COURT REF: T2009 7445

5th Nov 09

Dear Sir


I am in receipt today of CPS Application to extend my prison sentence, of indeterminate length, into 2010.

The 5 pages of fairy tale nonsense were as expected.  In a week when some purported psychiatrist, at least the 9th so far, featuring in this case, before we count up all the physiologists, psychotherapists, doctors, social workers and South Wales Policemen who sat around Multi Agency Public Protection meetings each month, I was half expecting a paddy wagon of men in white coats to take me away, away, away.

I am into the last chapter of Bloch and Reddaway’s ‘Russia’s Political Hospitals’ and about to start on ‘Gulag a History’, by Pulitzer Prize winner Ann Applebaum. The similarity to the conduct of the last 6 Cardiff Crown Court Judges, HM Court Service and HM Prison, Cardiff and Caswell Clinic is frightening.

26 Oct 2009 CPS letter states South Wales Police ‘Reveal’:
Date of offence came to light – 27/05/09 – Bloody Liars.

CPS do not disclose sequence of correspondence, taken from my laptop during its custody, in anticipation of this expensive smokescreen to screw my 16 year running civil action for damages, now coming to a head with Barbara Wilding, Chief Constable, knowingly signing the 25 Feb 2009 false affidavit for actions CF6141159- MC65, CF101741 and CF204141.

His Honour Judge Seys-Llewellyn QC has read, or should have read, my sequence of documents lodged on Cardiff County Court.

Eg.      24 April 2009 17 page Position Statement of Plaintiff to Court
or         8 May 2009 10 page document headed Police Surveillance to Adrian Oliver, Barbara’s private solicitor, who had me arrested on 22 June 2009.

But what is ‘new under the sun’, when dealing with the privileged few running our Law Courts, immune to prosecution and answerable to none?

PS  Where are all communication records between You, County Court, Caswell Clinic, Police, CPS and Prison?

Maurice Kirk