But I wasn't there was I?

The judgment of today's JR hearing, written some weeks ago, had not allowed for my absence due to ill health.

But who cares?


Three things you can rely on here in Wales. They are taxes, death and widespread deceit throughout Cardiff’s judiciary, while they fight for their independence away from any interference from Whitehall.

But not too quick, chaps, not before they can persuade that same HM Treasury Solicitor’s vast legal team in Whitehall that, between 2003 to 2008, slaved tirelessly when last trying to have me registered as a Vexatious Litigant over RCVS and South Police bullying.  http://kirkflyingvet.com/photos/legal/HM-Treasury-Solicitors-Office.aspx

Yesterday the usual attempts were made to ridicule a GP's medical certificate, I had handed in at the court door but that is what happens when their own rogue doctor is allowed to say I am 'mad', with irreversible, probably, 'significant brain damage' and a possible brain tumour and get away with it! 09 09 01radiologist scans report.pdf

Their very own forensic psychiatrist was to suite their collapsing 'machine gun' trial, the latest in string of false imprisonments. Reliant on a widespread Welsh judicial conspiracy, which even meant using MAPPA and England’s FTAC, as they did, was bound to fail, but now, again, compounding an ordinary GP’s work, someone just trying to do her job.

Remember, Cowbridge Health Centre, my registered practice for nearly 18 years, dropped me like a ‘hot potato’ as soon as I won the ‘machine gun’ Caswell Clinic fiasco and walked free from the abuse of the Mental Health Act.

Remember, my Ravenscroft, Barry medical practice, very soon after, also dropped me like a ‘hot potato’ as soon as they produced a medical report, deliberately withheld by the Cardiff Magistrates, from the then 2nd Nov 10 presiding judge, for the ‘relatively minor incident, as District Judge Charles called it.  Charles confirmed he knew of my being pushed down a flight of stairs by a bully boy ex-police officer, to finish up in Casualty with a broken leg but was the judge to prevent my cross examining, on medical grounds, any prosecution witnesses leaving it to another to adjudicate upon.

District Judge John Charles, even said the penalty for my common assault conviction carries ‘no order’ frantic, of course, I did not appeal it as it was heard in my absence, with no cross examination whatsoever. Yes, you guessed it, the GP’s report in 2010, as with yesterday, was also ridiculed.  

So when this NHS (Wales) GP writes that I now need a another brain scan, whatever judges, may wish to say or do behind the scenes, how do they go about stopping it?

Only in the minds of those who were brought up in believing in 'the rule of law' feel it is time for some prosecutions around here.

So what just did The Honourable Mr Justice Beatson have to say relevant to Article 6?

His first duty was to consider the content of this police commisioned and Crown Court used medical report now with my GP pending result of another brain scan....

Reliable witnesses sat in court only to hear the continuing Welsh judiciary, MAPPA and HM Prison Cardiff and NHS (Wales) cover up over a rogue NHS (Wales) doctor backed by a Swansea Professor who also falsified medical reports. Why? Just to get an IPP on an Englishman having failed in getting him shot.  The crime, pray? For 20 years of questioning Cardiff courts’ inherent conduct, clearly only answerable to cyberspace.

This was an oral Judicial Review Application CO/3970/2012 from apparent failures in both Nov/Dec 11 Cardiff Magistrates and 1st/ 2nd March 2012 Crown Court hearings concerning allegations of harassment of a NHS (Wales) level 12 consultant forensic psychiatrist who had knowingly falsified the victim’s medical records without appropriate qualifications 

Mr Justice Beatson said there was 'no challenge' in law to the fact, in both sets of court proceedings, I was:

1.       refused any of my legal papers in court left lying my prison cell...... exactly as in the Jan/Feb 2010 ‘machine gun jury trial’ fiasco

2.       refused any of my legal papers from my own solicitor, especially collected and delivered to court by so many frustrated helpers...... exactly as in the ‘machine gun’ trial

3.       refused the right to cross examine any prosecution witnesses, not even the investigating police officer...... exactly as in the ‘machine gun trial’ when allowed only six questions


4.        appointed  a lawyer, against my wishes, given no defence instructions or any idea of the defence’s case (the  reasonable right to detect and prevent further criminal conduct etc)

5.        appointed a lawyer who refused to challenge prosecution evidence including that of the unqualified doctor, the complainant, who had contradicted  the diagnosis from doctors who carried out the series of brain scans  


6.       refused my right to call defence witnesses, the above doctors, for example or even to be allowed to interview, as eye witnesses or obtain police personal note books including  those  from the seven police officers who had concluded, at many of the incidents, no crime was likely to be committed should there be distribution of ‘Wanted’ posters.


direction of Mr Justice Wyn Williams, on Friday 1st June 2012, to make this application  etc (extract from JR Form)

His Lordship went on to say, I am told, he was notifying the next JR judge, about to deliberate over His Honour Judge Hughes QC, of March 12 Harassment appeal, also refusing me right to cross examine any one when not even giving reason.

This next JR application is should Cardiff courts be made to ‘state a case’ as to why it was it lawful to prevent my cross examining anyone, with no prosecution evidence challenged by anyone either!

