Maurice writes: "no bail applications allowed to be heard by Crown Courts (even by Bristol Crown Court on 26th March) since 21st Sept 2011, when (he was) held in the Tottenham Police Station jail. Refused any phone out or photocopying."

What is it with HMP establishments? Why are German prisoners on remand treated as if they were innocent and are generally even in different establishments from convicted prisoners? Obviously, staff would treat them differently and different procedures would be in place.

Innocent until proven guilty - why does that not apply to those 200 people who are being sent to prison by family courts - in complete privacy and secrecy? No wonder that victims in the UK put their hopes on the EU. But if they get successful, they get victimised by the UK Authorities, as we know from a number of people. 

Why are Maurice and the Musas being treated as if they were convicted and can't possibly be pursuing their legal proceedings, let alone be successful with them? Is that 'justice', fairness and equality of arms???

Who tells the Governors? Who knows who benefits from such Draconian treatment? Who orders it? 

And Ministers believe in a plan for growth and want to promote UK legal services abroad...

I have only one explanation: young boys are sent far too early to boarding schools. Their emotional security gets so shattered that they have to compensate for major withdrawal symptoms... There are only very few boarding schools in Germany.