John Smith MP, Labour Member for the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, UK
House of Commons
Westminster                                                                                                 14th May2009

Dear Mr Smith,                                                                                                                                 Your Ref K/2002

Warrant for Adrian Oliver's Arrest

Further to previous letters on the state of the Vale of Glamorgan Police let me summarise the fairy tale:

With the lawyers for Barbara Wilding stating several magistrates court cases "NEVER HAPPENED", I have filed a private prosecution on Adrian Oliver withholding proof of the criminal conspiracy.

Given assurance, subject to a payment of £40 each, the court will furnish me with a ‘memorandum' of each of the court cases in my 16 year running claim for damages. 130 charges were brought against me, police losing around 121, incurring false imprisonments and assault by her officers, while having to endure a sometimes, 24/7 surveillance on my Barry Veterinary Hospital, unable to tell a soul, not even my wife, for fear that, should it ‘get out', my veterinary practice would be dead overnight.

Meantime, back in Noddy Land, the Barry police station, first refusing to take my statement of complaint of Perversion of Justice and Contempt of Court, due to "lack of recourses", they have now offered me an interview, in a week's time, refusing to allow it to take place at the police station, but in ‘my home' some 15 or so miles away, which will tie up at least two officers and a police vehicle for most of the day!

The convictions obtained by the very same police were used, in 2002, to have me struck off for life. Adrian Oliver refuses to identify the 40 odd police recorded 'incident' numbers, I keep sending to Barbara Wilding, all relating to intense police harassment and my inability to obtain legal representation.

My 5th Application, to practice veterinary surgery, refused in November 2007, took eight months to reach open court even when filed under ‘emergency procedures', at extra cost. Appeal from that refusal, now with the Court of Appeal, remains dormant despite protests from me. Why, Mr Smith?

My 6th Application, refused again by only one member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2008 has still not even been listed for my lodged Judicial Review Application, my 51st, it must be now.  

All Jon Owen Jones MP, David Mclean MP, Jenny Randerson AM and Alison Halford AM were harassed by Felicity Norton for ITV to put pressure on the college to cause serious false information to go before the College's original Preliminary Investigation Committee in June 2001 causing this nightmare result.

The facts are before you. There will be violence in the Vale, if this scandal is not immediately sorted.

Yours sincerely,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc