Maurice used to call two of us every day. He has either no money or our numbers have been blocked or both. 

This is therefore an appeal to support Maurice in whatever way you find appropriate:

  • write to prisoner no. A7306AT in HMP Cardiff, Knox Road, South Glamorgan CF24 0UG
  • contact HMP Governor Richard Booty, T: 02920 923 100, Fax: 02920 923 318. See Norman's letter as a remarkable model (see also that Norman's computer was taken when he was re-arrested!!!)
  • you can also ask to speak to the Chaplain as a messenger
  • write to the Crown Prosecution Service asking for fair hearings, due process and that Maurice's demands are met. Email:
  • just as Haringey Council criminalises the victims of their child snatching and their supporters, so does South Wales Police criminalise and penalise their victim Maurice Kirk - with the collusion of HM Court Services and HMP Cardiff. Hence the term HM Partnership
  • sign the petition WANTED: Fair Trials and Compensation.

Writing to his MP Alun Cairns might make him write to the Justice Minister Kenneth Clarke.Letters by MPs are 'fast tracked'. Ours are ignored. His sister has written to Amnesty International. 

His next hearing is scheduled for Nov. 10th. 

Please put any other idea into action. The life of a serious 'victim turned starfighter' is at stake!