them on a jet...... then the cost would be astronomical.
    They are already disassembled so we can put them in a crate for $900. Beyond that the shipping is what it is....I can get quotes if you tell me what port you want them to show up at.
    I dont suppose there are floats over there that you can buy??
    Jeff Walker

    Seaplanes North

    3830 Aircraft Drive

    Anchorage AK 99502


    Jeff Walker <>
    21:11 (10 hours ago)
    to me
    haven't talked to you since July 2007 it would appear.
    Do you recall you own some EDO 1320 floats in Alaska? the storage fees are
    certainly a bit behind but I dont think I have sent you invoices either.
    That is only part of the reason for the email anyway. I'm thinking you may
    want to sell them? what are your thoughts?
    I have a customer that is looking for some like them.
    I look at your blog still occasionally. Its certianly lively.  hope your

    Jeff Walker
    Seaplanes North
    Floats Alaska
    18th September 2013 @ 5 am
    My dear old chap...... Jeff, a 'blast from the past', is it  six or seven years since I bought those floats to traverse The Yukon? 
    I fill in the Schneider Trophy application papers this very day, would you believe, for  a race track around my dear old  Alderney Island where I was once the resident veterinary surgeon for four years...
     and NOW..... your e-mail  turns up at 5 in the morning !! 
    I only need the EDO floats shipped from Anchorage and fitted to my WW2 D-Day Piper Cub by next Saturday morning.
     The scrutiniser's start things off, for the 100th Schneider Air Race for the one I may win on Sunday...can you do it?
     (I say, 'may win' but I did get to Sydney Harbour first in my first ever air race and if it had not been for all those salmon in the Otago valley river I might not have lingered on the river bank so long and won the New Zealand 'Round the Islands' Race' ending at Queenstown. 
    I cannot come to America myself as I am banned from the USA by some past President who had me flown out in chains, if I recall, despite the, 'out of the blue'[ oh so friendly phone from an FAA officer from Oklahoma City saying,
     "Dr Kirk, we felt you would like to know that you appear not to have infringed any Federal Aviation Authority flight rules when you landed your aircraft in that cow field in Texas"
    [Jeff , I will ring later but follow web site, if things go quiet as they are planning to lock me up again]

    -----Original Message-----
    From: maurice []
    Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 11:54 PM
    To: 'Jeff Walker

    Will fly cub to you as originally planned
    Will tel you today


    CAA paperwork will take much of winter!

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Jeff Walker []
    Sent: 19 January 2006 23:09
    To: 'maurice'

    Hi Maurice,
    Here is the first set of photos. Mr. Ken Hinchey seems like a real peach of
    a guy. We have officially purchased the 1946 EDO 1320 floats from him. No,
    the Bicycle is not included.....nor is his beautiful J3 included ....or even
    for sale. (a little humor for you) I'll get more photos with the floats in a
    thawed out condition at some point. Its about 10 degrees F and snowing here
    in Alaska at the time of these photos just a few minutes ago. (my hands are
    cold on the keyboard typing this note). Ken has upgraded to new Baumann 1500
    floats. . That set him
    back about $20,000 with shipping crating and installation. Nice floats!
    Yours are classics though and will be very adequate after a little
    maintenance. Thanks again.
    Jeff Walker
    Floats Alaska


    (the pilot was, unfortunately de mobbed just before the old Severn Bridge was to be looped)


    The South Wales Police Blackmailed their Chief Forensic Psychiatrist to concoct this medical record purely to stop their WW1 Lewis machine gun case and my 20 year running civil damages claim. Detailed details of 'blackmail' later.  



    MY Recorded delivery LETTER TO OUR NHS (Wales) HEALTH MINISTER

    49 Tynewydd Road,


    Mr Mark Drayford

    Health Minister,                                                                                                                                                                                         Tel 07907937953

    National Assembly of Wales

    Cardiff Bay,

    Cardiff                                                                                                                                                                                                   17th September 2013

    Mr Andrew R T Davies

    Conservative Party

    National Assembly of Wales

    Cardiff Bay


    Dear Mr Drayford and Mr Davies,

    Re: ABM Complaints Dept meltdown – will not tell me whether I have

    ‘Significant irreversible brain damage’ or not? Could you please ask?


    I note the discussion in the media and that the Health Minister says the Complaints Department is busy helping police investigate the three members of staff who have been arrested for making up medical records in the Bridgend NHS.


    You may wish to be aware of my dilemma in that no one at ABM complaints Dept will answer that it may appear as if staff at the ABM Complaints Dept collude with the doctor to completely make up that I have ‘significant irreversible brain damage’ with cancer.


    The simple way to address this is, may be, if you were willing to get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer from the ABM Complaints Dept. So, may be, you can help?


