12 07 26 Criminal Court of Appeal Criminal Court of Appeal ref.pdf 

Is this a dagger which I see before me?  11 12 01 RO CPS Draft.pdf 

Handed to us in the dock of Cardiff Crown Court by this CPS barrister admitting there was yet another, the one over scribbled by District Judge John Charles in the full view of the court


12 07 26 The Manager of the Administrative Court CO.pdf 

I now have documentary proof on how Cardiff High Court Judges were consulted before the Cardiff magistrates altered the ground rules, in 2010 to stop my cross examining any more prosecuting police officers after my eight successful Crown Court appeals from 20 years of South Wales Police bullying to have me struck off as a veterinary surgeon.


This Friday, CPS (Wales) finally deny having any record of any 'draft' restraining orders that led to my nine months prison sentence, subject to appeal in the Criminal Court of Appeal in the Royal Courts of Justice shortly.


This week's revelations over Cardiff Civil Justice Centre's withholding the Royal Courts of Justice CO/6357/2012 file to pervert the Mr Justice Beatson hearing is just 'small bear' to the disclosed court logs now indicating High Court intervention without the defendant or as an appellant, being notified and thereby being denied a right of appeal.

Deja Vu? Just like 2nd December Cardiff 2009 hearing, before His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC, when South Wales Police rogue psychiatrist and rogue CPS barrister, Richard Tohme, in the machine gun case, disgust in my absence, with  court tape recorder deliberately switched off, the ways they may get me sectioned, IPP, to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric prison. My luck lasted that day. 

My application to the RCJ led, also this week, to a witness statement available to confirm its authenticity.

The concerned police sergeant, on hearing my McKenzie Friend at May 12 jury trial, recount what he saw, reluctantly took a statement. Senior police officers immediately stopped all other statements being taken, including my seven page draft, to be copied onto MG 11 official police/CPS documents for investigation.

"Why Didn't the Judge Stop the Trial?" the Police Sergeant asked my McKenzie Friend after the statement was taken down.

12 06 19 Statement of Meirion Bowen.pdf

But my visiting solicitor to the prison has recorded my account of the GEOamy custody manager entering my cell and asking me to comment on the part hand written document by District Judge Charles long before he convicts in my absence.

So how does the CPS 'square the circle' on having 'no record' when all was recorded on CCTV under magistrates control?

Does it stink any more than we already know?

So I have been appealing to the Cardiff High Court, all these years at vast expense and time wasted, on arbitrary refusals by both Cardiff Crown and Cardiff magistrate's judges refusing to expand on their, on the face of them, both obtuse and asinine, no where to be found in the law books.

Next thing is to see if this lot is sorted out in the public as who will be next?

12 02 16 MJK Complaint to HHJ Hughes.pdf 

Oh what a disgusting environment I am currently in.