HH Judge Seys Llewellyn QC sent this 40-page judgment on preliminary issues and this draft order with the invitation to respond with a "succinct statement of those aspects which he seeks to appeal and the reasons, if any, which he identifies for permission to appeal being granted."

So we submitted the following documents:

Admittedly, 31 pages can hardly be "succinct". But, first of all, the documents stem from different view points on what way our judicial system is becoming, i.e. they embrace very different view points and emotional backgrounds. Secondly, they argue very differently. Thirdly, the judgment seems more like a response to the Defendant's argument (the Police) rather than one that takes in the Claimant's (Maurice) arguments into account. 

So Maurice has to respond as best as he can, but he can't any more. He needs help. Let's hope it works! The challenge is that a higher Court (the Court of Appeal in London) can make Law. And we do hope that this unusual, extreme and indefinite case will make history in Law - in the Public Interest