    Please could you answer as to do I have ‘significant irreversible brain damage’ or not? Do you think I should be told so I can manage both my health and my family affairs?


    You may also wish to ask as to why, at a time when NHS money is to be saved and spent wisely, why the ABM NHS, since June 2012, doctors have been indefinitely suspended from NHS duties at a cost which seems to be substantial to NHS and tax payer.#


    Is this behaviour of being paid huge salaries, to do no real work but “make things up’, the NHS you wish?



    Maurice J Kirk BVSc                                                                                                                                                   


    Is there any where else in the civilised world but Wales, this sort of thing could have happened?

    ......yes, actually, there is and it is called the Bailiwick of Guernsey


    A Bristol based court appointed bailiffs threatened with arrest just because, they were told, the owner had the same name as mine! 


    3 09 16 GBH on Bailiff.pdf 

    One of the twelve Cardiff policemen, at the incident, quietly told the shocked Bristol Bailiff,
     " If the owner did not have the same surname as Mr Maurice Kirk we would not even have needed to be here"

    The Writing on the wall in Guernsey

    Now I have to apply to Crown Court for police protection for someone, on my behalf, I cannot go there by court order, to get into my flat as the South Wales Police have installed two violent criminals to prevent my getting my legal papers for a legal proceedings against Peter Vaughan, their Chief Constable

    I need my North Sea survival suit for the crossing of the English Channel to Alderney next week






  • Outstanding Criminal Allegations to be Withdrawn to avoid Statutory Disclosure of Police Conspiracy Evidence 10am Cardiff Crown Court


    Applications today  will be made for the transfer of all my outstanding court cases to be properly heard well out of South Wales, it being exactly what the Crown Prosecution (Wales) have done with me, in the past, when the 'truth' is even too embarrassing for that 'shower' of reject attorneys to stomach. (ex police officer Derrick Hasan, working for HMC&TS Welsh manager, Luigi Stranati, pushed me down a flight of Cardiff Crown court steps to break my leg).

     All welcome , lunch on me as usual.

                                                                                                        T2013 0801

                                                                                                        CF 614159

    Claimant’s Applications to the Recorder of Cardiff include:

    1.    Chief Constable Peter Vaughan to immediately return the Claimant’s passport

    2.    HM Cardiff prison to immediately release The Claimant’s confiscated legal papers and clothes required for both his civil and criminal outstanding litigation

    3.    Her Majesty' Crown Court representative, the Crown Prosecution Service (Wales), to immediately disclose both past and present depositions levelled against The Claimant and ordered by Her Honour Eleri Rees

    4.    The Claimant be allowed immediate access to his GP

    5.    The Claimant be promised clarification, within seven days, as to why he is  still a registered NHS (Wales) mental health patient of Caswell Clinic but refused a follow-up clinical examination and brain scan

    6.    The Claimant be promised, within seven days, disclosure from both HM Judge Thomolow and Caswell Clinic's Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams previously undisclosed evidence that The Claimant has 'significant brain damage' and  cancer sufficient to prevent The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons allowing him to practise veterinary surgery, The Civil Aviation Authority in renewing his professional pilot's licences and for their MAPPA level 3 victim be incarcerated in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital for life

    7.    The Claimant be allowed all civil and criminal Cardiff cases to be, within seven days, transferred to any other courts within their jurisdiction  but not in South Wales

    8.    The Claimant be immediately granted court protection from the continuing criminal conduct and threats to his life by still some within the South Wales Police

    9.    The Claimant be immediately granted unfettered Legal Aid and access to a lawyer independent of the notorious Cardiff Cabal 

    Maurice J Kirk BVSc

    17th September 2013


    Previous examples of withdrawn indictable offences to avoid disclosure of 'evidence' and the jury's scrutiny

    1. The 'Dangerous Driving' Trial when a Barry police inspector  was caught 'red handed ' by the jury, no less, constantly signalling to his colleague under cross examination

    2. Last summer's 'Breach of Restraining Order' Trial to avoid, again, Caswell Clinic doctors' original conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice by stating I have 'significant brain damage' with possible cancer and now blocking all local area NHS (Wales) GPs or permitting a follow up brain scan for fear of risking their own bank balances


    ANOTHER RING LEADER within a culture of inherent deceit driven by avarice


    Nothing New Under the Sun,

    where the South Wales Police is Concerned!

    Yesterday’s Recorder of Cardiff Crown Court hearing was squeezed in between Her Ladyship’s heavy and far more serious agenda than Chief Constable’s Peter Vaughan’s oh so predictable continuing  harassment of one of their too fast ageing victim.

