HH Judge Seys Llewellyn QC presides over the current action that started September 7. He has said repeatedly that this case is rather 'unusual': the case for civil damages, currently adjourned, while Maurice is in exile or asylum in Brittany.

It is furthermore 'extreme' because of

  1. the number of motoring incidents that the Police instigated - as can be seen on this schedule of incidents
  2. the number of times that Maurice has won against the Police is about 10 : 1
  3. the kinds of 'extreme actions' that the Police got up to; here Maurice describes a chase by helicopter that they mounted, because they suspected he might be flying without licence that was temporarily suspended; the photo published in an article by Pilot Magazine was taken on the day of the chase; and here are witness statements relating to this expensive operation.
  4. the number of times that Maurice requested DISCLOSURE from authorities, but they either denied or didn't even respond
  5. their response has been a process of "ratcheting up":
  • from harassment with motoring incidents to not investigating crimes such as theft, arson and burglaries
  • from not investigating crimes to getting him struck off the Register of Veterinary Surgeons
  • from accusing him of the possession and sale of firearms (of which he was cleared) to false imprisonment and incarceration in Caswell Clinic for 12 weeks
  • from un-disclosed MAPPA level 3 surveillance to intending to shoot and falsifying medical records
  • from withholding medical records to a WARRANT for ARREST.

This list is far from exhaustive. It is just meant to illustrate the 'extremeness' that a police vendetta can get up to, with infinite cash for infinite lawyers' bills, and Royal Charters that guarantee immunity from prosecution... Hence the current case is for 'civil damages' against the Police as the only avenue for an 'effective remedy' against national authorities (Article 13 of the EU Human Rights)...

And it is 'indefinite', because there does not seem to be an end to it: 

  • Maurice's commitment, perseverance and tenacity are unbroken
  • the South Wales Police does not admit or bow down (yet) - despite flagrant evidence!