WANTED for perverting the course of Justice

 The man responsible

Peter Vaughan Chief Constable of South Wales Police


His equally corrupt predecessor Barbara Wilding



 & their thoroughly corrupt & greedy Dolmans partner

NOT FORGETTING The Caswell Clinic man and wife Dr Janis Hillier

 who fabricated both psychiatric reports and complaints to police, without even examining me and without the appropriate

 qualifications. The man who asked Judge Bidder QC I be incarcerated in Ashworth High Security psychiatric hospital for life!

Dear Adrian Oliver,

Tell you what I will do:

I will do a deal with you......I will remove this picture of you,application  for punitive damages against both you and your client and my moderate bill for £1000,000, for costs so far incurred, if you:

1.  remove your fraudulently inflated £1000,000 bill of costs, accountable to no one

2. immediately snatch back my passport off your client, the Cardiff police, stolen after their17th arrest of me without a conviction since your 'machine gun/MAPPA conspiracy collapsed

3.  retrieve my legal papers and clothes from the Cardiff prison, stolen out of spite for being, yet again, caught lying to His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC in Governor Booty's gutless promise I would get 'easy and quick access to my confiscated legal papers, use of my own cash for stamps and stationary and print from my lap top for awaited closing submissions

4. advise your client not to drop current fanciful criminal allegations against me, for 'assault on a convicted drug dealer' and 'witness intimidation' of a man convicted of a sect18 grievous bodily harm' offence both currently applied for to be heard well out of South Wales following the latest tip off that there is very real risk of yet another indictable allegation being withdrawn just avoid 'disclosure of your conspiracy to pervert the course of justice


(the difficult bit)

3.confirm you will no longer continue to lie and cheat for your MAPPA and Caswell Clinic 'gravy train' clients as yet another indictable offence  has a 'real risk ' of being withdrawn today that was due to be served on me



Will it be the burka, yashmak or my full Roman Centurion suit of armour I wear in court tomorrow while leaving my short sword, scutum and chariot  with my soldiers across the river?

 [Bail restrictions by CPS include that I cannot cross the River Taff to the west of Cardiff but can go to France]




 20 years of  police harassment is really what this is all about and is best summed up succinctly by:

Kirk v South Wales Police 4th September 2013 Judgment

13 09 04 BS614159 Judgment.pdf 


Haringey Council snatch all seven kids of gaoled Musa parents while Melissa has just one of the many horrendous stories of abuse in our secret family courts for the benefit of lawyers






 MUSA PARENTS report in to Tottenham just before we all got gaoled......and just what is the Nigerian government offices, based near Trafalgar Square, doing about it?




While South Wales Police withhold my passport (CONTRARY TO RECORDER OF CARDIFF's EXPRESS ORDERS TO THE CONTRARY), to prevent my preparing for their on-going civil damages trial and Cardiff Prison refuses legal visits, visits from my witnesses, family and helpers while seizing my legal papers and best clothes when they ejected me from the prison for the ambulance.


Only South Wales Police & Cardiff Prison knew I was booked  for a 10th Sept 2013 independent prison psychiatric examination with a brain scan from a Dr Seeley, level 12 forensic psychiatrist, who had already supplied the courts, police and me with a written July 2009 report along with Dr Gaynor Jones's favourable report, both on my DOWNLOADS, with both contradicting the 3rd August 2009 MAPPA level 3 report concocted by the Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding and rogue Caswell Clinic police blackmailed psychiatrist who I am not allowed to name.

On 7th August 2009 His Honour Judge Llewellyn Jones QC then had me sectioned 35, under 1983 Mental Health Act, to be incarcerated to Caswell Clinic Prison with out having even been examined by the signatory to the psychiatric report!

HHJ Llewellyn Jones QC went on to gaol me for a month for 'contempt of court', in July 2010, following HHJ Nicholas Cooke having deliberately lied to me when promising me the release to me and clarification of the facts contained in Dr ****** ********/Professor Rodger Woood (Swansea University)/Chief Constable's  conspiratorial documents concocted before the 7th June 09 Barry Police Station MAPPA level 3 minutes. Leaked minutes, from another source, record I was 'likely to be shot' (lawfully) if I approached Barbara Wilding as I had done, at her private office, in the inner sanctum of Police HQ, Bridgend just days later.

[On 18th June 2009 I has surrounded by tin hatted police sporting flack jackets, studded with  stun grenades whilst brandishing sub machine guns but too many CCTV cameras and members of the general public saved my life].

HHJ Llewellyn- Jones QC then, on 14th November 2011, in order to further cover up the MAPPA/machine gun conspiracy, only orchestrated to halt my police damages claims needing over 300 witnesses, continued to allow the blackmail of the Caswell Clinic psychiatrist and immunity to prosecution.