     Since his predecessor, Barbara Wilding, signed her Dolmans solicitor’s fabricated affidavit, to hide what triggered or contributed to extreme bullying, the incident of her Chief Inspector Brian Genner’s daughter’s miscarriage all blamed on me, police HQ’s  conduct lately has worsened.

     The changing of the machine gun’s paintwork , just to try and fool the jury, may be one out standing incident for Peter Vaughan to now address or Cardiff Cabal’s refusal to even return all my lawfully held antique guns, to the value of £10,000, confiscated purely out of shear spite, may be another but while the stay on all ‘Kirk v South Wales Police’  is in place for, so far 99 witnesses having given evidence, this current ratchetting up  of their multi facetted conspiracy will show us all, at least,  ‘just what really goes on in our UK law courts’.

    Yesterday, for example, if you get in to the public gallery it is designed that you hear little and while not being allowed supervised tape recording for your own use, unlike elsewhere your time there is almost futile.

     If you are in the Dock then forget it as it is even worse even if handed an audio loop to use. Bullet proof glass meant, in one of my recent cases, that it became so ridiculous I pushed off to my cell to have a cup of tea and read the paper while they ‘got on with the verdict (already laid down by written instructions by the then recorder of Cardiff , HHJ Llewellyn Jones QC. In that case the District Judge, John Charles, ordered I was not allowed to cross examine anyone, not just the rogue psychiatrist and Caswell Clinic staff that sanctioned the fabricated paperwork to have me registered MAPPA level 3 to get shot.

    I have to fight for my custody records but, sure enough, my passport was listed in my property but when I was ejected from the prison it was nowhere to be seen!

    Why snatch your passport, my friends in the public gallery asked? Your legal papers  from your prison cell is obvious and the blocking of access to lap top and CDs but why the passport, so unlawfully?

    That is an easy answer

    1.       His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC’s 4th September 2013 Judgment, staying ALL my civil proceedings against the South Wales Police, following their latest ‘knee jerk’ flair up of ‘activity’, to have me gaoled for the seventeenth time, since 2010, without achieving a conviction, means the Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) has had to employ a barrister from outside the area. The Bristol based barrister’s task is to secure my next unlawful incarceration in South Wales signifies just how desperate the Cardiff Cabal is becoming.

    2.       Mark Davenport was a witness, earlier this year, to the South Wales Police having me arrested in Brittany, sectioned and locked up in a French psychiatric hospital. I only escaped further sectioning because a passing nurse, who looked after me two years earlier, recognised me and set the alarm bells ringing. I had been in Pontivy hospital for my hip replacement as my NHS Caswell Clinic diagnosed ‘significant brain damage’ excluded my being able to be operated anywhere in the UK.  Further evidence of the ‘entante cordiale’ police ‘cross border’ conspiracy could only be gathered by my personal complaint to the French IPCC, in person.

    3.       Without my passport in my pocket I could be arrested again, snatched off the street, as ‘ non identifiable’ and sent back to Cardiff prison just as Cardiff police had  been done before from the very same two police stations dealing with this current scenario.

    4.       Her Ladyship asked that I put into writing reasons why I needed all criminal cases to be heard well outside South Wales before considering the possibility of ordering  put in writing

    5.       Her Ladyship asked that I put it in writing why my last year’s incarceration before dropped indictment , following two Caswell Clinic doctors lying to the police that I had been around to their home harassing them, was relevant to this present list of charges.

    6.       Easy, I thought to myself, it is my legal submission that last year’s conspiracy with the two doctors to jail me, without trial, IS within this court’s jurisdiction BUT more to the point, it is relevant to His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC’s civil stayed case. I might serve the full content of the hundred or so lever arch files of evidence during the 27th Sept? proposed management hearing in order to finally get that jury promised me 20 years ago when I first started fighting this cess pit of evil in South Wales.   

    7.       I was, incidentally, again refused a copy of my custody video as defendant interview, under caution, as it is so crucial, each time, to expose police conspiracy.

    8.       The exclusion of the video is the first positive indication of the CPS proposing to drop the charges as no judge in Wales will get you the proof of the conspiracy on depositions once the case is buried. It stinks, doesn’t it? 

    9.        Often, just like in many of my previous cases, none of the relevant CCTV footage, under the care of the police/CPS/courts or ‘apparent ‘victim’ making the complaint appears to be disclosed, despite my demanding as soon as the hand cuffs clip on. Just as HHJ John Curran QC said to the 2012 ‘Breach of Restraining Order’ jury, in reply to their note, for court and custody records and cell CCTV, ‘unavailable’! Deja Vu 

    More facts to go on this posting later tonight IF NOT A NEW BLOG .......'light at the end of the tunnel'



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