BM8473 Kirk
HM Prison
03 December 2009

Cardiff Crown Court
The Law Courts
CF10 3PG


I appeal against your refusal for me to act ‘In Person’.

In the meantime can you circulate this document, even outside your ring fence, should some unsuspecting lawyer put their head above the proverbial parapet?


1. Subject to £50,360 from HM 23 October 09 judgment against HM, enclosed, being paid into my prison canteen, I will be ‘in funds’ to instruct you immediately. By Sunday I have no canteen or easy access to private cash, due to HM nonsense.

2. The first instruction will either be for;

a) Drafting the changes under the 1977 Criminal Law Act e.g. ‘Conspiracy to do acts tending to corrupt public morals or outrage public decency’, maybe or, Section 1(1) and/or 1(3), perhaps for the 11 December Private Criminal Prosecution of the Chief Constable of the South Wales Constabulary, Barbara Wilding, at Cardiff Magistrates

b) Drafting yet further ‘Defence Statements’ in the current indictable offence against me, namely ‘Possession of a circa 1916 antique, decommissioned, Lewis Machine Gun and ‘transferring it’

c) Royal Courts of Justice Action under Section 3 of the 1966 Fraud Act, maybe for the 25 February 09 Chief Constable’s erroneous sworn Affidavit, found on downloads on

d) Royal Courts of Justice ‘Contempt of Court’ proceedings brought by the HM Attorney General against the Chief Constable under CPR 31, perhaps, for denying knowledge of police recorded incidents or Barry Magistrates cases lost by HM but protected by HMP!!

e) Court of appeal Hearing preparation from 15 June 09 Judicial Review Application for ‘HM Conspiratorial Partnership’ between defendants, namely HM Attorney General (Enclosed 2003 to date, activity to have me Certified as a ‘Vexatious Litigant), the College of Veterinary Surgeons (refusal to convene a court to consider my re-instatement) and South Wales Police (17 years of covert police surveillance) their MAPPA team in the back row of Court 9.

f)  Nigel Rees, MAPPA Co-ordinator, Prosecution (enclosed 1st December 09 letter) refusing disclosure for 17 December Bail Application

g) HM Caswell Clinic Psychiatric Forensic Service, for deliberately withholding July 2009 Psychiatric Reports that caused my terrifying incarceration for 3 months under a Section 35 of the 1983 Mental Health Action deliberately to delay Crown Court Trial.

h) The 3 joined civil actions for [police harassment, the Trial of which is due to start on 10 January 2010.

Or, maybe in the light of HM having failed to section me on 02 December to an indeterminate prison sentence, (Imprisonment for Public Protection) in their proposed Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital, Liverpool, you may suggest I leave this HM dominated jurisdiction to live elsewhere before HM dream up some other scam to fuel the gravy train with tax payers money.

His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC is the trial judge for my 17 years running litigation for South Wales Police false imprisonments, was the Crown Court Judge for a minor motoring offence that led to my being struck off the Veterinary Register, was one Judge to delay my £50,360 HM judgment from being obtained 2 years ago and is aware, I hope, that this 2nd HM Judgment for false imprisonment by HM, delayed due to his commitment under the 2006 Extended Civil Restraint Order (ECRO) now updated this year, with MAPPA surveillance, admitted in the court room, on 15 June in the Royal Courts of justice.

It would be a bit of fun if you could arrange for His Honour to be the trial judge in February trial for the mandatory 5 year prison sentence for once being in possession of the remains of an original World War 1 aviation modified Lewis Machine Gun, that may have haven the very weapon used by 24 Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps to bag Wales’ first Victoria Cross.

On a more sober note the Recorder of Cardiff, Judge N Cooke, was minded to give me bail (see transcripts on website), but considered my 26 April 2009 letter to the Chief Constable for disclosure and £10,000 reward for retired police officers home addresses, to serve the 100 or so witness statements, as tantamount to ‘high risk’ to the general public, the very sign, in red ink, that was then put on my cell door as I was returned back to prison.

The £50,000 can be spent immediately for you to organize the 60 or so policemen and civilians I already know about, for attendance at both Criminal and Civil Trails.

As with the 5 previous Cardiff Crown Court White Hall farces, I have only been able to win on the laws of sufficient ‘DISCLOSURE’.

That is your job and you must get on with it please.

The South Wales Police have been known to tamper with evidence in my cases, and no doubt, that is a reason Barry Magistrates gave me unconditional bail to preserve evidence and for me to trace defence witnesses.  Another job?

The previous owner of the De Havilland Biplane, the Royal Air Force at Lyneham Airfield, and countless South Wales Police who played ‘pass the parcel’ around Bridgend HQ, are all vital witnesses to give evidence.

Statements need to be obtained immediately before they are knobbled.

Then there are all the people that have also been ‘in possession’ of the aircraft since the 80’s who, rumour has it, have not yet been interviewed.

I need a lawyer who is prepared to obtain the evidence from Barbara’s own lawyers, defending her in my 7 civil damages claims, as it is they that had me jailed on some pretext or other of ‘threats of criminal damage’, now buried with HM’s blessing.

This leads me to another touchy subject for a lawyer and that is whether you are prepared to be a party to a ‘sting’ as I described it in court yesterday, my being rather ‘light headed’ and apparently discourteous to the 7th Cardiff Judge to refuse me bail, my having just avoided a potential imprisonment for life without trail, or even on the 30 odd doctors examining my case in the court room!   Northern Ireland’s equivalent?

I was surprised it was conducted in English.

As the helicopter circled overhead our house and ‘Operation Chalice’ launched still more police officers with sophisticated search equipment, sniffer dogs, psychiatrists and countless vehicles, I placed appropriate ammunition to be found on video later, to prove malfeasance.

Interestingly, the arrest for being in possession of ammunition and current possession of a fire arm was dropped, nor would the 30 odd search team dig where they were told they might find more evidence, contrary to the 1968 Firearms Act.

Thank you.

M J Kirk

(also enclosed covert police photographs)