"We were in court today from 9:30am and ******* renewed the Interim Care Order on the phone with Judge Hess, while we were waiting for the hearing. By 4pm  we were called before Judge Berry who told us the ICO has been renewed on the phone by judge Hess.

We are still in shock of what we have experienced today 5 Sept 2011, please see below the family proceedings guideline.

If a court will breach its Rule, we have completely lost faith in family court."

Rule 28 of the Family Proceedings Courts (Children Act 1988)

The above is part of an e-mail by a very frightened family from Nigeria who have not seen their six children for months and one for over a year.

It is rumoured they are under the so called ‘care’ of a London Borough Council.

I arrived at 10am and spent until 4pm trying to find someone in the family court building in Holborn, London to admit the case was listed!

Well, it was not listed despite the clear document created by a High Court judge when I last attended this despicable case at the Royal Courts of Justice.

I had to demand it was listed standing over the officials, all very perplexed I must say, until the court document was completed with participants signature, so recorded.

After 4pm I heard the case called and attended as McKenzie Friend. Mere nanoseconds had been set aside for the hearing with clear charged emotion shown in the face of the man in charge, as he scurried from the court.

I had listed six outstanding issues needing disclosure which were then re-written by the mother as an application. The judge would have none of it, saying it can be dealt with at the same Family Court, 42-49 Holborn this Thursday, 8th September at 10am (and I may be there with friends,placards and megaphone, I muttered).

So off to the police station, where the parents were arrested and jailed, to demand their custody records and copy tapes of their separate interviews, under caution.

6pm at Hornsey police station, Wood Green, North London

Now, the parents of the six snatched children were purportedly arrested in St Thomas's Hospital in June and detained there for 27 hours, miles North of the river.

They were denied copy of custody records or copy tape of their interrogations, under caution......interesting, I wonder why?

So we collectively crammed ourselves into the police busy reception area, not much bigger than a couple of telephone boxes, along with many ‘signing in' on bail or desperate in trying to report crime!

Could I get their custody records? No chance! The parents had already written for them weeks ago and one police sergeant clearly took great delight in saying "Yes I need only press the computer button and it will all come spewing out but they are not getting it."

So we waited for the shift to change and a new officer ‘in charge' was again asked.....no chance. "Can I speak to the duty inspector or record, please, I need to make an appointment?" No chance. 

I would be arrested, I was told, if I remained. 

Outside the station I tackled some eight or more returning officers, clearly harassed and tired from a day's work. Those prepared to reply all indicated something was not quite right which visibly, at least, cheered up the frantic parents still deprived of their children.

Meantime the ‘gravy train of family lawyers' continues to milk the tax payer for millions by dragging out their respective cases......but not without letting it slip, I picked up, that some film actress or TV person  the name of Collins, in East Enders, appeared to be ‘on the make'. She was making advances to acquire the children without the parent's consent, made known to her in no uncertain terms!

Now we have both Tuesday and Wednesday, to get up to some possible mischief, before the Thursday hearing.........

This blog will disclose court documents and pictures between now and the Thursday hearing together with some photos of a once happy family.

This child snatching case is being handled in exactly the same way as to what is going on with the South Wales Police bullying. Family courts are now being allowed to ignore the Rule of Law in the same way...

Extract from a conversation with another shocked observer:

When you read British Govt Detains Nigerian Couple’s Six Children, in a Nigerian National paper, published on 21 August 2011, you cannot but wonder why nobody seems to have been helping effectively. A website that attracted nearly 4,000 hits in just one month didn’t seem to help either. Only a gagging order from the Council concerned. According to experts, the worst of them all...

So why should I bother? Because I’ve now seen in Family Courts exactly what I’ve seen in South Wales: civil servants do ANYTHING to cover up any mistake, wrong-doing or crime by any of their buddies / colleagues / brethren.

After all, they are protected from immunity thanks to the Royal Charters that are being “royally” abused. What can we, the people, do but cuddle up and wait until we die? What’s the point exposing the documents they falsify, the orders that are supposed to have come from a court but never had a judge sitting? What’s the point making WANTED posters of judges, doctors and other “professionals” when nobody will ever prosecute them? Parliament is riddled with lawyers now. The MPs who are interested in white collar crimes are so few that they even face calls to resign by their colleagues. There is only one answer, it seems: we have to act according to our own nature and decide what’s worth doing...

Back to my own story related to all this and the 28th September High Court hearing in Cardiff Civil Justice Centre when 20 years of South Wales Police bullying will become evident to anyone attending ( I pay for lunch):

Here are the transcripts of what was supposedly said on 12 July 2011:

Transcript 1

Transcript 2

Transcript 3

Transcript 4