In Nigeria, ordinary people, Parliament and Senate campaign to get the Musa family reunited, after Haringey Police kidnapped their six children - the youngest baby even in a hospital outside their borough. Lately, they also showed up in yet another borough where the Musas moved to. 

Here, Bradford Police lured Norman Scarth out of his sheltered housing to arrest him and take his computer in his absence. 

And in South Wales, Police are still refusing to return what they stole from Maurice, while ensuring that HMP Cardiff make everything as restrictive as possible for him:

  • today one of his supporters received a large envelope that contained eight opened envelopes, ready to be mailed: two to courts, one to a solicitor and five to supporters and Mckenzie Friends
  • Maurice continues to suffer from gut pain and continues to wait for proper medical attention
  • his hunger strike continues on a piece of fruit a day, "until he is taken seriously"
  • he listed his reasons for continuing here.

Next Thursday, November 10th is scheduled for his hearing about his current charge: harassment of Dr Tegwyn Williams, who was paid by South Wales Police to commit him to a psychiatric clinic for life.Here's a short excerpt of his last of four reports.

Now they are trying again, what Maurice calls the "Gulag card". But he also says that Caswell Clinic should rent a 36-seater bus for the staff to come to court as witnesses.