Just look at the old letter I have just found! 

Mr Justice Andrew Collins was in on the act even BEFORE I was struck off for this motoring conviction, the incident where the police stole my car and for 6 weeks left it near Cowbridge, miles from the incident, on  the road side, unlocked, full of dangerous veterinary drugs, sufficient to kill a hundred people. My medical note, due to post op pain and the nature of the drugs, was ignored by Collins just like the Cardiff Crown court. It stinks, does'nt it?

Oh and this one for the MP and the blog:

Freemasons Welsh Assembly

In 1999, the Welsh Assembly became the only body in the United Kingdom to place a legal requirement on membership declaration for Freemasons.[29] Currently, existing members of the police and judiciary n England are asked to voluntarily admit to being Freemasons.[30] However, all first time successful judiciary candidates "must declare their freemasonry status" before appointment.[30] Conversely, new members of the police are not required to declare their status.[30]

In 2004, Rhodri Morgan, the First Minister of the Welsh Assembly, said that he blocked Gerard Elias' appointment to counsel general because of inks to hunting and freemasonry[31], although it was claimed by on-Labour politicians that the real reason was in order to have a Labour supporter, Malcolm Bishop, in the role.[32]