Is there still nothing new under the Sun?


20 years of Welsh Police dirty tactics just like my 10 years in Guernsey

13 05 05 REDACTED Statement of Insurance Agent.pdf

13 05 03 Witness Statement MK employee.pdf

13 05 04 Gaphael Statement.pdf

02 01 29 Barrister Witness Statement.pdf 

09 06 17 Pilot of G-KIRK Statement.pdf

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 93 03 24 Vet Nurse Statement.pdf


Barbara Wilding was just a little too late to stop me signing my brief statement

as the armed police helicopter hovered overhead, looking for fictitious WW1 machine guns, while waiting for armed police to surround our home in the Vale. We were peacefully drinking afternoon tea in the garden....

Once 'Operation Chalice ' had me well and truly incarcerated for nearly eight months in HM Cardiff Prison the b*stds, under 'Operation Orchid' tried to snatch our then 10 year old daughter and put her into 'care' using Vale of Glamorgan Social Services......evil b*stds.

09 06 19 64 pages of Witness Statement of Maurice John Kirkl.pdf


Inspector Steve Parry of Barry Police Station

(He spread the rumour I always took a swig of high alcohol mouth-wash each time a police car was spotted on my tail!)

I contacted Steven Parry on the telephone at his home address, recently but he denied being a police officer.

I therefore informed the court of just some of my obvious intentions over him, a Barbara Wilding, past Chief Constable and Defendant in this case and a certain forensic psychiatrist who also can be found, for service of a witness summons, in the same area on the outskirts of Bridgend.

For a bit of fun, yesterday, I rang the police direct, as several serving police on cross examination had told the Cardiff court they had ‘no idea’ or ever ‘heard of’ a detective called Steve Parry.

The lady on the other end of the 101 call was so apologetic as, apparently, Detective Inspector Steve Parry had just started his ‘extended leave’ and was therefore unavailable.

Statement of Truth

I, XXXX XXXXXXXX, confirm that the content of this, my statement, is true to the best of my belief and will say:

1.       I was employed by Mr Kirk in the early 90s as a veterinary receptionist and worked in both his Llantwit Major, Burial Lane and Caerau, Cardiff veterinary surgeries.

2.       I was a witness, in mid 1993, to the police, in force, come to his adjacent flat to the surgery when he had complained of being assaulted by ‘squatters’, had forced entry into the dwelling and were now refusing to leave.

3.       I was also aware the Mr Kirk purchased one Kg of sulphur in order to deter their re entry for the next few days.

4.       But later, during 1993/94, I witnessed the burglary damage of his Llantwit surgery and heard him complaining that the police refused, on each occasion, to even visit the ‘scene of crimes’ and investigate.

5.       I waited a long time on both occasions but no police ever arrived.

6.       On one occasion Mr Kirk had to eventually have a builder, a Mr Fairman, travel from Barry to make the smashed door secure as many dangerous drugs were in the surgery.

7.       I was also aware of his Citroen car that had been vandalised, (smashed windscreen or burnt out?)  parked at the back of his Barry surgery with the police, again, refusing to investigate at all.

8.       I attended Barry magistrates, on Mr Kirk’s instructions, as no one was likely to recognise me as a new member of his staff. I witnessed lots of police kept waiting as Mr Kirk had suffered a motor cycle accident and was in Bridgend hospital.

9.       The case continued without him despite his secretary having contacted the court with the relevant information.

10.   I heard in the court the police speaking to the prosecutor and saying, ‘we are eventually going to get the b std’.

11.    I signed a sworn affidavit, for Mr Kirk's Appeal in London and attended the subsequent Crown Court hearing tin Cardiff. 



13 05 01 REDACTED EXTRACT Witnesses Ruling draft ASL.doc

So far in this trial at least four police and ex police under cross examination , working in the Vale at around the relevant times, do not know or heard of a Detective Inspector Stephen Parry, currently at Barry police station. I have had over two months, so far, of this sort of deceit and I am going to do something about it.

It takes the English press to cross the bridge to cover this scandalous trial as All Welsh newspapers have an apparent 'D' notice slapped on them.


 Retired Sgt Booker's evidence was considered, for most of the day, over his 1993 'liaisons' with Guernsey police, a predictable line of questioning after some twenty odd police or ex police had flatly denied they had ever heard of me or my wicked Guernsey saga until each time I was arrested (see schedule)



I appear to now start my evidence on Tuesday (for a little while) at 10.30am

93 11 08 Rtd Sgt Booker re arrest.pdf

20 05 16 16th May 2000 Booker St.pdf

Nazi Acquittal.docx

Guernsey Legal Aid association docs are all destroyed

December 1992 I am accused of arson while being grilled at Barry police station as the remains of my Guernsey litigation papers destined for RCJ and ECHR smouldered in the ashes.....ITV news footage....


 PHOTO by 'Rick on the Roof'!

MORE documents later


May Day Command Centre earlier that morning