HHJ Llewellyn- Jones QC sent sealed written orders, as Recorder of Cardiff, to District Judge John Charles, to block my right, on 1st Dec 11 'harassment of Dr' trial, to cross examine, call witnesses or even see the prosecution exhibits! Orders contained therein indicate also how the CPS barrister, David Gareth Evans, was to pretend I was to be served a completed typed Restraining Order, in the cells below, so I would breach it.

11 12 01 RO CPS Draft REDACTED.pdf

11 12 01 Restraining Order.pdf


4th May 12 jury, for that proposed offence and in my forced absence, asked the bloody obvious question, to see cell and corridor CCTV and court and custody records, if such a 'service' of a court document had ever occurred.

 HHJ John Curran QC quickly lied to the jury by saying none was 'available' having clearly been told I was, by then back in the Cardiff prison being attended by a doctor and team of nurses.

Deja Vu? 

HHJ Paul Thomas QC knew bloody well the decommissioned WW1 Lewis machine gun, in Jan 2010 trial, to get me a 10 year mandatory prison sentence, had been painted silver from black by an aircraft engineer, after I had sold the DH2 aircraft to the Lincolnshire museum  after she flew at the 2000 Farnborough Air Show.

HHJ Paul Thomas QC and prosecution witnesses from the two museums, bought from and sold to, all knew that I knew that they knew that I knew the police had painted it back to 'all black' to try and fool the jury.

 HHJ Paul Thomas QC and prosecution witnesses from the museums all knew that I knew that they knew that I knew the judge knew the police would have to paint it back to silver if the conspiracy to stop the police civil damages claim from proceeding.

KEY Players in this 20 year Cardiff Cabal multi faceted conspiracy all have been given immunity to prosecution with the HM ones, of course, immune to criminal proceedings against them, as always, despite the purpose of two World Wars and Magna Carta. 

My last five days, here in Bristol, facing slammed doors in my face when simply trying to find legal representation to force the Welsh authorities disclosure of public documents, further sums up the sick state our UK law courts are in when dominated by the avarice of 'reject attorneys', as the late Gerald Gillow would describe them.



Cardiff  Prison re3fused to reply to countless re3asonable requests from a Litigant in Person un convicted






Helper (witness in numerous courts) jots down dates and places of Cardiff Cabal conduct lately and sends record to Maurice via two 13th Sept 13  e-mails:




What I've done is copy what I've written in diary into this email, it starts 25 July 13
25 June Tues 13.... MJK hearing, to do with Evans CPS assault, New Restraining Order has appeared....original in Merthyr Tydfil? Don’t like it, E says two day hearing....
23 July Tues 13
....MJK final submission..verdict 3 months time, Hamilton, Phil the pilot, M came back for tea...M experienced phone difficulties also computer interference first hand....He had to go out the street to talk to Celia
24 July wed 13...MJK turned up for glasses
26 July Fri 13....Met E, about M's Doctor.....why he was over the moon about it......(the doctor that had thrown him out was now welcoming him back with open arms)
1st Aug Tues 13 ....  MJK's car OK
12 Aug Mon 13 ...MJK was not produced at magistrates court....Met DL....TE and I in attendance
13 Aug Tues 13....MJK's opposed to Crown Court....he did not appear on video link from prison
16 Aug  Fri 13....Attended Crown Court DL spoke for him..re bail application....Smyth in attendance for CPS, he from Bristol....E was there , another application next Thursday ,as M is going to appear then....
22 Aug Thurs 13
.....MJK 9.30... Crown Court ....did not appear......got bail.....released from Knox Rd 6.45....stayed here Thurs night
23 Aug Fri   13
 ....Went to Crown court with MJK.....he was arrested 10.25....In Magistrates court around 4.15...out by 4.55....MJK has chosen to return to jail.....
28 Aug Wed 13....Letter from M...sent stamps, envelopes carbon , other stuff to follow
29 Aug Thurs 13
....Video link MJK...Joined ( when it was first mentioned to join the assault charges from the Magistrates court?)...next Monday 2nd Sept.....Woman Judge...." In principle I will grant bail".....
31 Aug Sat 13
....Letter from MJK



(2nd e-mail)

2nd Sept Mon 13....Crown Court MJK 10.am......given bail but conditions not good....just passing the jail by chance MJK collapsed outside the prison on green patch....Taken to hospital 4.15...he had been there since 3.35...(I spoke to 114)...
9 Sept Tues 13...Met MJK for lunch, at clinks outside prison.....went to prison for his belongings 2.15-2.25...No belongings of his. Spoke to... prison officer Grogan 234...
(other officers I had spoken to while MJK was not present...114 the day of his collapse , 237 regarding a visit)
Outside the magistrates court the security person said "CPS said you did not breach your bail" we then went for lunch     DL took MJK in his car...he had his computer....
12 Sept Thurs 13
.....M rang...In Bristol trying to get a solicitor to act for him....he spoke to the bailiffs, they were attacked by the biker....Belinda in court with biker......what date?
does not know if he will go Tues Magistrates court...
That’s it Maurice up to date....it’s just my bullet points to jog my memory......

