HMP Cardiff
CF24 0UG

23rd December 2009



Regina v. Kirk

Dear Sir,

The Recorder of Cardiff, His Honour Judge Cooke QC, has given an order that I be further sectioned under Art. 35 of the 1983 Mental Health Act and thereby refusing me bail.

His Honour Judge Bidder QC, along with around six other Cardiff Judges have also refused me bail so far, only on the basis of Psychiatric Reports, it appears, if one only reads the transcripts.

Cardiff Court has indicated ‘subject to the Legal Services Commission', and independent psychiatrist etc., ‘all of these things are available to him at public expense,' should I instruct a solicitor.

I therefore request you nominate a London Firm of Solicitors to obtain bail as transcripts, so far obtained, clearly indicate both transcripts and medical reports will be paid for under Cardiff Judges orders at the tax payers' expense. I do not believe a word of it.

To date, I have been refused all specific disclosure, independent medical attention, and sight of the Cardiff Court Log in order to establish if my letters arrive. Who else appears to have an interest in my imprisonment and has there been appropriate steps taken to expedite my release from the eight court judges refusals since 22nd. June 2009?

Upon release from prison my likely residence will be in London, as I have a number of ongoing court actions against the South Wales Police, both at the Royal Courts of Justice and Privy Council.

My numerous applications to preserve evidence, to the Court of Appeal (civil and criminal division) and administrative courts these past six months have proved futile.

Yours faithfully

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

The Law Society cc. John Smith MP
113Chancery Lane
London WC2A 1PL N. Scarth Esq. ,
Office of Judicial Complaints