Welsh Appeal moved to Bristol to hush things up!  

To start on a somewhat sordid note, as warning for others choosing to seek redress in a Welsh court room, I bring to your notice, first, 20th June 2009 Dolmans, solicitors' witness statement, written for their then client, as they were also advising MAPPA meetings to having me shot, Barbara Wilding, Chief Constable for South Wales and Defendant for twenty years of police bullying, malicious prosecutions and false imprisonments.

Its conspiratorial content explains why it took three years to get this released following countless ignored applications in both civil and criminal Cardiff Courts.

With their desperate attempt to hide one of their malicious acts, a vicious assault carried out in the Cardiff Crown Court building, its outstanding appeal hearing was moved to Bristol Crown Court for burial only to allow my obtaining a repeat Court Order, for disclosure, the CPS (Bristol) not also being in bed with the enemy.

It was only by repeat application in Bristol Crown Court, this month, that I obtained this successful disclosure of what had led to my incarceration in that notorious Welsh psychiatric prison.

12 04 17 Court Order Dolman Wit Stmt.pdf


12 06 23 MJK to Brstol Crn and CPS .pdf

Ever since the 2009 ‘machine gun' conspiracy the Cardiff courts dared not allow a repeat of a similar trial with the cross examining of the South Wales Police by the accused instead of by a court controlled lawyer. Last time the Cardiff Crown Court jury witnessed the conspiracy, after the very first day they told us,, to have me sectioned, under the Mental Health Act, effectively jailing me for life.



Barbara Wilding was the one who was reponsible for my MAPPA level 3 catagory registration and policy to get me shot and only mamged, so far, to incarcerate me for nearly eight months in a  prison or psychiatric clinic. Not only was she then the Chief Constable but also chair person for a huge charity that currently donates to a certain doctor's private interests. She was also the High Sheriff of Mid glamorgan until this April, being responsible for judges' conduct, no less! http://www.highsheriffs.com/Mid%20Glamorgan/Index.htm

 Just how much more incestuous does this get?

His Honour Judge Paul Thomas QC was the 'machine gun' judge where Cardiff's Cabal first used on me  the unofficial use of section 36  of Youth and Justice Criminal evidence Act 1999, refusing my right to cross examine.

Could you make up such a story? And this is not Guernsey, its part of the UK currently grasping for its very own judiciary, ~God help the locals

Yesterday, in Bristol, the Crown Prosecution Service asked His Honour Judge Lambert QC to, again, order a court controlled lawyer to cross examine the prosecution witnesses, all Cardiff Crown Court staff.


Needless to say, the Cardiff cabal had originally prevented my cross examining any of them in Magistrates, in 2010, having now shipped this Appeal across the bridge to England only to avoid  their publicity of nafarious conduct. They need not have bothered as they control most of the media in the South Wales area in order to regularly behave as they do.

The only witness I need, of course, is a doctor who will be served a witness summons, once we all have a date for the trial, to make him give evidence on oath. He has to confirm, in an English court, this time, as to my fitness or not to stand trial considering the outstanding medical reports he made, for the South Wales Police, CPS and nine Cardiff Crown court Judges, that I have ‘significant brain damage' and possible brain tumour.

[ DATE of trial will be broadcast right across the West County hopefully by aircraft drop, banner tow and cyberspace]

The 'Common Assault'  Incident

In July 2010 a Derrick Hassan, HM court official and rumoured to be ex South Wales Police, refused to accept my handing him my ‘grounds',  relating to an appeal to be sent onto The  Royal Courts of Justice Criminal Court of Appeal.

 Some considered this to be contrary to statute law and a ‘contempt of court' but who, in the precincts of that building, really gave a damn?

I therefore tucked the folded paper into his *** pocket only to violently shoved down the Crown Court steps, losing my stick and fracturing my ankle on the way.

 Albeit only a chip fracture and severe wrench the exostoses, from some thirty year old flying accident, further impaired my already slow recovery from my terrifying experiences, the previous year, in the psychiatric  clinic psychiatric prison, Bridgend. I, not the court official, was charged with ‘common assault'.

