Today's Cardiff magistrates' apparent ruling seriously suggests a doctor is now likely to go to prison


District Judge Neil Thomas stated that the doctor’s proven to be false allegation, counter signed by police at the time, in his last July's  so called 'victim' statement, had no bearing on my application to have varied the original 1st December 2011 'restraining order' that was never served on me, incidentally, until after I was accused of breaching it!


When arrested, last summer, I had read the doctor’s statement, supported by his wife, clearly indicating that I had gone around to their marital home to ‘harass them both and requiring the need of police to ‘move me on’ !!!!


 Could Enid Blyton have done better, I ask myself?


 The very same police took Crown Prosecution Service advice to arrest me but still took six weeks to do it. I was remanded in custody and incarcerated in both HMP Cardiff and then HMP Bristol until all charges were dropped.


What will the next jury think of all this, we all wonder?


 I had told the learned judge that both my lawyers in Bristol and Cardiff, quite independent of each other to prove the point, were still denied, as was this morning's judge, to have sight of the July 2012 'victim' statement, so much needed for today for a fair hearing.


The Queen’s representative, Crown Prosecutor Dawes, thoroughly enjoyed telling the court that it was the ‘first time’ he had heard of the July 2012 incident despite my having arrived an hour early at court for him to obtain it from his CPS colleagues where my lawyers had failed.


Interestingly, the judge also considered the doctor’s Caswell Clinic psychiatric report as irrelevant it stating I had a probable brain tumour but suffered so badly with ‘significant brain damage’ that I was quite unfit to stand trial, for the 2009 ‘trading in machine guns’ jury trial.





This Caswell Clinic had recommended to a MAPPA level 3 clandestine meeting, in the very same clinic, with the Chief Constable in charge, for me to be sent directly to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Prison indefinitely.


Who will he do it to next?  


The new restraining order, I heard the CPS ask for, is to have the doctor's name removed from the document and to be replaced by the title 'Clinical Director of Caswell Clinic'. Even more Interesting when you consider the doctor has claimed 'long term’ sick for almost a year, along with his wife also a psychiatrist at the Bridgend clinic.



The judge emphasised that I could not return, while the order remained, to Caswell Clinic for assessment, despite the personal invitation by forensic physiatrist, Dr Gaynor Jones.


The judge also ruled that the new order, when it comes into force next week, will stipulate that it will remain indefinitely unless my appeal to the Crown Court, lodged immediately after the near two hour hearing, proves successful.


11 11 15 Solicitor letter to Cardiff Magistrates.pdf 


God help those intending to remain in this incestuous environment.




 My proposed draft order rejected by the Cardiff Court



In the Cardiff Magistrates Court     Case Number 621100548564

Maurice John Kirk

49 Tynewydd Road


CF62 8 AZ


                                                      Restraining Order



1.    The patient may be permitted to have his re-assessment at Caswell Clinic, Glanrhyd Hospital, Bridgend

2.    The patient is to receive clarification and/or correction of his 2009 Caswell Clinic psychiatric records

3.    The patient is not to contact Dr Tegwyn Williams either directly or indirectly 

4.    This Order is to expire within one year

5.    The patient has the right to appeal this Order to a Crown Court. 

15th April 2013

Three Month Trial continues on Monday 18th April 2013


12th Oct 1997 St Nicholas Speed Camera/Arrest/Crown Prosecutor Stan Stoffa/Sergeant Rice Incident


 20 09 28 CPS A Trigg_0001.pdf


Mr Trigg's letter would have been written, most likely, in the HM Crown Prosecution Service's little office situated deep in the bowels of Barry Police HQ where Inspector Shawn Trigg worked alongside all the other Triggs in his South Wales Police Force !

Just to say, again, there is plenty of time to slip one more witness in for Monday rather than the the policeman who simply took the road side speeding photograph.


 I can still see no earthly reason of his relevance in what so seriously occurred in Barry Magistrates 

Pertinent evidence really ought to be coming from the likes of Sergeant Rice, HM prosecutor, Stan Stoffa, the ring leaders or even Ms J Caress , the then  clerk of the court and  the stipendiary magistrate, Dinas Powys' Ms Watkins, who stopped the absolute nonsense from continuing..

Any police photography librarian could replace the camera man, like ex police Phyl Davies (late of Bridgend police/Swansea County Council), for example, who would be only too willing to attend, without a summons, to exhibit the copy of image of my driver, that day, instead of all these 'foot soldiers' most days, only 'acting under orders', you appear to be producing. 

Yours truly,


97 10 02 SWP st Nicholas Rcd.pdf







CAA 'Low Flying' Appeal



I was jailed for 4 days on the pretext I could not be identified!


 93 SWP Fairwater Tape.pdf


96 01 11 SWP B&D Cutting_0005.pdf


And as the 'barrel load of monkeys' confer,  their South Wales Police get their tame lawyer to communicate: [NOTE the date and time}


12th April 13


Adrian Oliver.

