Is it the UK, Wales or South Wales in particular, where prisons are medieval and prisoners on remand are treated as if they were criminals?

Is it each prison Governor or the Cardiff one in particular who order that Maurice's Court Judgements are being opened and read before he gets them? 

Whose orders are Prison Staff following, when they

  • refuse Maurice photocopying documents?
  • refuse Maurice sending letters as 'recorded delivery' - even though he put money 
  • take him to a court with 30 minutes warning - without indication of which court and which case? 

 Whose orders are Court Staff following, when they

  • refuse a duty solicitor
  • legal papers,
  • pen and paper, and, above all, READING GLASSES?

Maurice believes that the IPCC England is his only hope for anything vaguely to do with fairness and justice. But then he's been called off the phone after barely 2 minutes...

Meanwhile, his hunger continues strike because

  1. he's been refused the right to apply for bail 
  2. he's been refused proper independent psychiatric assessment and brain scan to cancel the current ruling that he cannot cross-examine prosecution witnesses 
  3. after all, the "remand warrant" says he's got "mental health issues" and Tottenham Police tried to section him using "the doctor's" false statement from over two years ago.

Nobody I spoke to in Germany believes me. And I am still trying to find rational explanations for this kind of absolutely irrational behaviour of civil servants in public authorities working in "the public interest"!...

Here's his latest phone call