That ill fated flight, off a Dorset coast cliff, had all the classic ingredients of ‘running out of speed, height and ideas', ‘all at the same time'! We had been out testing an experimental hang glider trying to strap a chain saw engine and propeller to it to be one of the very first microlites in the West Country.

This machine gun was deliberately repainted back by the south Wales Police, as when I had it a year earlier, to try and fool the January 2010 Cardiff jury but then had to  paint it back to silver , in the wrong shade, once I was acquitted on all charges!  IPCC was pre warned of this, before it even happened, by me in 2009, from my psychiatric cell and still they fail to act. NO Wonder the organisation is a joke and needs abolishing.

District Judge John Charles immediately enforced section 36 of Youth and Justice Criminal evidence Act 1999 to protect HM Partnership leading to a farce of a hearing in November 2010 with the court appointed lawyer correctly refusing to cross examine as he had received no instructions!

The appeal date, in Bristol, is now to be fixed with the sentence having already been deliberately delayed for thirteen months. This was in order to maximise the effect of the conviction in refusing me bail and so release from Cardiff prison between 23rd September and 1st December 2011.


Meanwhile they swamp me with countless side issues and trivial court cases, anything to prejudice my 20 year running civil damages claim

12 06 01 SWP MG IPCC Conclusion.pdf    Police Report to IPCC

I immediately return to Cardiff, to collect for the Criminal Court ofAppeal, the CPS promised 'draft part hand written District John Charles (wash your mouth out, Maurice), 'Restraining Order' admitted in the May jury trial to be still under the control of CPS barrister David Garreth Evans. To Late, he has been nobbled, someone has now, it  appears, to have mislaid it, shredded, possibly, due to last week's witness statement, no doubt, made by an eyw witness in that court, to the duty Cardiff police sergeant, G Brown. CPS will ignore so there is  preparation for a private prosecution as the CPS are sure to bury its audit trail via GEOamey Custodial Services, a joint defendant on the proposed indictment.

 My new complaint, to another Sergeant, a Mr James, of this apparent loss of the very document actually shown to me in the cells on 1st December, never a 'restraining order', of Cardiff Magistrates,  Crown Court and CPS all now denying its existance indicates, at least, some one is rattled.

 Despite the trial judge, HHJ Curran, having ordered its recovery from Merthyr Tydfil CPS offices now this, typical of a days work in the Principality's capital.

Sergeants Brown and James

Central Police Station

Cardiff CF10

23rd June 2012


Dear Sirs

 Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice

I have had to visit your station several times, this week, with my witnesses who have travelled from a long way for little purpose.

Only one statement, so far, has been taken and I have seven witnesses still to go.  They saw the part hand written draft ‘restraining order', the only one that came into my cell, get passed around between the CPS barrister, now admitting he still has it, District Judge John Charles, wash your mouth out, Maurice, who scribbled all over it with his fountain pen. The Clerk of the Court, Michael Williams, who later lied before the jury saying he saw the final version given to me in the corridor of the cell block, quickly having the cctv wiped after five GEOamey apes physically through me out of the building with my crutches thrown on top.

I have reason to believe the final restraining order was not even printed until the following day and you can prove it. The rough version, briefly shown to me, bares no relationship to the final version.

I came again on Friday to tell you this and that the CPS has now ‘mislaid it', knowing it being essential for the Criminal Court of Appeal. I told you I had just been to the Magistrates, yet again, who also deny having any record of the various drafts that were being bandied around the court while I was in the cell.

Are you going to examine, before further evidence is destroyed, the computers of David Gareth Evans, those of the clerk of the court and offices where, Exhibit One in the jury trial was date stamped 9th December and palmed off a certified true copy?

I enclose yet another version they are trying to palm me off with and ask for an immediate investigation or else.

12 06 22 Restraining Order.pdf

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Copy to Bristol Crown Court