13 09 14 A Day in the Life of a Litigant in Person.docx  50% DRAFTED


 Police surround me at Cardiff magistrates for the 3rd time in a day.





 Prison refuse to accept stamps from my son and numer4ous others knowing police or Governor Booty continues to hold my passport and dispersable cash for spending whilst in custody


All part of the  lawyer driven  Cabal 'treacle treatment' and 'black mail on LiPs who  refuse to fall for their defence falling into the wrong hands so police can re jig the charges .


My son, Caspar, attempted to get stamps to me on 24th August 13 but they never came to my cell just as with numerous helpers; post sending cash/cheques/ postal orders  going blocked, disappeared, stolen or returned.


Cardiff has a thoroughly deceitful environment, almost as bad as Guernsey and a disgrace that it is part of the United Kingdom.




News letter

Cardiff Crown Court Hearing 17th Sept 2013

I am out of Wales at last and staying in England as it is currently far too dangerous to return to that place.

Return I will, whether I like it or not but leaving as little a 'carbon foot print' as possible while I try to dispose of any remaining nonsense so regularly metered out by those embittered incestuous bunch of evil bstds that seem to run the place.

 I just cannot face any more from such a sick environment dominated by their very own administration based on unabated inherent deceit and driven by avarice knowing they are answerable; it seems, to no one.

Outstanding Issues

1. Police Caswell Clinic Dr / MAPPA level 3/ Attempt to Kill / Machine Gun conspiracy cases are now priority for publicity in England over this routine abuse of process achieved by the continuing ‘cover-ups’ by NHS (Wales), GMC (Wales), IPCC (Wales), HM Cardiff Prison & HMCS (Wales) and controlled by a an Assembly paranoid in getting 'self rule'.

2. This week, for example, I was 'shown the door' from a Cardiff solicitor's office, Declan somebody, for a ridiculous reason but meaning I was not going to get 'his services'. He was my 81st specialist lawyer now I or my past secretary has approached to act in any of my criminal or civil cases initiated, by the way, either by the bullying South Wales Police or equally corrupt Crown Prosecution Service (Wales), a major player in their oiling of the tax payer funded ‘gravy train’. 

3.  I am today preparing a 'position statement' for my stayed civil damages South Wales Police trial and will speak late today as to dates, times and places of recent police multiple arrests and imprisonments etc but my memory is deteriorating fast.

4. Police disclosure issues, outstanding, are also now most urgent before they are also shredded.

There is now a real risk for my current criminal proceedings being dropped following Cardiff police refusing to investigate an English bailiff being seriously assaulted by squatters.


They were conducting a lawful eviction in Ely on the very same premises of my laughed out of court 1995 criminal offence allegations and 1995 drug  boy friend of purported miscarriage police officer's daughter.


What this really means is both police and CPS CCTV footage and documents will now be quickly gathered and shredded, just like it has been every year since 1992 when a conspiracy has gone ‘pear shaped’. Anything to cover up the continuing exposure of extreme police harassment that started, actually, in the very same Cardiff building and triggered by a routine Guernsey police phone call over my arrest for stealing my own motor bike! My apparent causing of  ex Chief Inspector Brian Jenner's daughter's miscarriage was the main cause of my last 20years of misery but this fact only came to light during this summer from her boy friend’s evidence in the ninety nine witness three month trial not yet ended.

This CCTV, MG 5/6/11s, S9s etc evidence, as with 2012 'Breach of Restraining Order' jury request for obvious disclosure of court and custody records, are all needed for yet another damages claim with all docs now urgently needed for HMJ Llewellyn QC to witness the continuing harassment by police, CPS,HMCS and others in the Cardiff Cabal, to prejudice the 20 year running civil trial by diluting truth.

5. I enclose a July 2010 Luigi Stranati Area Manager letter, obviously back dated, to try and cover up their disgusting day to day conspiracies and in order to have me struck off the veterinary register. I have never seen the July 09 letter before nor known about it. [Prison has seized my copy of Luigi's letter, along with my legal papers that were in my prison cell further proving conspiracy their futile  nefarious conduct.



I was only handed it by the court manager during my arrest, with this week for entering Cardiff Crown Court to apply for legal aid as no solicitor, in Cardiff.


 The content of the letter stinks and is clearly 'ultra vires' which just about sums up the Cardiff Cabal still plotting to have me registered as a ‘vexatious litigant.

