I shortly set off, today, thursday 19th July, to Cardiff magistrates to try, yet again,to get my antique guns back the police confiscated well over three years ago!

Adrian Oliver of Dolmans, solicitor, schemed with MAPPA and the then Chief Contstable, Barbara Wilding, first to having me shot but when
that was cocked up settled for having me jailed instead.


 For eight months I suffered, three of them terrified under NHS(Wales) supervision before a jury
decided the WW1 Lewis machine gun, that had been sold a year earlier attached to
my aircraft and had flown at Farnborough Air Show, was perfectly  legal and not contravening Section 5 (1) (a)
of the 1968 Fire Arms Act.

The South Wales Police had not just altered its colour tofit the time when I owned it they appeared to have unblocked the barrel in
order to fire it!

Despite the MAPPA team painting the gun a different colour,silver to black, to try and fool the jury, I was found not guilty. But the
police had to paint it back to silver in order to give it back to the
Lincolnshire Air Museum making it , you would of thought, ideal for an IPCC
complaint!  Now what about another Welsh
farcical institution, alongside the talking shop in the Bay, the IPCC?

Dream on

Based here in Cardiff, no less , the IPCC is full of retiredSouth Wales Police staff no doubt ‘cooking the books' for their mates.....incest,
an inherent culture, here, based on deceit?

Even NHS (Wales) again using one of their rogue doctors andCPS (Wales) could not persuade His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC, in the Dec 2009
Crown Court hearing, to have me sent to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Prison,

They tried again last September in Tottenham police station,
to have me locked away for life, using the same welsh rogue's false psychiatric
reports but the English magistrates were having none of it.

While I am still breathing we have a lot in store for this
evil Cardiff Cabal and the culprits, I suggest, should be putting extra bolts
on and checking their insurance.

Apparently, NHS (Wales) tell the CAA, et al, I have ‘significant brain damage ‘ and a possible brain
tumour  that needed an armed helicopter
and hoard of marauding armed police  , in‘Operation Orchid', to try and snatch my then ten year old daughter , for her own
safety.......and this lot, would you believe, are getting their own judiciary!

Evil, evil Welsh or just evilness in those I have encountered?

 To many, the sooner Wales has its own full powers, in its talking shop and judiciary, the better.  As long as both Severn bridges are quickly dismantled,
with English investment and armed forces out, I really do not mind any more, I've really
had enough.

 Before we go, though,must buy more spades to heighten Offa's ***.

Incidentally, I defy anyone to prove I was not the first to fly
under that first  Severn bridge, back in
the 60s, in a RAF chipmunk on twelve shillings pay a day.   Having patiently waited for the centre
section to be put into place it was, of course, a doddle......but as with my Cub's
arrival at Sydney's coat hanger, in April 2001, again,  the plan was to loop it but RAF fluorescent orange,
just miles from Filton airfield, may well have led to my being in difficulties,
so early on in life.

Back to the cesspit.  Some
 local liar, to day, will shuffle into adjudicate
in Cardiff's version of a law court and refuse to order the police to immediately
return my property as rusts away in some smelly local police station. Nor will
they prove there ever was a prohibited weapon in my possession.

But then
there is the real ‘prohibited' weapon they say they took from our house....a walking
stick shot gun!  An excellent
weapon for poaching it is strongly rumoured.

Why did they not prosecute for that then?  You may well ask. If you understood their
culture as I now do, having had to suffer their bullying and petty jealousies
for the twenty years, you may have a better understanding as to why I was
arrested for having automatic ammunition for a machine gun but never prosecuted
for that either despite placing it on my desk as the police helicopter hovered
over heaed.

It took three years and an English court to make Adrian
Oliver eventually hand over a copy of his law firm's statement to his client,
the police, to get me sectioned and that featured so heavily in IAG/ FTAC
meetings and on the arrest orders that June 2009 morning.

 They missed the shot
gun pair, in their haste, the comparison to be used in some future court when
they are sued for the deliberate deterioration of my antique collection

I have to withstand the stench of that Cardiff building at
10am and be expected to give due reverence to a thoroughly deceitful institution
with a well full of liars........more of this blog to be written after the