Maurice gets out a message.

‘To reassure his Lordship that I will not abscond if given bail, I have arranged for the wings to be removed from G-KURK, my worldwide piper cub delayed now for my flight to South Africa.

G-KERK, my other D-Day Cub, has her engine on the hangar floor!

G-KIRC, my Challis Chaffinch, the only one in the world, light on paperwork so cannot cross the channel.

But the good news is, that on Friday His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn, in the civil action, Kirk against South Wales Police, caused the Chief Constable to reveal it was her own solicitors, Dolmans, that made the complaint to instigate my arrest on the 20th of June and who, maybe, with a little help from her friends, instigated the Section 35 of the Mental Health Act using the MAPPA powers so as to not let me attend at least 2 court hearings until Dr Tegwyn Williams had me ‘assessed’!!!

My current hunger strike forced the early release of the Doctor's final psychiatric report, early enough for me to attend on the 23 October for the Civil Action for malicious prosecutions.

The Police again denied knowledge of Sgt Rowe smashing his way into my Veterinary Surgery on 6 June 1995, purely to reinstate a Police Inspector's daughter and her drug dealer friend into my overhead flat.

The plot thickens. 

Not only can the hospital prevent me attending the Civil Action during the 12 week ‘assessment', I have now found out the Hospital, the County Court and the Crown Court have been writing about me all summer without my knowledge!

I am in Crown Court 10am Monday 26 October.