6. I am also frantic to get back to France as my airfield, in Dinan, have now towed my car away, full of papers, for not returning in time as promised.

Both police and HMP Cardiff deny, before witnesses, having either my legal papers or my new passport despite CCTV footage from police foyers and HM prison C Wings recording I was without either when refused my right to return to collect my things from my prison cell (labelled ‘HIGH RISK’) but, instead, bodily carried by prison officers from the landing and thrown out of the front gate onto the grass.

I am now into my 3rd day in Bristol trawling for solicitors to do any of my work at all, civil or criminal. At least 12 law firms, so far, have not even returned a phone call following my convoluted routes all over the city

One played the usual games, to get my defence for the police, without accepting their firms names to go on court record.....is there nothing new under the sun?


Bristol Crown Court refuse to have any of my criminal cases transferred to them from Cardiff so just how did the CPS manage it, on my last nonsense 'common assault' allegation when I was pushed down Cardiff Crown court steps, on walking sticks, by an ex police bully, Derrick Hasan, who broke my leg?


My lingering in Wales, these past years, was in the hope of seeing my daughter but that is clearly not to happen.



Maurice J Kirk BVSc




For nearly a year  the HM Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) have refused to disclose the depositions prepared for last November's aborted trial by jury containing two Caswell Clinic police psychiatrists victim statements that thst I visited their home and harassed them when I have no idea wher they live or desire to know! I was kept in both Cardiff and Bristol prisons for weeks and weeks while the South Wales Police knew, full well, I have never harassed any doctor in my life and the guilty parties were asked, by senior police, to make up a story to further delay the civil trial while a sequence of break -ins could bee arranged, with my cars and property, to steal my carefully stored exhibits, over the past 20 years or so,


While both psychiatrists are feigning illness, for another year of sick leave due to my 'harassment' they are grossing another £300,000 before private work is considered. Couple that with the money dished out to NHS lawyers, to protect their investment, with no effective accountability and it is ALLYOUR MONEY!






*If HM Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) are made to release their depositions of previous indictments brought against me then the rogue Caswell Clinic doctor, with others, is likely to go to prison while the CCRC (Criminal Case Review Commission), CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons may be swamped with renewed applications.










 An aerial view of CASWELL CLINIC, Glanrhyd Hospital, Bridgend, where I spent three months of sheer terror while South Wales Police conspired to have me further sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act to be transferred to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital for life

12 04 21 MJK Psychiatric Summary REDACTED.pdf.

10 06 07 One Million Pound Claim against NHS (Wales)_only R (1).pdf







There are numerous issues buried in this 20 year running damages claim explaining as to why the Cardiff Cabal continues to block progress in my legal right to prosecute in the civil courts their extreme abuse both I and my families have suffered so far.

The current impossibility in getting, in either Cardiff or Bristol a firm of so0licitors is an indictment in its self

See, for example, the continuing nonsense metered out from South Wales Police HQ when Inspector Rice featured so much in the numerous malicious prosecutions. One being how South Wales Police crossed the River Severn back in the 90s and met up with Christopher Alexander (Ebbs) to try and persuade him to change his evidence in Bristol Crown court and RCVS London Court to get me struck off as a veterinary surgeon . Usual blackmail on his professional flying licences were muted as did the CAA with me in Taunton when negotiating a plea for an offence of low flying I had never committed.




Norman Scarth
11:51 (1 minute ago)
to public.enquiri., Justice
The very name of the 'National Offenders Management Service' is a lie
All too many of those incarcerated in Britain are not 'Offenders' at all.  Many are 'On Remand', & subsequently found 'Not Guilty'.  Many innocents who have been found guilty have been stitched up in our corrupt Quisling Courts by corrupt CPS & police (Stefan Kisko being one of many).   Some are indeed 'guilty'(???) of breaking one of the many BAD laws brought in by the mass murderers & war Criminals of the Blair Regime & the 'Heirs to Blair'.   Many are political prisoners &/or whistle-blowers, incarcerated to silence them.   Some are there for having failed to hide their 'Contempt' of our contemptible courts & arrogant judiciary (see footnote).
Call them 'Prisoners': Call them 'Captives': Call them 'Convicts' (if they have been convicted), 
As such they will join a long illustrious list which contains the names of such as Mahatma Gandhi, the Suffragettes, Deitrich Bonhoeffer, Pastor Martin Neimoller, Alekzandr Solzhenitsyn, Vladimir Bukovsky, Nelson Mandella, Steve Biko, Ken Sara Wiwa, Martin Luther King, Mohammed Ali, & a great many others, some who survived, many who did not.
But PLEASE - do NOT lump them all together as 'OFFENDERS'!




This blog will mature over the coming days if I am not again gaoled for the next 'stitch up' theCardiff Cabal have in mind