 As with  District Judge John Charles' 2nd November 10 'common assault' Cardiff case, appealed to Bristol Crown shortly, when the cabal first tested their new tactic concerning the above there is far too much at stake, now, for any hope of justice.

An extract from the 1st March 12 Appeal transcript, paid for and sent to The Royal Courts of Justice on the 8th June for Mr Justice Beatson to indicate just how nefarious conduct is rife here and clearly inherent in their nature.

Despite the expensive transcript being sent onto to Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, confirmed to me by letter,  Mr Justice Beatsonclearly clearly indicated, to my four witnesses at the back of Cardiff's Administrative, he never ever saw them.

It didn't end there ,apparently, he went on to  I repremanded me for not complying with Mr Justice Singh's order to do just what I did! 

It stinks , doesn't it?  12 06 01 JR Refusal Singh CO 3970 2012.pdf

JR 'State a Case'

Case Stated.pdf

12 06 18 Section 8 JR Application 18th June 2012.pdf


12 01 27 A20110290 - kirk - proc - 27.01.12.pdf

12 02 22 RO trans re YJCE Act.pdf

12 03 01 A20110290 - KIRK all proc - 01.03.12.pdf

2nd March 12 HHJ Hughes QC transcript is too large so on downloads section of this site.

2.      Further enquiry, since the Applicant was released from Cardiff prison over this latest conspiracy, indicates there are a significant number of other victims in South Wales with similar accounts to tell, explaining just why this doctor continues to enjoy immunity as an ‘absolute witness’, an expression to be milked, no doubt, in Cardiff, in the next few years, during judicial melt down when he need only to be ‘cross examined’, even if from HM Partnership’s court own appointed lawyer!

3.      Enclosed are a few extracts and copy from a few other JR Applications (Sections 14 and 15) all conceived in South Wales’ current climate. They all relate to this notion of an ‘absolute witness’, a forensic psychiatrist for the South Wales Police and who, all alone, obtained the protracted incarceration of Maurice John Kirk under Section 35 of 1983 Mental Health Act.


This list is far from being exhaustive.


Nothing was said in court, because I wasn’t there, about the RCJ already having notified this judge, by their 19thJuly letter, adjourn to join with this application the pending ‘state a case’ and time for me to find a lawyer.


Oh no, of course not, just like my 23rd April High Court hearing, while I was in prison, Civil damages 20 year running damages claim, ‘striking out’ the police prosecution incidents where numerous Cardiff court officials had been caught falsifying, again, court records.

Cardiff court judge and /or staff truly excelled themselves, yesterday, in saying ‘no application’ had been made for an adjournment….

My helpers came out of the Cardiff Civil Justice building to demonstrating ‘Rick on the Roof’ and me, to say my case 'would be' dismissed, as I should have notified the court earlier for an adjournment with  my suggestion and application that it was only common sense to consolidate both JRs as 'state a case' in the Crown Court appeal  was a similar but  very different argument in law. I have suffered  20 years of Cardiff Civil Justice managers' campaign to distort the facts and withhold vital sent in documents to RCJ visiting judges

The judge had to adjourn for 30 minutes for another matter. Quick as a flash I was on the phone paying a court fee of £80 for another application while the blank application form was being tricked out of them for me to fill in. One of my portly but able ‘runners’ then alighted the court steps, again, at break neck speed , with form filled in and  with much aplomb served the papers on the disreputable organisation.

Within a mere few nanoseconds, it seemed, a  smart young but  somewhat embarrassed court official came panting out on to the pavement, grasping in his hand , ‘Chamberlain style’, a piece of paper.

It was the sealed/stamped court record of my latest application to consolidate this current episode of Cardiff Cabal skulduggery.

“Your case has been dismissed and I have been sent down by the court to reimburse the £80 court fee”, he said, as I quietly logged the time he spoke on the back of my hand.

I looked at the piece of paper, my hurriedly but sealed by the court, filled-in application of seven minutes earlier and made off with it to ’have it out’ with the judge and a bloody nose did cross my mind.

 But did this visiting judge know any thing of this reimbursement scam either?

 I was considered too unwell to enter court by those present, as did my GP and so returned the form to the clerk, remonstrating I was not allowed an application but promised a copy.

No, of course the case had not yet been dismissed, it was just bluff but was the judge aware? Had this judge ever been told of the first application let alone the second?

‘HM Partnership’ has once again come to their rescue.

 I continue to be banned from the building, except for court room of listed case and soon even that will be blocked when I am registered a Vexatious Litigant.

After a convivial lunch with the K-Team, my helpers hear the case, without me, culminating in the judge’s indication that the outstanding ‘state a case’ JR or any others in the pipe line will be linked.


At last, this week, as if in stereo, both CPS and Magistrates admit having 'no record' of any draft 1st Dec 11 'restraining order' or what ever was served on me in the cell, but identifying a high court judge, on the records, had given directions without myself being notifed thereby obstucting the appeal remedy

It stinks, doesn't it?    



There leaves, of course, the small matter of  the outstanding 12 03 30 Application for Case Stated .txt , to be heard shortly by yet another frilly nickered judge wheeled in to protect the gravy train.

He or she may well agree with me that this remaining, deliberately aimed at the heart of the principles upon which British justice is based, JR Application, may look a little incongruous amongst what I have just witnessed in South Wales these past twenty years but who around here any more cares?