14:57 (8 hours ago)

to g-kurk, me

Dear Mr Kirk,

I refer to your email sent overnight to this practice suggesting that you consider that there is an opportunity  “to slip one more witness in for Monday” in respect of the civil claim which is currently on-going.  

I note that you have telephoned our offices subsequent to this email to seek to discuss matters.

I reiterate my prior comments as to our reluctance to engage in telephone discussion with you, both due to the erratic and confused manner in which you seek to address the issues between the parties and the fact that your contact has led to serious disruption to our offices in the past. I once again repeat my request that you abide by our indication that in terms of costs, it is proportionate and reasonable to deal with correspondence by email (hence this reply).

Considerable steps have been taken over the many weeks of this trial to assist yourself and the trial judge in arranging the attendance of many defence witnesses at the trial.

We have provided the court with a “running order” of witnesses in order to assist the court in managing the case and we regularly review the same, in your presence, to ensure that this case is adequately addressed. We have not objected at any point when you have sought to call an end to a day’s hearing because of your personal circumstances and we have sought to accommodate your requirements as far as possible in terms of providing you with advance notice of those who will be attending in order that you might prepare yourself for cross examination of witnesses.

Your recent email is difficult to understand as to your intentions and your reference to the defendant being able “ to slip one more witness in for Monday” not only provides us with inadequate opportunity to understand your inference, but also fails to take account of the practicalities that are required to ensure that witnesses are called to court in sufficient time to ensure that no court time is wasted.

Please acknowledge receipt of this reply to your email.


Yours sincerely,  

Adrian P. Oliver 

Dolmans Solicitors


Adrian Oliver
Dolmans, solicitors,
15th April 2013
Dear Sir,
                               Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police 
What on earth is this all about?
I can see this coming Monday hearing as too short a day and therefore simply suggested if you had a spare witness bring him or her in.
I know the longer you run this case the more money you make but I am getting board with the whole farcical exercise with each of your witnesses stating,  "I know nothing, I know nothing, unless it is written in my Adrian Oliver's drafted witness statement before me in this witness box" !
 When dealing with such deliberately withheld disclosure, only achieved in such a thoroughly corrupt judiciary, I am now accustomed to it, like in court today for example, with yet another Cardiff Queen's Representative, posing as a prosecutor, lying through his back teeth to the judge.
CPS Dawes said he knew nothing of how your client had me locked up most of last summer on spurious allegations, anything to prejudice my prosecution of your client's 20 years of bullying, only to have all charges dropped.
Only this week, for example, you 'slipped to me a red file' of vital documents needed as exhibits, previously deliberately withheld in my numerous criminal cases in the 90s. 
90% I won, ALL relating to the 2002 RCVS Disciplinary inquiry, only before it because your client, The South Wales Police, complained to it with the remaining 10%, purely  to have me 'struck off' the register on issues nothing g what ever to do with veterinary science.

Clerk of the Court

Cardiff Magistrates

12th April 2013 

Dear Madam,

Today’s Hearing re My Application to Vary Existing Varied Restraining Order in order to Obtain Specialist Medical Attention Promised by Caswell Clinic

I was in enough difficulties today, already, with my lawyer failing to attend and District Judge Neil Thomas refusing an adjournment but now, despite my deliberately visiting your public counter, after the hearing, a right refused me last time I hasten to add, I have just received a selection of documents from you, by e-mail, would you believe, the content of which I simply do not understand.

Just who drafted these various documents and when?

I suspect, just like last time, they were written by a Cardiff Crown Court judge, long before I had even arrived at court, today, and JUST LIKE LAST TIME, no one told me of it.

In November 2011 the Recorder of Cardiff, no less, His Honour Judge Llewellyn Jones QC, who had ordered my first sectioning under the 1983 Mental Health Act, remember, had been party to the drafting of the very first proposed 1st December ‘Restraining Order’, even before purported ‘harassment ’‘evidence’ was even had the chance to be ‘put to proof’, ‘court appointed solicitor style’. I only found out about, months later, by my persevering for the court log from a prison cell.

Apart from that, before any ‘restraining order’ arrives in the post, you said and confirmed by two of your office clerks, below, it would be Tuesday at the earliest, I need to visit your court counter again in order to sort this REPEAT nonsense of ‘on the hoof’ service of so serious court document already subject to a Crown Court appeal and almost ready for a Judicial Review and ECHR application.

I am 24/7 involved with a small matter of civil proceedings, currently before His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC and just do not have the time to play Cardiff court games just as occurred in my absence last time during ‘make believe’ preparations for a non proportionate restraining order by The Recorder, District Judge John Charles, CPS barrister David Gareth Evans, John Cobbley and all.

Yours faithfully,


Maurice J Kirk BVSc